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  1. fopa at | | Reply

    akshay the best!!! he looks the best!!!
    i love karu! he shoooo cute!

  2. SH at | | Reply

    Karan is too feminine! Their just is a very delicate quality about the way he presents himself and wears the clothes. Nothing wrong with it, its just not my taste in men! But he does know clothes and how to dress people. How one carries themselves is each to their onw. K-Jo is someone whose is just too feminine and delicate for my taste in a man.

  3. jiji at | | Reply

    Wow – props to K-Jo for wearing an Alexander McQueen Skull Scarf!.. (please correct me if i’m wrong).
    Only i wish he’d wrapped it more stylishly!

  4. pdaervo at | | Reply

    I’m sorry…all I can see is Akki’s face
    (although, is that a wierd camera angle or what?)
    …oh, but Karan looks very…effimate with that scarf- reminds me of my mom actually…

  5. rania at | | Reply

    its sooo cute that an AK post follows one of his wife! =D

  6. Ananya at | | Reply

    NO NO NO! this is not how it’s done.These men need to follow more street fashion, maybe check out the sartorialist t see how men rock scarves.

  7. Tanika at | | Reply

    I believe the SRK picture is from Nach Baliye, not Indian Idol.

  8. malini at | | Reply

    hmm what kinda shoes is karan wearing

  9. kashish at | | Reply

    I think SRK wears it the best..the other two look a bit girlie-ish

  10. chuck bass is hot at | | Reply

    agree w/ kashish!
    srk looks better than the other two.

  11. nefertiti at | | Reply

    bleached white pants is a look I have never understood. khakis or demin pants would have looked so much better on K-Jo.

  12. Dits at | | Reply

    I agree with kashish… SRK wears it the best

  13. Clueless at | | Reply

    Im partial to purple – so AK it is for me.
    Its funny how KJO dresses SRK but its SRK who comes out looking better than KJO.
    Is it possible to get a closer look at KJOs footwear? Its looks interesting..

  14. cooks at | | Reply

    hate the way karan is pursing his lips

  15. Kashmira at | | Reply

    Akshay and KJ look sooooo girly! And yeah, what are those sandals KJ is wearing?

  16. Indianlover at | | Reply

    Can Karan look any more uhhmm “feminine”, the scarf and shoes are def. not helping.

  17. peechu at | | Reply

    okay i neeeeeed to point out akshay’s chest hair!!! its annoying cz its the one week after i shaved my chest look and its suchh a turnoff :P

  18. yaya at | | Reply

    AK and Karan look super gay and SRK’s is just horrible i mean it looks like a turteneck gone wrong instead of a scarf

  19. Apurva at | | Reply

    Karan Johar raped that scarf..i love that Mc Queen scarf(but not on him). what is he doing wearing my grandmothers bathroom chappals????

  20. yaya at | | Reply

    NONE OF THEM WORE IT WELL but SRK came closest it just wrapped in the wrong way

  21. PeachBellini at | | Reply

    i refuse to refer to karan as “kjo”. he is really funny though, esp in how seriously he takes himself. his shoes are really strange and am not particularly in love with his style. personally, i don’t think he does a great job dressing shahrukh either. in all the movies where karan has dressed him, it appears over the top, nouveau riche.

    all three men here fail to add the nonchalance that a look requires to appear effortless.

  22. ts at | | Reply

    and this trend is supposed to be ‘cool’?

  23. Nick at | | Reply

    I don’t like this scarf trend at all… I think it simply ruins a particular level of sophistication in ur dressing…kudos to jiji for spotting that scarf… but i don’t think karan carries it of well and i am not liking the sandals he is wearing at all. I think AKKI dresses a bit to extreme-ish-ly on most days. He puts on a loud burts of colour sometimes on himself and unnecessary biceps buldging which i don’t like that much. Out of all 3 SRK looks decent i think.

  24. Sonia99 at | | Reply

    @Nick – Agree with you completely! Can’t wait for this scarf trend to go away, it ruins every outfit.

  25. manisha at | | Reply

    omg is karan wearing women’s sandals? hahahahhahahhaha

  26. preeths at | | Reply

    men in their mid-life crisis is all i can say
    or maybe andropause is a better word

  27. K at | | Reply

    Stop picking on Karan, guys. ;) He’s a cutie. I could swear he’s gotten his teeth fixed though. Did anybody see the Filmfare Awards last night? Karan got veneers!! Definitely some major dental work.

  28. rubywoo at | | Reply

    Karan looks very effeminate in whatever he wears, akshay as always has the natural god given goods but tries waaaaaaaaaay too hard to appear stylish – shah rukh looks the best but wish he would stop dressing/and acting in roles where his character is supposed to be in his 20’s – cos it just doesn’t work anymore

  29. Shweta at | | Reply

    I like AK out of the three…but I admire Karan too…not his dressing sense LOL but he’s so funny you can’t help but like him;)

  30. Belle at | | Reply

    absolutely DROOLED over my delish Akki!!!

    SRK looks good. but Karan doesn’t. for some strange reason. lol

  31. N at | | Reply

    UGH. The first pink scarf is fine but that silly V-neck t-shirt under the jacket just looks way too wannabe greasy for my taste, I’m sick and tired of wannabe-keffiyehs like the middle one (it looks way too try-hard), and skull scarves are so three years ago, and Karan Johar couldn’t even figure out how to drape his properly. Massive FAIL, even if they’re all good-looking men otherwise. Someone should sit them all down with a laptop open at The Sartorialist homepage, preferably when he’s shooting at the menswear shows.

  32. Neha Kapoor at | | Reply

    LOL @ karan’s shoes

  33. unknown at | | Reply

    karan is unnaturally,unfortunately feminine and somewhat male

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