It’s Giveaway Time!

Update: Aaaand we have a winner! The lucky reader to have won herself this lovely sari is Elsa Varughese. Congratulations!

Thanks to every one who participated. Don’t lose heart because we have another exciting giveaway planned very, very soon!

A big thank-you to Pia for bringing this giveaway to our readers.

P.S: For those of you in NYC, Pia is having a trunk show of Sabyasachi saris on September 17, 11-7pm, Michelangelo Hotel, 152 West 51st Street, NYC. To attend please write to or for details.


You’ll love us for this one! Want to win a beautiful yellow Sabyasachi sari? Well, now you can and it’s sooo easy too!

The lovely folks over at Pia Ka Ghar are giving away this yellow Sabya sari (that comes with a red unstitched blouse) to one very lucky HHC reader. Yay!!

To win, all you have to do is:

1. Like Pia on Facebook.

2. Follow us on Twitter.

3. In the comments section, tell us why you must have this sari! (And, don’t forget to mention or use your FB+Twitter handle so that we can cross-check in reference to step 1 and 2 above.)

See, we did say it was easy-peasy!

As always, the comments will only be approved once the contest closes.

Contest is open only to residents of U.S.A. And, contest closes on 12th Sept, Midnight (Central time).

From the qualifying entries, winner will be picked by a random draw. Good luck! :)

164 Responses

  1. anon at |

    I would love to own this saree because I have a wedding coming in Dec and Sabya is my favvvvvvvv designer. It will truly be a wedding of my dreams if I win this saree !!!

  2. HHC Fan at |

    I must have this saree because I love HHC & Sabya’s work. The yellow is beautiful and it can be worn for many festivals and joyous occasions.

  3. jujunye at |

    A Sabya sari makes a girl complete. This sari is a perfect mix of glam and elegance thats why I must have this sari !!! AND A GIRL’S WADROBE IS INCOMPLETE WITHOUT A SABYA IN IT !!! <3

  4. PrincessRuchi at |

    I love yellow! And this sari will complement my skin tone well :) That’s why I want it!

  5. Shama at |

    Will your competitions be open to UK residents soon?? A Sabyasachi sari is at the top of my probably-never-to-be-realised-wishlist :(

  6. Radhika xxx at |

    A sabyasachi saree shows passion in an understated way..If I were to ever wear a saree.. it should be Sabyasachi and I gotta have it :-)

  7. May xxx at |

    1) I am a fan of Pia ka Ghar on Fb (xx).

    2) I am honestly dying to win to win this sari! =) I love love love the colors & it’s quintessential Sabya! #whatsnottolove?!! =)

    3) Following and tweeting:


    Fingers triple crossed! XOX

  8. Andrea xxx at |

    I want to gift it to my mom. She’s been wanting a Sabyasachi sari for ages now. It never fit in her budget. She would be so exuberant, you don’t even know.

  9. Neetu xxx at |

    I would be thrilled to win this saree for my upcoming engagement (October 22nd yay!)…my fiance and I have skimped and saved all year and tried our hardest to not cut any corners for our guests’ experience but it’s looking to be a bit tougher to afford something new to wear…I would love to wear something this beautiful on that special day! If I could only be so lucky :)

  10. Naina at |

    I absolutely have to wear that sari to my med school’s diwali party coming up!!!

  11. Janki at |

    Am I the first one to comment on this? Hah! I think that shows my loyalty and this saree should definitely be won by me!!

  12. suprav at |

    i cannot tell you how much my wife loves sabyasachi attire. i just wanna win it for her . she would be pleasantly surprise i must say.

  13. Vineetha at |

    Aww.. P&P I absolutely love this color and the sari. I would be delighted to get this. I haven’t been lucky on any of your lucky draws though :(

    BTW I just opened a twitter account to like you on twitter, whether I win or not, you girls are amazing.. Keep all your fashion posts coming..

