In Kanika Kedia


Coming off of a bad night, Kajol quickly turned it around today in her blue Kanika Kedia anarkali. The silhouette may feel boring but what gives the anarkali a fresh take is the denim material and the gold detailing.

What also made the look stand a bit more were the Butler & Wilson vintage tassel earrings sourced from Viange.

You’ll say we’re nit-picking, but I just wish she’d improve her shoe game too. The platform sandals feel like she is levitating on two stone slabs.


Kajol at Breast Cancer Awareness Event

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. I agree abt the shoes but then this look in itself is so much improved from the last outing in lace m liking it more so cuz its really a good job after the bad outing last time around..:P

  2. I disagree. Yes this is better than the lace atrocity she wore last time but anarkalis look stupid whether you make it out of denim, paper, leather or leaves . And those platforms. Just yuck!

  3. Those earrings are what I noticed first. Very droolworthy.
    The silhouette works for her but not much else really. What is with those panels on her sides?

  4. She’s looking good undeniably. But the fitting near her upper west seems overly tight. It’s a little uncomfortable to look at.


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