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  1. Tania at | | Reply

    God !! Don;t tell me you guys actually liked this. What the hell happened there with her make up ?
    She looks baddd.

    1. Abc at | | Reply

      +1. Also her top looks ill fitted.over all bad.

  2. monika at | | Reply

    I don’t like the hair

  3. Adara at | | Reply

    It looks something Huma would wear and that aint a compliment. The top makes her look stout. The red lips look so good on her and that is the only thing I like.

    1. PC at | | Reply

      +1 She looks stouter than she normally does and the makeup aside from the red lips is soo bad

    2. sree at | | Reply

      +1 she looks short and stout! Not feeling it.

  4. blahbum at | | Reply

    i hate that shirt on her. looks really bad.. this is styled very much like the tom ford wwf belt dress. the red lips. slick hair

  5. Amani at | | Reply

    Oh dear. That top is NOT doing her any favours. The face is immaculate. The rest of it is not working.

  6. merrykissmahass at | | Reply

    I’m somehow not liking this look. Its more frumpy than sexy. Kareena is gorgeous and she usually looks stunning in every look…but this is just off!

    also, is it just me or is this look a copy of her Tom Ford look from not too long back?!

  7. Neharika at | | Reply

    Two different shades of black. I would have preferred this with denims. she looks good though but that is because she is Kareena :)

  8. Lola at | | Reply

    She looks great and given that she is wearing a pair of rather casual pants, she can pass as being event appropriate.

  9. Fergie at | | Reply

    The make up is too clownish and the top makes her look broad and manly…

  10. sonal at | | Reply

    this is a wthey.. what was she thinking.. the outfit makes her look boxy..

  11. Anu at | | Reply

    I can’t bear to see her try so hard and struggle like this… I would like to give her a ‘golden handshake’ :))))

  12. madhu at | | Reply

    The weird top and the sleek hair is exagerating her square jaw and making her look manly…..ewwww

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