  14. Nidhi at |

    …Because Sari wahi jo piya man bhaye!!!

  15. Priya at |

    Aaah I love this saree! I must have it because it has such a classic look to it, and it’s so beautiful! It’s so understated, and such subtle beauty. I love the pearls, and the blouse!

  16. Anibha xxx at |

    I just began going to college at Babson College in the U.S. And in college they have a cultural day in the spring. I want to wear this lovely sari on cultural day so I can showcase one of India’s most brilliant designer’s to the rest of the ethnicities and people that compose my college. I’ll be carrying India to the world in a literal sense. Moreover, I’m 18 and it will be my first sari ever so It will definitely not be a random addition to my already large closet. I will respect it and love it and care for it like a first-born child. Please, Please, Please, Please give me this sari!!! I use to live in edison, nj, so if you look at you views you will see that I was an avid visitor and I love you guys. Please, please, please allow me to drape myself in my favorite and first designer sari.
    Sounding desperate, but i am.

  17. KJ at |

    This will make the-best wear at the upcoming Indian festival of Navratri! What could be more appropriate attire than a yellow & red sabya saari!! :)

  18. bhavna at |

    i love to have this saari coz soon i m getting married n i want myself to b emblished in this beautiful saari by n outstanding designer

  19. Sal(SS) at |

    Well, my sister got married in January, and while I was fortunate enought to fly down for the event, I couldn’t really get her what I wanted to – a Sabya saree for the wedding, because they’re super expensive and also because the groom’s side picks and buys the bride’s saree in our culture. She had to make a ton of compromises with both sides of the family about the wedding, and did it with good grace, despite the fact that it turned out to be nothing like her dream nuptials.Since we live on two different continents now, I’d love to make it up to her with this saree as a belated wedding gift and a token of my admiration for her graciousness and sweetness when I next see her.

  20. Cantaloupes.amma(CA) at |

    This saree will definitely be a lovely addition to my collection …

  21. Gurvinder xxx at |


    I want to win this sari because my elder brother is getting married this coming January. It is the first wedding in our house and his fiance has really pretty blue eyes (she is Indian). I want to gift her the sari because I think she will rock it with her gorgeous looks and style. Thanks!

    Gurvinder Kaur

  22. vaish xxx at |

    The saree is very very beautiful…..its my dream saree but I can’t afford it so I hope I win this.


  23. Monisha at |

    1. FB: xxx
    2. Twitter: xxx
    3. Coz I can’t afford a Sabya on a poor college student’s lifestyle.

  24. vaish xxx at |

    The saree is very very beautiful…..its my dream saree (actually all of Sabya’s saree) but I can’t afford it so I hope I win this.

    Sorry, forgot to add Twitter and FB handle earlier-here it is





  25. Pramila xxx at |

    Love SABYA’s sarees….Wish to wear one, specially on my wedding :-) they are hard to get here in Chicago therefore I must get this one.
    Twitter handle – xxx
    Facebook – xxx

  26. Hotmama at |

    Now we’re talking… :-)) AWESOME contest guys.
    Have been dreaming to own a Sabya creation some day..maybe you guys will make my dream come true.. :-)

    Already follow you guys on twitter (id — xxx)
    ‘Liked’ PIA on Facebook.

    Crossing my fingers….!!

  27. aisha xxx at |

    omg, P&P finally a USA giveaway after a while…i would love 2 have this sabya saari,,as i’ve recently started wearing saari’s and have been in love with them..owning a piece of luxury and for it to be a sabya would mean lots..i regularly read you and follow u on fb and twitter also…i hope i win!
    i’m on twitter and fb under xxx

  28. Vikrant xxx at |

    Hi, the reason is plain and simple. I wanna gift my wife this Saree in dubai when I take her there for our anniversary and we inform the family that we are expanding the family. If I save money on the Saree I can use the money on some additional gift.
    Vikrant Batra

  29. Abhilasha xxx at |

    Although a die hard Sabyasachi fan (but a poor college student), I think I must have (WIN) this gorgeous saree because that’s the only way I will be able to afford it! :)

  30. Sreya at |

    the saree is extremely beautiful, I must have this saree cause i cant afford it on my own, and being a fellow bong totally desrve it.

