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  1. Veeranika at | | Reply

    What a ravishing woman! Only she can look nice in that maxi among Bollywood.

  2. Melange at | | Reply

    The only thing that’s nice in this picture is her hair.
    Unfortunately, she’s back to doing those pouts! It’s alright Kareena, we’ve all seen pictures of your face without the pout, we know what your cheeks and jaw look like.

  3. slc at | | Reply

    It’s her mum’s b’day party, supposedly a private one too; so it’s appropriate. Love her clutch. That pout’s getting to be irritating though.

  4. annie at | | Reply

    that face!

  5. Charubala at | | Reply

    That pout!
    Lose it please.

  6. Sara at | | Reply

    Omgggg she looked sooooooooo beautiful
    But I sometimes wish she doesn’t pout every time

  7. jadine at | | Reply

    I don’t think her pout is forced. She has very high cheekbones and full lips. :)

  8. Liaa at | | Reply

    Its a weird dress..much like one u wear at the beach with a bathing suit underneath and that as a cover up. Explains why its see through

  9. ZA at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous. Except for that clutch, she looks amazing. Love the maxi & her hair and makeup.

  10. j at | | Reply

    She looks really scary in the first pic. Like a vamp. That pout needs to be erased.

  11. Sonam at | | Reply

    True that finally some place where one can find the truth can’t understand why other Instagram blogs are going gaga over this look.

    1. Janua at | | Reply

      its called a difference in opinion. Fashion is art isnt it? and isnt it subjective?

  12. Senorita at | | Reply

    but that maxi is seriously meh.

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