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    this is the way to do indian fusion- gorgeous silhouette, the prisitne color, beautiful paisley design…a total winner. is that a ralph lauren dress? she looks so good…being styled to perfection ges a long way….aish aunty might want to pick up a trick or two and bulldoze her world class stylists to apply them to her usually awful appearances…

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      Completely agree.. she’s looking so polished and just “so right”. perfection

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      Kalki ..i love generally. Plus she has a body type which can carry western clothing much better than most indian stars..thats her gene. but i have to ask What is indian fusion about this look? just coz of paisely? and i hope the stylist don’t give anyone those sagged breasts again.

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        I completely agree with indus, sagged to the core, lol.

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          agree, couldnt get past the boobs

          1. Clio at |

            Also my first thought!

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    Pretty indeed. I agree with mj15’s view on the right way to do indian fusion

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    Do you have a pic of the back, P&P? Am intrigued by that white patch popping out from the back of the dress!

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      ditto! It spoils everything. I don’t really like the hair either.

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      not so fast…it doesn’t fit at the arm-holes. Or maybe some really good foundation garments to perk up the bust?

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    She is working the hell out of that dress! Nicely done! What a friendly smile :)

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    lovely……& her smile does the rest

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      Agreed ! that smile contributes to like 80% of the gorgeousness she is in this picture !

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    she has such naturalness to her style. i want to be bffs with this girl.

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    HELL yeah.
    She looks absolutely stunning, and how warm and pretty is her smile? Make us proud sister. And I agree with mj15 about Ash taking a hint or two ;)

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    After shes french.,shows in her styling!

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    WOW. Perfection thy name is Kalki.

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    is it the dress that’s making the chest area look saggy? maybe a better support needed? im always confused about what innerwear to wear with these dresses.

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      i meant *backless dresses. I am guessing this dress is backless?

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    all is well,except the horrible sagging.

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    She looks pretty and her make up is so natural and nice. Her eyes look tired though.Nice dress

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    she looks great..works the gown…fab smile
    but she needs suppot for her bust

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    vision in white is right! I wish you had a pic of from the back…the back of her dress seems interesting

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    the dress is by delhi based designer from nift delhi preeti s kapoor

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    she needs a wonder bra!!

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    Yes, she looks pretty but the dress does not fit her well. seems to sag. Pardon me for asking, but who is she?

    1. HK at | | Reply

      She was in the movie “Dev D” with Abhay Deol.

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        Makes sense, I have not seen that movie. Thanks, HK!

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    Nice!! Simple and elegant. Her smile carries it off on top of it.

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    “OMG!!! WOW”

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    One more Point…She’s isn’t’ posing like every other girl out there these days..like a model..she’s being herself..another refreshing change!!!

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    Never seen her look this sophisticated before.she looks beautiful. Great choice for a gown, however needs a better choice for a bra.

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    absolutely love it…….

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    beautiful dress- check
    beautiful smile-check
    Basic bra- oops kalki forgot!

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    She looks pretty however, her boobies looks as be they are already sagging …strapless bra has its consequences…

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    lovely, love the fit of the dress – elegant

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    Love it..Her disposition is always so joyful too.

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    What a cute smile and a clean, elegant dress !! As many have pointed out, she needs a better bra, her girls are sagging!

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    I want to like this appearance but the sagging takes away all the attention. Wish she wore some support.

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    MY GOD!!! She looks perfect, just so damn perfect!!!

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    I didn’t even see all the sagging until everyone mentioned it here…it doesn’t bother me. They look natural :) She looks fine and elegant regardless!

  33. zina at | | Reply

    she doesnt look indian…is she indian?

    agree with the sagged-breast part..but it doesnt look too bad i think.

    i find the dress just about okay, but theres nothing extraordinary to it in my opinion.

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    She look’s amazing, but it makes her appear a little older…esp compared to the school girl image in DEV D

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    Didn’t like it at all!! The hair looks messy and the fitting is horrible!!

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    She’s wearing Marchesa.

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