  31. Amber at |

    Facebook Name: xxx
    Twitter: xxx

    I don’t have any reason to want this saree except for the fact that Sabyasachi’s clothes have been my life long favorite.. so much so that I always wanted to be a Sabya bride. However, reality check came along when I was about to get married, and realized I could not afford his clothes. I’m averagely incomed so buying a Sabya bridal was totally out of question, and that was it for me. Still hoped that someday I’ll own a piece of his genius creation and that’s my reason for entering into this contest. If I win this, I’d love to wear this for my first wedding anniversary. That’s all :)

  32. elsa at |

    hhi my facebook name is xxx and twitter is xxx.
    As an India, i feel that a sari no matter how costly or cheap is rite of pasage from a girl to a women for all Indian girls.The first time we wear a sari most of the girls feel that they have grown up and matured into a women,
    I would like to win this sari because I never worn nor own a sari. i’m going to be 21 this 30th and very much would like to wear a sari for my b’day .

  33. Anita xxx at |

    I am following PIA on Facebook, and HighHeelConfidential (@HHCGuiltFree) on Twitter. My id’s are xxx and xxx on Twitter.
    Sabyasachi is for the young, modern, elegant, and graceful woman. The label is synonymous with my individual style: I would love to have this sari, and put my own personal spin on this unique and beautiful piece.

  34. Swati at |

    I must have this sari because I entirely loved the combination of Red+Yellow, and my hubby will love to see me in sari.

  35. Annu xxx at |

    This would be my first Sabyasachi saree and it would be a great way to begin my Sabya wardrobe!

    FB: xxx
    Twitter: xxx

  36. Ends at |

    I donot own a sari at all and would love to have Sabyasachi design as my first sari ever..

  37. sasha at |

    This sari, like all of sabyasachi’s creations , is a work of art.Having it would fulfill a longstanding wish to own a textural embellished beauty such as this.
    twitter id- xxx
    facebook id: xxx

  38. Sheena at |

    Hey Priyanka and Payal, I really do love you guys for doing this!:D
    Okay so, I would really want to win this sari, simply because if I do then it’ll be my first sari ever, no joke! My mom has tons, but i’ve never gotten into the whole sari look. And what better than Sabya as a first?? :)
    Facebook: xxx
    Twitter: xxx
    Here’s hoping I win, but cheers to the winner in any case:)

  39. namisha at |

    I must have this sari because: A. I am in love with saris in general and love love love them! B. It’s a Sabyasachi sari so I must be crazy to not want to have one since all the Sabyasachi saris are absolutely gorgeous!!! C. I love the color yellow and I don’t have own any yellow sari. and D. I want to wear it and look sexy for my hubby <3 :)))

    Facebook: xxx
    Twitter: xxx

  40. mythri at |

    omg what a beautiful saree!! but that sucks its only for USA :( can u do a contest next time that includes australia :)

  41. karishma at |

    My tiwtter handle is: xxx
    FB: xxx

    I want to have this beautiful saree cos i have my brother’s wedding coming up soon and i wanted to wear a Red saree and this is like a bonus to my thoughts! I would really appreciate you guys if i can win this, this saree would be like that THE best that I can wear and color suits me, I even love the pattern as its classy and not tacky!
    I love Sabyasachi and HHC :D

  42. SHY at |

    omg owning anything sabyasachi would be a dream come true. my absolute favorite designer in the world. if i won this saree i would wear this to my nikah (muslim marriage ceremony). he is the only designer who is so true to our culture and i would feel like a true indian bride if i wore this lovely simple yet classy saree. everything about his work, his choice of colors, choice of fabric represents india and thats how i would want to be represented on my big day. this would seriously be THE best giveaway ever. my fb name is xxx and my twitter name is xxx. praying i’m the lucky one ;)

  43. ritu xxx at |

    need this for karwachauth, hasn’t been to india from 4 years and all my clothes have been outdated, here in usa its so costly and hubby didn’t approve the budget.. LOL .. so there u can see why i need this..

