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    The level of photoshop is unbelievable. They took away mouths from Karishma and Kajol.

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    What on earth is Kareena wearing?

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    Sridevi ji looks glorious ( saree clad do we even need to say more. :P) as always. Karisma (she can make anything look classy) and Alia both look good too. While everyone looks their size, Kajol been reduced to 1/3rd of her size. Whose skinny arms & waist have they fixed for her? LOL!

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    Quite an unremarkable cover. And that is a difficult feat to achieve with so many gorgeous ladies in one frame. Bland…!

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      Yup, dull as his clothes.

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    Alia and Kareena should have swapped their dresses.

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      First thought that came to my mind

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    Why have 5 women just staring at you on a cover?
    Looks like each was separately photographed and just put together in a studio.
    Why can’t they make covers featuring more than one person interacting with each other?

    1. MizThang at | | Reply

      I thought the same when I saw the cover like each one of their pictures was photoshopped on a common background. However MM tweeted a pic of the making

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    Stiff. Artificial. Fake

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    Where’s Urmila? She, along with, Karisma used to fight over MM back in the day. And she’s an MM loyalist, is she not? Guess she’s not relevant anymore? A fickle fickle place, this.

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      The first thought I had.

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      That’s the first thing came to my mind

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    Where is Urmila Matondkar………………? She was instrumental in launching MM in Rangeela. A staunch Manish Malhotra loyalist she has worn some of his hideous outfits with grace.
    LOL Kareena looks like a Egyptian MUMMY……
    Wish they had worn colorful oufits….. After no one does color better than MM.

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    No impact. They could have created something spectacular with these 5 beautiful women.

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    Everybody looks bad and Kareena looks the worst. What is that top Kareena is wearing, worst outfit ever.

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    i think Urmila n Shilpa needed to be on the cover

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    Sridevi’s image looks like a wax statue. And they just have to put alia oh-so-everywhere! I would rather see Shraddha here than Alia.

  15. BlueBells at | | Reply

    Sridevi’s image looks like a wax statue. And they just have to put alia oh-so-everywhere! I would rather see Shraddha here than Alia.

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    If they want to photoshop, they should at least ensure the face and body angle match. Everyone’s face is at odd angles to their body. And what bodies too! Pale, lackluster, uninspiring..

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    Everything about this cover is so meh, the color, the people, why is Kajol standing on a “Ladder”? What the heck is Kareena wearing, and why is Alia and Karisma even here in this list? Sridevi – did she sit on something sharp, she looks tormented. To call this Vogue is bad even for their own standards.

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    Kajol’s hand placement/photoshopped aftermath is creepy…but still not half as creepy the five plastic mannequins on this cover.

    vogue at its worst.

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