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  1. saristyle at | | Reply

    kangna looks gorgeus…now she looks Indian…
    proud to b a punjabi…
    patiala salwar-yey!

    1. saristyle at | | Reply

      p.s. in first pic she looks somewhat like our darling MADHURI…
      or m blind…

      1. Sonia at | | Reply

        I was thinking the same thing! a madhuri deadringer in the 1st pic.

        1. ar00j at | | Reply

          woww… I scrolled through this post thinking it was some comparison.. I come back and realize its kangana.. lol major doubletake! totally agree she looks like madhuri in the first one!

          1. shalini at |

            hey even I thought it was madhuri in the first pic seeing kangana. I thought it was a pic of madhuri from jhalak dhik laja.

  2. ann at | | Reply

    Love Anushka and her style.. loved her in the movie BBB!
    Not a big fan of Kangana and her style!

    1. kumar at | | Reply

      OH no u DIDNT!

      1. Faiza at | | Reply


        i like both of them…patiala all the way.

  3. dn at | | Reply

    Anoushka’s for sure. For a bridal outfit, Kangana’s would be good too.

  4. lively at | | Reply

    Anuskas anyday. Kangana’s is very filmy

  5. ss at | | Reply

    Hands down it is Anukash’s outfit that takes the prize.

  6. nav at | | Reply

    I like them both. If I had to wear one it would be Anushka’s.~

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      ditto. Kangna’s kurthi and patiala are both full of colours and they should have kept the kurthi a little plainer. But its still lovely.
      Nice comparison P&P.

  7. R at | | Reply

    Anushka’s! Kangna’s kurta is too busy for that patiala.

  8. pooja at | | Reply

    way too many colors in both!

  9. kumar at | | Reply

    I just cannot friggin wait to watch tanu weds manu! kangna finally in a light hearted movie is gonna rock it!! gettin back to fashion wars, is there even any? kangna foshoo

  10. Nic at | | Reply

    I’d go with Kangana..but I do love both outfits :)

  11. annie at | | Reply

    that does not look like kangana at all!! i thought it was some actress froma saas bahu serial.

  12. shradha at | | Reply

    Kangana’s kurta is too narrow isn’t it?

  13. mundane at | | Reply

    lol in the first pic she looks like that guy called chang

  14. Sud at | | Reply

    thats some horrible things kangna is wearing…. its definitely anushka….

  15. clotheswhore at | | Reply

    love kangnas …..definitely kangna…all the way

  16. angl at | | Reply


  17. taniya dutta at | | Reply

    i like both but anushka’s look is more beautiful…. in d frst pik kangana is lookin like madhuri….

  18. rockchic at | | Reply

    kangna looks ugly!!!!

  19. tim at | | Reply

    kangna any day……looks so adorable n cute.

  20. Khnyc at | | Reply

    Anshka all the way…as somebody said kangana’s is very filmy

  21. Rachna at | | Reply

    Definitely definitely Anushka! Kangna’s outfit is too busy. At least one thing had to be paln- the kammez or the salwar.
    Am surely getting Anushka’s outfit made next time I am in India!!

  22. SLC at | | Reply

    Both look great in those gorgeous suits.

  23. Geeta at | | Reply

    I like the tops, but not those horrible baggy pants.
    How do women even use the bathroom in those ugly pants?

    1. Belle at | | Reply

      Looks like you’ve never worn patialas…nor for that matter, parachute pants.

      Everything is manageable…besides, some people have the same problem with saris. Don’t bag it until you try it :)

      Love both the patialas…but i’m leaning towards Anushka’s…because the kameez is a lot less busy…AND because I’m getting a replica made :P

    2. kasthuri at | | Reply

      lol….u cant use the bathroom with patialas. how old r u ? =)

  24. obsessive virgo at | | Reply

    I too prefer Anoushka’s version ….more wearable…. but on an aside how pretty does kangna look here…looks like she’s put on some weight, and definitely suits her !!

  25. mary at | | Reply

    Anushka’s too stark of a colour contrast to work in real i think. Kangana’s dress I would love to wear but only on a close family wedding like a sibling or a first cousin.

    1. sri at | | Reply

      agree. kangana’s is more stylish something for weddings(just like the movie) and i have a similar one like anushka’s

  26. Shayal at | | Reply

    Yeah i know what you mean the patiala suit that Anushka Sharma is wearing looks beautiful on her and it so compliments her skin and her amazing figure. She is so GORGOUS!!!!

  27. Anv at | | Reply

    i’d go with Kangana

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