  44. Neha at |

    wow..that sure is a easy way to join..:)..the sari is drool worthy..absolutely luuurrrrvvvvvvvv it…the way Sabya mixes n matches different fabrics,textures…nobody can beat that..his saris inspire even d younger generation to experiment with sari…n that combination of red n yellow is to kill for..with the festive season on the way this sari sure is my way to shine..:D…;)…

  45. Anamika xxx at |

    Hey Guys,
    Okay, first of all, Highheel is probably the most amazing website in the world and thankyou for all the awomeness this website radiates. Aside from that, I absolutely love Sabyasachi. He was the first Indian designer I actually went crazy for, and I’ve even planned out my wedding with details of all the Sabya outifits I plan to wear ( I’m only 16, so it won’t happen for a while). I don’t own a single sari, and usually have to dig into my mums closet for one, but I think it would be insane, absolutely insane if the first sari I owned was a Sabyasachi sari. I wish you guys could have seen my reaction to the post, because I wish I could somehow convert that reaction into words, but its really hard to, and I’m really hoping this will convince you guys.

    Lots and lots of love (and even more if I get the sari),

  46. Sana at |

    Well as I said in the facebook, this Durga Pujo I have no new sari so it will be wonderful to have a Sabyasachi. Its seems perfect for the asthami Pujo.

  47. Sarwat at |

    Twiiter Handle – xxx
    FaceBook – xxx

    I really want this sari for my brother’s wedding on the 19th.

  48. Jessica xxx at |

    Would love to own a Sabya saree! It’ll be my first saree ever!
    My FB username is xxx and twitter handle is xxx!

  49. keerti at |

    Twitter Handle – xxx
    FB – xxx
    I would love to own a sabyasachi saree because they possess a certain earthiness and understated elegance !I would die to wear one in my life time !It would be my priced posession!!!!

  50. Jheel xxx at |

    My gorgeous sister is getting married in January and she is in love with Sabyasachi Designs! This would be the best gift for her!!!!!!! I MUST HAVE IT FOR MY SISSY!

    TWITER: xxx
    FACE BOOK: xxx

  51. Sana xxx at |

    I’m a new follower of Sabyasachi sarees, after following him for couple of months and owning his saree made me feel absolutely gorgeous. His sarees are elegent and modern with the traditional flavor in it. I love the colors and the borders in all his sarees. I would love to make a collection of mines with more sabyasachi sarees, so wining this beautiful saree would be wonderful add to the collection.

  52. Sneha at |

    What a gorgeous sari!

    I really really really want this sari, not for myself, but for my mother. Her birthday is coming up very soon, and being the sari-connoisseur she is, I know she’ll love it!

    My Facebook name is xxx and my twitter is xxx. I have followed the steps written above.

    Thanks so much HHC! (:

  53. Tania at |

    I deserve the Sabya sari because I can totally rock it with all the right attitude it deserves!

  54. Shania at |

    I MUST have this saree because Sept 12 is my birthday and I’d love a sabyasachi saree for my birthday from the lovely ladies at HHC :)

    My twitter handle is xxx idk what a facebook handle is but I liked you on both :)

  55. DC at |

    I looooove yellow and Sabya is my fav designer. I want it so I can wear it on Diwali ;)

    Twitter – xxx

    FB – xxx

  56. shivani at |

    I want this sari cos i cannot afford it! i am a student in boston with a huge student loan!
    (twitter) xxx
    xxx on facebook.

