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  1. Enaya at | | Reply

    Hands down Dior jacket. It’s different and it worked very well with the red skirt. Well done, Kareena’s stylist.

  2. Asha at | | Reply

    That pose in pic 4 is just sooo awkward.

    1. judge at | | Reply

      like how sooo?

  3. Food Poisoned Attorney at | | Reply

    She looks lovely in both but its the Dior look for me. That color is just fab on her.

  4. mona at | | Reply

    The second look is farrrrrrrr better than the first one, loving the shoes n jacket a lottttt in second….. hating the way she’s standing in first pic, her face(due to the hairstyle may be) does not look proportionate to her her body , she is looking like an aunty.

  5. fashionista at | | Reply

    OMG! she is HOT & CLASSY! carries everything so well!

    1. KK at | | Reply

      Yup! I agree. She looks stunning.

  6. nimi at | | Reply

    Dior jacket…. but first look’s hair for sure. So bored of the same open hair thing… urgh.

  7. R at | | Reply

    All the posing is odd.

  8. neha at | | Reply


  9. Shalini at | | Reply

    The second look for sure! I heart that Dior jacket and it looks even better with that red skirt.

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