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  1. Rum at | | Reply

    The only thing i like about this outfit is her earrings. Why would you wear a pant suit to an award function anyway?

  2. karishma at | | Reply

    I think she looks lovely!

  3. FashionVictim at | | Reply

    I have great respect for Shahab Durazi…he was literally the pioneer of tailored designer western wear in India – but what is this thing that Kareena is wearing? Is it a jumpsuit with a jacket? The pants have such an awful fit making Kareena’s figure look boyish and she’s plenty curvy (I did watch Heroine and Talaash back to back after all :D )

  4. Ritu at | | Reply

    Its a nice change…..i like.

  5. mary at | | Reply

    Spanx alert!

  6. bong babe at | | Reply

    um, no. what is that bow in the middle.

  7. SLC at | | Reply

    It’s not disastrous. I love the jacket portion of the outfit. Kareena’s make-up is flawless.

    1. Supriya at | | Reply

      really?? its looking so dated and 90s… even the skin looks weird, bcoz of the makeup, when she has great skin !!

      n i guess the bow is supposed to mark this as a girls outfit?? :P

  8. Ramya at | | Reply

    Ok what’s this supposed to be … Why would you wear that suit with such ill fitting pants with those shoes , and with hair pulled back not in a good way and with those classic ear rings ? Having seen so many styles and with stylists around , it is very surprising to see how these celebrities w d up

  9. mesta at | | Reply

    the earrings dont go with the entire feel of the outfit
    either she should have had some fierce ones or skipped altogether
    otherwise i think she looks good

  10. leonine lion at | | Reply

    No Kareena… NO!!!

  11. Rajvi at | | Reply

    I somehow am not not a fan of Shahab Durazi. and i don’t understand why he feels the need to add a bow to most of his creations.

    1. sanaa7262 at | | Reply


  12. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    This is not a “not quite”, its a quite bad. Not only are those pants fit off, the shoes are bad, that bow looks weird and the greasy hair….quite bad!!!

  13. NA at | | Reply

    Change it up, by all means but not this. Frankly, it looks quite ridiculous. Thankfully she’s not wearing one of her shiny numbers from MM but this is NOT GOOD.

  14. what the at | | Reply

    if she had opted for big diamond studs instead of those gawdy earrings, this look may have worked. Regardless… this look does not work for her. She looks better in indian clothes.

  15. Ritika at | | Reply

    Love the jacket bit of the outfit, but the styling is KILLING it. It’s really not something to be worn with almost ethnic earrings and a sparkly shoe. And the hair is just terrible. Same thing, fierce jewellery, sexy kicks, and a puffed up pony would work so much better! (and I know from tvcees that she can pull that off). Right now, she looks like a b.t.m. wow, havent used that in a while.

  16. Tanya at | | Reply

    Yeah the outfit sucks ..also a little colour would do no harm MRS. KHAN..sorry but she looks mournful here!

  17. kasthuri at | | Reply

    She looks flawless neck up.

  18. Orange Jammies at | | Reply

    I like her new mature sartorial choices. Most of them, anyway.

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