  57. Natasha xxx at |

    I really want this sari because I am getting married to the love of my life and I think this would look gorgeous on my wedding day. Sabyasachi (the second love of my life) will make my wedding that much more special.

    My Twitter name is xxx and my Facebook name is xxx

  58. Neha at |

    Ohh, what an awesome giveaway!!!
    The reason why I should have this saree is simple, I would look a million bucks in it. ;) …the color combination is great and I think any Indian woman will look superb in it..thanks again…being a Sabyasachi creation, makes me all the more greedy….loving it…!
    FB & twitter id: xxx

  59. Ss at |

    Does one really need a reason to own a sabyasachi srai ?? I bet it’s every woman’s dream to wear a sabyasachi . I can’t afford to buy one so hoping to get lucky and win one :)

    My twitter id is xxx and FB I’d is xxx

  60. a at |


  61. nelly at |

    I would love to be a proud owner of this beautiful sari as I’ve long been an admirer of that particular brand name but I haven’t had the good fortune to own a garment from this fabulous designer! Thank you so much for providing this opportunity for us all!

    P.S, my twitter username is xxx and FB name is xxx

  62. Binita at |

    (twitter + fb handle: xxx) first – i absolutely adore sabyasachi and the timeless elegance of his pieces – i dont yet own any sabyasachi and would love to start my collection with this sari! second – i love your blog. having been born and raised in the states, it is a bit difficult to keep up with emerging designers/fashions in india (and you two are always mixing in other western designers which is so great) .. your blog has made (indian) fashion easily accessible for the entire indian diaspora, so thank you!

  63. Nida at |

    Here’s why I must have this sari. I don’t own a single sari (barring the one I wore as a bridesmaid), but I feel it’s about time, being a “jawaan bachi” and all. What better way to start off my collection than with a Sabya? Also my mother totally loves this sari too and as an “ABCD” child such moments shared are rare.

    You can find me on Facebook under xxx and on Twitter xxx

  64. Manasa xxx at |

    I want to feel like his muse atleast for once. Oh Sabya!

  65. Merin xxx at |

    I must have this sarees because I love indian clothes and I think that Sabyasachi sarees are very beautiful and make every Indian woman look elegant.

    1. Merin xxx at |

      xxx is my twitter id and my name is my facebook name as well

  66. Deepti xxx at |

    Facebook – xxx
    Twitter – xxx

    Would love to please my PIA with this gorgeous PIA ka ghar and highheelconfidential giveaway. So want it :)

  67. Srilalitha at |

    Gosh, This has to be mine!!! Kudos to that Guy to have brought the Indian Fabrics (Especially my very favorite Kalamkari too) big time into fashion scene…… Didnt I fall in love with Vidya after I saw her in PAA??… credit totally to this guy – I can see my name on this saree, guys!!!

    twitter ID – xxx
    facebook – xxx

    1. Srilalitha at |

      “Contest is open only to residents of U.S.A. And, contest closes on 12th Sept, Midnight (Central time)” – I didnt see this one at all…….. How sad!!!

  68. medini at |

    I wld love my mom to usher her 60th b’day wit this delish saree…A definite surprise gift for her…:)

  69. Ramya at |

    oh my! only for US residents! noooo :( :( :(

  70. Deepthi at |


    I really need the sari as I have been hunting for something to wear for my parents house warming ceremony and have found none till date :(…

  71. Nidhi at |

    Twitter – xxx
    FB – xxx

    I must must must have this saree coz I moved to the US last weekend with no Indian wear in my luggage (blame it on limited baggage allowance :(() and Diwali is round the corner OMG!!!

  72. miracle at |


    Twitter id : xxx

  73. Kinni at |

    i would love to wear this saree on my fist anniversary and look like a radiant bride even after a year!!! :)….

  74. Rutna xxx at |

    Commented on fb

  75. kiran at |

    I like to have this sari because Sabyasachi is my favorite designer and I love this bright sunshine yellow color.
    Following you on facebook as- xxx
    On twitter as- xxx

    Presently I am based in Seattle USA.

