Sari Style: Part Deux


We may not have cared much about the sari and the blouse on Kangna but we are irked by the way she wore it. And if the draping wasn’t bad enough, the stilts, oops, we mean platform sandals made the look much worse.

Here’s a tip to making sure a sari doesn’t look too high. When starting to wear the sari, wear the heels you intend to wear it with. This way you can account for how more/less you have to tuck and you get the hem to just graze the floor.

Too high a hemline doesn’t really make for a good look. Sari or otherwise.

Kangna Ranaut at Amby Valley India Bridal Week

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. This is just bad. tacky blouse, sloppy draped sari paired with ill fittin heels. did she wake up on the wrong side of her bed, wait her looks great though?

  2. I assume she didn’t have a choice and was styled like this for the event – there is no way she would choose to dress like this if she wasn’t getting paid.

  3. a la Malaika Arora.. but wait she drapes her sarees well!
    Its a pity you have to give tips on wearing a saree to a predominantly indian female readership!

  4. i wonder if this is a tailored or pre sown saree and she couldnt adjust height!

    I always wondered how flat their pleats appear even when tucked it… are they sown?

  5. for some reason, at first glance I couldn’t tell if it was Kangana. I thought hey it looks like her but it’s not her.. her face looks rather hollow? anyways. nice sari, but worn badly. and her shoes are ughhhh.

  6. i get it that the trashy sari and the blouse were all chosen for her by the movie people, so is she playing a prostitute in the movie? maybe she’s being “in character”?

    p.s. its laughable how sari tips need to be given out to girls these days who allegedly have stylists. its as though they were born in households where no saris were worn!

  7. Wearing your footwear before draping a saree is one of the basic rules of saree-draping! Thanks for highlighting it coz so many people get it wrong.


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