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  1. just me at | | Reply

    How did they manage to make Kareena look this wax-like, toothless and haggard!!??

    1. SQ at | | Reply

      I completely agree. Such a beautiful woman who doesn’t even need make up has been photoshopped needlessly.

    2. Bozo at | | Reply

      My thoughts exactly.

    3. umarana at | | Reply

      wow. thanks. you read my mind.

  2. Vedika at | | Reply

    Wish her eyes were more defined. Not quite for me !!!

  3. blah at | | Reply

    Kareana looks like she got botoxed to death. I know she didn’t, this picture makes her look like a wax figure from Madam Tussaud’s.

  4. inds at | | Reply

    Karan on his own as well would have made a great cover.. love his facial expression. So looking forward to his movie now.

  5. PrettyCritic at | | Reply

    What did they do to Kareena? Where are her teeth, and what’s that expression. One of the worst covers I’ve ever seen.

  6. kanchanmasi at | | Reply

    They forgot to photoshop the horizontal creases in KJo’s trousers! What a boo boo.

  7. Sej at | | Reply

    How good she looked? Are we looking at the same cover. Karan actually looks ALOT better then her.

    1. sheneitha at | | Reply

      yup, this i totally agree.. he looks way better.

  8. Nav at | | Reply

    umm where are her teeth?

  9. Nav at | | Reply

    Another example of unnecessary photoshop on already gorgeous people.

  10. Slow at | | Reply

    This won’t be the first – or the last time – I wish Kareena had kept her mouth shut

    1. blah at | | Reply


    2. soup at | | Reply

      Haha .. So true ! And this is what I call a disastrous cover, when I actually want to delete Kareena from it.
      P.S. : KJo’s pout is really suspect.. Is that too a photoshop additive or did he get something done :P

  11. vintagegirl at | | Reply

    Given how good Kareena looked in the silk gown

    This is why I am losing interest in HHC. It doesn’t seem honest anymore.

    1. Lynn at | | Reply

      Agree 100%. Its not the same blog anymore..
      Are we too friendly with the stars now, to give an honest opinion?

      1. vintagegirl at | | Reply


        Cate Blanchett wore this 1930s Hollywood nightgown awhile back. Looks like pieces gets recycled by the fashion mags who think all ladies are dumb and will gush over any photoshopped celeb in a designer dress.

  12. shal at | | Reply

    I think kareen does not look like a human in this covet.

    1. shal at | | Reply


  13. resh at | | Reply

    huh! she looks so weird and off!

  14. Orchee at | | Reply

    This is a truly terrifying cover.
    Why HB?

  15. Asha at | | Reply

    Are you kidding me? He’s the best thing about this cover. Where the hell did she leave her teeth?

    1. inds at | | Reply

      hi hi.. agree

  16. fashion-lover at | | Reply

    Is she wearing a night gown!?

    1. brin at | | Reply

      Exactly!!!that does look like a night gown.and is that kareena?or they shot this cover at madame tussauds??

  17. Venus at | | Reply

    I agree with the other comments here, no teeth on Kareena looks weird.And also somehow the cover looks creepy, the way Karan is peering over her shoulders, with one arm on kareena’s thigh,i can’t fathom what exactly the creative team is trying to convey through the cover !

  18. Lynn at | | Reply

    I sometimes wonder if I see a different image from what P&P do.. Kareena looks nowhere close “how good”! Even with that awkward looking pose, Karan is the best thing in this pic! :D

  19. J_Street at | | Reply

    What are you talking about? Kareena looks like she stayed out in the sun for too long without sunscreen. She has such a beautiful skin naturally and this cover makes it look ghastly. This is the dullest she has looked. Karan, on the other hand, could have done okay if he graced this cover solo! From the make up to the expression, they should have cropped her out!

  20. beatrix at | | Reply

    Kareena is looking so dated and tired!! The gown itself is beautiful!!

  21. India murgi at | | Reply

    Ridiculously photoshopped! Karena reminds me of Sonja from Real housewives of NY in the picture.

  22. a at | | Reply

    The photo editor should be fired or retrained.

  23. SMM at | | Reply

    The Alexamder McQueen gown looks more like a satin nightie. And Kareena looks like a waxed doll with no teeth

  24. Nancy at | | Reply

    Something is wrong with her eyes in this pic…. and her teeth seem to be on vacation, didn’t accompany her on the shoot… heehee.
    She is so lovely, why did she let the photoshop ruin it for her….

  25. anon at | | Reply

    It really irritates me to see Karan Johar on any fashion magazine cover. Why do all the magazines try to please him? His personal aesthetic is showy, vile and a bit over the top, he has bad taste; lousy dressing sense and does not deserve to design for a clothing line!

    There are so many hardworking fashion design graduates who slogged for 4 years earning their degree. People like him are an insult to pure professionals with skills! It’s sad how folks in India are blinded by the glitz of Bollywood.

  26. urvi at | | Reply

    She looks like an ageing star on the cover..

  27. Éclat at | | Reply

    Warning: Don’t take this cover close to a heat- source! So much plastic/ wax will spontaneously combust.

  28. Farrah at | | Reply

    It looks like both of them were shot separately and then photochopped next to each other here. No relation. No emotion. Let’s get over and done with this damn cover. No time to finish Kareena’s makeup.

  29. Shweta at | | Reply

    What is this ? A desi version of the sad kimye vogue cover? What have the done to the pretty girl?

  30. sj at | | Reply

    HHC has lost its soul :-(

  31. amit at | | Reply

    nothing looks more dated then this cover this Spring . Yawwwwwwwwwwwwwwnnnnnn

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