  76. Shilpa at |

    I must have this saree because I am a budding fashionista who loves all things traditional, and this saree embodies everything that I love!

    FB – xxx
    Twitter – xxx

  77. Arpita xxx at |

    I am in love with sabyasachi’s creations.. and ave always dreamt of becominga sabyasachi bride.. as i am getting married on 29th of nov.. wud consider my self lucky have such an awesome piece of sabyasachi work in my wedding trunk…(Twitter: xxx)
    (FB: xxx)

  78. Natalya xxx (twitter: xxx) at |

    I must have this sari because wearing it would make me feel beautiful…and I need that right now!

    Twitter: xxx FB: xxx

  79. Ragini at |

    Gorgeous Saree in classic Indian colors and signature Sabya border. I would love to wear this saree for my devar’s (brother in law) haldi(turmeric) ceremony – the turmeric and red saree would be so apt for the ritual.

    FB: xxx
    Twitter: xxx

  80. Hemlata xxx at |

    Twitter – xxx
    FB- xxx

    Absolutely love sabyasachi…wish to have atleast one sari from the label!

  81. SS at |

    My reason for a sabya is simple…. A sabya saree makes a women complete!

    facebook handle – xxx
    twitter – xxx

  82. Savitha at |

    I would love to own this Sabyasach Saree.

  83. Shweta xxx at |

    Owing a Sabya creation is the ultimate sign of elegance! Love his designs…I need to own this for every reason & I can find! Looking forward to myself wearing this one! :)
    FB id – xxx
    Twitter id: xxx

  84. RR at |

    Twitter handle: xxx

    Why I must have this saree: I would really love to present this to my mom – (without going into too many details) she’s had a very rough year and I think this would really cheer her up. :)

  85. komal at |

    Facebook: xxx
    Twitter: xxx

    Hmm…I’m tempted to provide many reasons letting you know that I’m a huge fan of the designer, their work, color, EVERYTHING but instead, I’ll be honest and tell you that I only know of this designer through this website but do love their clothes.

    I am going to be honest instead; I deserve this because I’ve had a miserable life trying to fight for everything in life and I’ve never won anything in my life.

    I had a working mom growing up and 2 siblings (me being in the middle) My father left us when I was 3-1/2 and we’ve been neglected ever since.

    I’ve never had anything ‘nice’ in life – It was always hand me downs including books, clothes, etc. When I put myself through college and could afford nicer things, I didn’t want to spend a dime on myself and instead wanted to give my baby the world.

    It would be nice to have 1 nice thing in life – and this winning would mean the world to me.

  86. Maithili xxx at |

    Liked Pia on FB – user (xxx) Following you guys on twitter with user (xxx).

    Its a sabyasachi sari – LOVE his designs – have been dreaming of wearing a saree designed by him! PLEASE make my dream come true……………………

  87. Vidushi xxx at |

    Every sari must have an interesting one… see the sights, enjoy the everyday and the extraordinary, be passed on and marvelled over by generations, have oddball and exciting adventures. This sari should be mine because I could give it all that and (if fortune favours me).. more!
    Now, even though I’m not from the U S, please let the sari live its life with me!

  88. kalyani xxx at |

    My twitter handle is xxx and FB account is xxx.

    Minnesota summer is coming to an end and beginning a long lasting winter. I need this yellow saree badly, to cheer me up :P

  89. hp254d at |

    Love Sabyasachi..and maybe because I am the first one to comment :)
    Twitter – xxx
    Facebook – xxx

  90. AB at |

    Eeeeeee this sari is gorgeous! So I’ll tell you why I HAVE to have this sari:
    1) It’s gorgeous DUH! I have never been able to buy a designer Indian piece and the color combination is one of my favorites
    2) So I have an older sister – my older sister, along with my mom, are constantly getting new clothes – and I end up wearing all of their things because it’s rare that I will be able to have something that is “mine”. Recently at my boyfriend’s brother’s wedding, I wore all of my sisters clothes. I want some clothes I can call my own (and then let them borrow, of course)
    3) I am religious follower of highheelconfidential – It’s part of my morning routine: open my computer, check highheelconfidential – I have to check the blog to see updated posts – I love it!!!!

