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    Like it…??
    I LOVE IT!!!!

  3. trek at | | Reply

    Kudos to the cover!!

    a) she looks herself (no photoshopping that is)
    and b) love love the outfit…. very fresh

    1. Rash at | | Reply

      Loveee it !! Agree on both the above points !

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    Kalki always looks effortlessly good. Love the look, the hair and makeup are flawless.

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    she looks great. love the hair and make up.

  6. karishma at | | Reply

    She looks like an elf.

    1. anoushka at | | Reply

      i agree!

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    Love the colors but Kalki has that perpetual bored/confused looks…meh!

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    They made her look like a mannequin.

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    i like her looks. i hope she doesnt decide to morph into a bolly glamazon.

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    She looks very unhappy in the picture, lost also.
    Hair is awesome though.

  12. The Hellenist at | | Reply

    That the exact look I give when asked about my Engineering degree!!

  13. The Hellenist at | | Reply

    Oh come on!! where did my “s” vanish from “That’s”..

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    good job, good cover, all good. and yesss well styled. Kalki looks cool.

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      oh yeah, where & how?? good spotting farrah.

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    To all the fashion mags- when can we have an Irina Shayk cover?? do a summer cover with her. would love to see how she would be styled here.

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    someone do a vintage photo spread with Kalki– as Brigitte Bardot she’ll totally pull it off, especially with that pout. Do one classic pic as Goldie Hawn (where she’s in a soup bowl) in the film ‘There’s a girl in my soup’. And also add in Britt Ekland’s look- from ‘The Man with the Golden Gun’. seeing this Kalki cover made me say all this stuff, the cover is goood!

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      in continuation with the vintage thing, Kalki can do an Edie Sedgwick, and an Andy Warhol too- (like Cate Blanchett did a Bob Dylan in ‘I am not there’) that girl is a chameleon i tell you.. ..would loove to see this kind of a shoot; is anybody listening?

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    yes i love my jimmy shoes, i hope i nevr lose my choos… Neat Cover! tralalalalallallaaa ok ok ok peace out!!!

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