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    She looks fabulous….. Reminds me of when Anjelina Jolie had worn a white suit (mayb YSL) to an awards night. Kangana looks very very confident and very international. Love her look.

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    Hot Hot Hot !!

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    BIG love.

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    Ooh La La ! This is one hottie who knows how to rock a suit !!! And she has the guts to go with a plunging neckline. Katrina madam, please take note

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      While I totally agree that Kangana works this suit and looks amazing, there was no reason to mention Katrina here. Both of them are beautiful women with their own fashion choices, and Katrina doesn’t opt for plunging necklines and Kangana does, its their choice. To each their own.

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        I hate it when someone decides to like a person and then wants to compare them to everyone else. Katrina looked freaking amazing in her blue suit. Judging someone for covering up too much is just as bad as judging them for not covering up enough.

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          I agree with Deepti and Vysh.

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            Umm, I thought the whole point of this site and the comments section was to provide one’s opinions (Maybe appreciation or maybe criticism) of the fashion choices of our celebrities. There are moderators to ensure that no one crosses the lines in terms of vulgar or obscene comments.
            I’m not sure why the ‘though police’ feels they need to tell me what I can and cannot do. Apparently, we cannot ‘judge’ celebrities because it is their choice what to wear. Then why have this comments section at all? By this logic if someone chooses to wear something horribly tacky with terrible accessories, its their choice and we shouldnt comment.
            I compared Kangana with Katrina, because she also wore a suit outift in recent times, which generated some talk. Ironically, I see someone else below has committed the same ‘crime’ (of comparison), but she chose to use Sonam Kapoor rather than Katrina Kaif, so I guess she’s spared the sermons?

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        Yes, both are beautiful women. But remember, this is a fashion blog. We can’t ignore how Katrina consistently looks boring, while others like Kangana experiment with their looks. There isn’t anything wrong with dressing within your comfort zone, but then this blog wouldn’t exist if we didn’t critique what these celebs wear; P&P might as well post “normal” people’s looks, if we had to deal with boring looks!

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    WHAT A BODY ! She looks so fierce and sophisticated! For some reason, dunno why, I have to say, she has got a nice cleavage and the way the coat falls over her torso, very beautiful. Considering how impressive she looks, I’m forced to think how much more attractive she would have looked, if she had single solid coloured hair than that less impressive ombre or whatever.

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    Such a vision she is. Love her hair and everything else as well.

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    Love it from head to toe. Fierce!

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    She does suits best in Bollywood ?

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    Nobody does pant-suits like Kangana! She just kills it every time. But then she has that in-born French model like body and looks to carry it off

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    Suits her SO well, so hot fierce and classy, all in one word!!!!
    Bollywood, please take note, if you suit yourself – please take a note from Ms Ranaut.
    And Sonam – please observe how well one can do low cuts and look sexy, without resorting to tacky in-your-face over dose of boobage for the poor unsuspecting audience.

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    She looks nice but nothing worth the kind of comments that she is getting…i’ve seen her do much much better

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    Just amazing!

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    This woman is just wow, love her sense of style :)

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