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  1. Saya at | | Reply

    The yellow pumps added a bit of zing to the dress. In real life, the color looks so blah. And that lady forgot to adjust her bust area which results in boobie imbalance.

    1. monika at | | Reply

      Lol…….u r right abt the imbalance. Hadn’t noticed it earlier.

    2. KK at | | Reply

      HAHA.. I know right. I definitely saw the imbalance. I think she should’ve gotten the dress in 1 size bigger just so the boobies can breath!

  2. Genie at | | Reply

    The lass looks soo uncomfortable in that blue dress. Its so evident by the way she is posing :-p

  3. pdaervo at | | Reply

    Is it just me or is the dress a tad to small for Kareena?

    1. kaya at | | Reply

      I think u might be right… but then these were Kareena’s figure obsessed days…

      It was an amusing phase to say the least… all those interviews…

      1. pdaervo at | | Reply

        Was it really during that time, she doesn’t seem execptionally thin or toned in these pics :/

    2. Antonia at | | Reply

      I think that the dress is too small on Kareena. It falls just under her bottom whereas on the partygoer the dress falls at a much more appropriate length.

    3. aamir riyaz at | | Reply

      no the dress isnt too short,shez just lifting her legs so high it looks like that

  4. kaya at | | Reply

    About the dress – It’s v. v. hot in my opinion and I’m one of those people who tends t feel a short, clingy dress is rarely hot and is one of the easiest ways to look like ur attempting to look hot and 90-95% girls fall in that catergory… but this is hot. Period. And the Yellow pumps are perfection with it.

    As far as the ‘party-goer’ goes… i think it’s the dress on the person that doesn’t work, not the dress itself.

    1. Sharin at | | Reply

      Agree I think it’s the person that doesn’t work the dress properly in real life.. not the fault of the dress at all. If Kareena or Malaika or someone had worn it in real life it would still be cute/hot.

  5. maya at | | Reply

    this looks more like innerwear :)

  6. charan at | | Reply

    Sorry, this dress looks like inner wear. Its too short and it has the satin shine and the bust area is just not flattering at all.

  7. suchi at | | Reply

    kareena looks stunning

  8. anastasia at | | Reply

    The lady is Namrata Hegde, she is a model and an upcoming TV artist.

  9. diptiN at | | Reply

    tacky on both. I certainly hope that KI was Kareena’s last attempt at trying to be be a fashion icon!!

  10. Antonia at | | Reply

    The silver bag looks cute but partygoer should’ve ditched the silver shoes. Yellow shoes Kareena’s wearing looks heaps good.

  11. DD at | | Reply

    To anastasia

    Namratha Hegde has been an “‘Upcoming’ Model and TV artist for more than 10 years now (since she was 18).

  12. Seema Dsouza at | | Reply

    Well Kareen is hot no doubt, but dont all of us want to look like her? Atleast Namratha tried…. just being positive :-)

  13. nisha at | | Reply

    I think the party go-er looks pretty decent…abt the boob imbalance,it looks more like the camera angle was wrong..or maybe her arm kinda covered it,give the lady a chance its a candid pic!
    i don’t think the dress is short on kareena..shez just lifting her legs so much in those pics…had the party goer lifted her legs..it would be pretty much the same.
    as for the number of years Namratha has been an upcoming actress…does it really matter? Vidya Balan used to act in Hum Paanch when I was in school! Vidya Balan must be at least 32 …shez doing pretty well now. Arshad Warsi was 28 when he acted in his first movie,hez abt 42 now. Why does age matter?

  14. DD at | | Reply


    The age thing matters if the so called actress is lying about her real age….

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