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    Such a striking resemblance to Nargis Fakhri in the first photo.

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    She looks great.

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    somewhere an old lady is looking for her dress.

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      I agree. It looks like a house-coat! A belt *might* have helped a tad….but still, that print is pretty dreary…

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      ROFL !!!

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    Wow she looks great!!! It suits her so well the outfit. She looks so fresh and might i say “hipster” in this outfit! She tends to dress sometimes too harshly for someone so young and fresh looking. Good on her! I hope she utilizes these stylists more often. She needs a style change. Please no more MM or dressing like BEBE or the Kardashian sisters.

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      Totally agree here!
      even though the dress would have looked more old lady than hipster on anyone else, it just reduces years of Ms. Kapoor.
      Get away from MM if you are listening KK, try change!

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      +1 . Lol so rightly put !

      Saw Kareena so gorgeous after a long time ! Shez looking so young ! Please Kareena ditch MM, you are a beautiful lady !

      Btw, i am loving those pockets !! drooling over the second pic ! Love Love !

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    surprisingly she looks really good!

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    I love it! She looks so beautiful. I don’t think a belt was needed because it’s already cinched at the waist :)

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    not a fan! looks like a nighty to me:-(

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    simple and elegant. like the look a lot.

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    Love the dress. Looks sooo comfy and it has pockets!

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    eww. terrible look.

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    not her best.

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    this look is so sonam kapoor..not surprized as it was styled by sonam;s very own stylists..Such dresses look great on sonam as she is experimenting all the time..unlike kareena who is always very bollywood( not to be mistaken with badly dressed ,but like neone else) she looks a li’l odd in it..but her face looks absolutely stunning!!

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      I have to agree, that was my thought exactly he moment I read the stylists names… she is attempting to look be a “global fashionista” a la Sonam Kapoor… but you know what, I don’t think she has the panache to pull it off. Sonam is changing it up all the time, so different stuff works on her- Kareena on the other hand is ver “Bollywood” in her dressing, so her trying this look falls flat for me. Sorry KK… better luck next time; besides I think she is trying hard now to stick to her “young & fresh” look since she’s over 30… NOT at all a KK hater, but ‘m just saying!!

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        you mean once a woman crosses thirty she becomes old all of a sudden huh?! God when will this number game end?!

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          I don’t think Anu141 meant that for all women – only for Kareena since a female actor has a lot of competition and pressure to look youthful when there are fresher faces coming in all the time.

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    I really really really like it

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    This dress could just as easily have been worn by Sonam Kapoor or Nargis Fakhri (the stylist’s other clients)
    I just feel that sometimes the stylist should work with the client to work out an individual sense of style instead of imposing a certain type of style.
    I don’t think this dress is at all Kareena Kapoor own sense of style but thats not to say she doesn’t look great. Just not her self.

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    I am disappointed with Rhea. The least she could have done was to have kareena wear the dress with the right shoes. The shoes are great on their own, but look so out of place with this dress. I love maxi dresses, I would have worn this dress with flats.

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    Love this dress on her.. so not her style but i love the dress…so easy breezy casual and summery sort of look.

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    An old lady’s dress for sure…nobody can do this justice!!

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    She looks nice but still doesnt seem to be her style.

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    love this outfit

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    She looks great !! Totally love this look. Simple and elegant.

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    No don’t like it,the length is very awkward,should have either been above the knee or below the ankle !

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    she looks nice & different. She should have carried a clutch or any bag to add some color. or even some small sparkly earrings.

    (never seen her do any other hairstyle, atleast with this dress a cute hairstyle would have been nice.)

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    This sure needed a belt……..but she looks nice

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    the dress is horrible, looks like a nightdress. plus, the length is so off that the heels look awkward with it. too bland, bad styling.

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    Marks for being “different”

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    Love it! She looks gorgeous!

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    Love the dress. It’s refreshing to see a bollywood actress in such a casual, non filmi dress.
    But I think a navy pair of shoes would have complimented the dress better.

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    i suppose Kareena loves these kinda dresses..with pockets (just like P&P)!:P!!! there was another one in the past…some gown..with pockets!

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    She looks ethereal as always. But I’m not crazy about the dress.

    I used to have a matronly French teacher who dressed EXACTLY the same. Minus the super-shiny hair, sublime nude heels, and Bollywood royalty attitude of course.

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    She looks lovely with this dress…but yeah I don’t think this dress should be worn with heels…flats would def go better…but overall…she’s looking renewed and fresh..

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    The same look was covered by Redcarpet-fashion awards yest and they had the same opinion….aweee :)

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    miss marple called and she wants her dress back.

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    Awesome! What I call ‘old lady chic’ is totally in, just look at Zara and other brands. Yes, a belt would have been a nice touch, but she looks so effortless. Her hair is to die for here.

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