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  1. Sapphire at | | Reply

    She looks good. But Dilwale doesn’t have the beauty and classiness DDLJ had, by seeing the teasers and songs. DDLJ cannot be remade ever.

    1. Deepti at | | Reply

      DDLJ will forever be DDLJ. I remember watching that movie on a Sunday during my college days. What memories

      1. Sapphire at | | Reply

        Yes DDLJ is still running even after 20 years. Young boys and girls in those days, who had eyes like Kajol or who had names Simran and Raj would be treated as crazy as Kajol and Shahrukh. Very crazy movie.

    2. Violet at | | Reply


  2. Ranij at | | Reply

    Looking so nice! Her face is looking amazing even in the film

  3. Saya at | | Reply

    She looks stuffed. No idea why she stuffs herself into these tight clothes . Jesus Christ!

  4. Deb at | | Reply

    To me, she always looks entombed in her clothes. She neither looks comfortable nor natural in her outfits. Style is not about force feeding trends. It’s about dressing as an extension of one’s personality and sense of aesthetics. Kajol and her stylist fail there.

    1. Avani at | | Reply

      Very well put. Adding to that the usual white washing she does is pathetic.

    2. Sup at | | Reply

      Agree totally.. I find it weird to comment on someone else’s comfort levels but she, Parineeti and few others have always looked uncomfortable, and not themselves in the typical western dressing.
      Not that they shouldn’t or can’t. I mean Kajol was one of the people who’s always rocked short / western dresses IMO (DDLJ, Gupt, etc).
      But what you wear in your own time has got to be something You wanna wear, not just what everyone is wearing.

  5. Neharika at | | Reply

    She doesnt look great here. A bit uncomfortable. I would love to see Kajol do a nice blazer & trouser look. I hope her stylist is listening.

  6. Candace at | | Reply

    Cover the boys! Shah Rukh has been sporting some great suits this press tour. I’m interested to hear your take!

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