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  1. from-chitown at | | Reply

    She looks so cool and absolutely lovely.

  2. SN at | | Reply

    Love her style :) the saree, hair and the bag.. you should’ve features Ami Patel too! Her saree is for sure Madhurya who have a great collection!

  3. Nandita at | | Reply

    She looks great but Pujas have come to this now!! Just a bit hard to believe.

    1. Harry at | | Reply

      Ummm why so? In many households women flaunt the best sarees during pujas…for eg. Bengali women wear some of their best sarees during Navratri and flaunt the same.

      1. Nandita at | | Reply

        I mean Pujas have become photo-ops now with the press present. Nothing to fault about her look.

    2. ak at | | Reply

      My mom would wear this to a pooja. In fact, it’s quite simple compared to what she usually wears to poojas, which is invariably a silk saree with zari.

  4. sarah at | | Reply

    love her style , easy and cool . Will wear this in a heartbeat !

    1. Veronica at | | Reply


  5. NAQVI at | | Reply

    Love it.

  6. Bella at | | Reply

    What a style!!!

  7. dilorea at | | Reply

    Love this look. So stylish.
    Will pick this anyday over the garish blingy synthetic saris.

  8. nisha b at | | Reply

    She makes a simple saree high fashion..feature Ami Patel too, she’s MM handloom collection..

  9. Unda Murgi at | | Reply

    Kangana looks event appreciate.

  10. RT at | | Reply

    So love this look. She wears the sari with with so much ease and panache.

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply


  11. KJ at | | Reply

    This reminds me of Indira Gandhi.

    1. StyleSaga at | | Reply

      True… I thought the same thing !! SHe should play Indira in some movie …

  12. Najmun Nissa at | | Reply

    Looks lovely as usual but the bag isn’t going with the look or is it just me ?

  13. D at | | Reply

    Only and only Kangana can sell an Anavila to me! Easy breezy!

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