    I followed you on twitter (xxx) and liked Pia on facebook (xxx)

    Please pick me!!!!!

  91. Vaidehi at |

    I love love love this Sabya saree. I was definitely planning on getting some of his sarees for when I get married :) The color combination is so classy and reminds me of the saree dad got my mom when i was a kid (although, that dint have black layered into it).
    Twitter handle: xxx
    fb: xxx

  92. aneetaa at |

    the facebook link for Pia is not linked …

    1. aneetaa at |

      now it is….ok so why do I want the saree??? two words – SABYASACHI and FREE…what else???

  93. aneetaa at |

    xxx – twitter
    xxx – facebook

  94. Sony at |

    Not sure what twitter handle is but on twitter you can reach me xxx

    I should have this Sari because I love Sabya sari’s thanks to HHC with all the great posts on Sabya and So far I havent benn able to find one in US which I can afford

  95. Manasa xxx at |

    I want to feel like his muse atleast for once. Oh Sabya!

    Facebook: xxx
    twitter: xxx

  96. Sheetal at |

    I want this sari …. so that i can have this sari as a part of my wedding collection :) (Soon to be wed!!!)

    FB: xxx
    Twitter: xxx

  97. Shopaholic! at |

    Facebook- xxx
    Twitter- xxx

    I want to gift this lovely Sari to my mum, its her 45th Birthday :) and I am broke :(

  98. Leena at |

    I should get this coz
    1) i love HHC & sabya
    2) this saree will look great on me :)

    my facebook id is same as my name – xxx
    can find me with my email as well xxx

  99. Anwesha at |

    I love HHC and sabyasachi immensely. This giveaway is a too good to a combination to resist!

  100. Snigdha xxx at |

    I’ve done 1(xxx) & 2(@xxx).
    3. I’d love to have a Sabyasachi sari and wear it on my sister’s engagement. I love the colours and how moti is juxtaposed against the textile. Love at first sight.

  101. SS at |

    Hi P&P,
    I’m already following HHC on twitter, as xxx.
    I have started to Like Pia on Facebook as xxx.

    I must have this Sabya Sari because am a big big fan of Sabya’s designs and am loving this beautiful combination of yellow and red. I didn’t know about Pia ka Ghar and that it exclusively sells Sabya designs. I would love to check out their store.

  102. navjot at |

    Hi P&P
    Sabyasachi is the name for the best ethnic outfits. The inrticate work on the outfits need no introductions. This man is genius , the way he blends gotta, zari,mirror work in the fabrics it is just off the hook. I wanted to buy a sabya outfit for my marriage but sadly wasn’t able to afford one :((( . I am a sucker for the traditional work on the outfits and it will be good to have atleast one delish outfit in my closet :)
    P.S : Twitter – xxx
    Facebook- xxx

  103. Latha at |

    I would love to get this sari for my mother for her birthday. I know she’ll love it, because she ABSOLUTELY LOVES Sabyasachi designs. This would be a good surprise for her. Please help me in making my mother’s birthday special. Thanks!

  104. ginger at |

    I absolutely love the sari!!!!!!I have always always wanted to own an Sabyasachi garment ..he is my favorite designer ..And my style aligns so well with the pieces he designs ..

    I have been blessed with a baby girl this year first :)…I want to wear this sari for the first diwali I celebrate with her …It will be soo special to me ..I am not going to India soon I know :(..this could definitely bring a little piece of India to me :)!

    My facebook account is by the NAme xxx

    My twitter account is by the same name

    Thank you!!

  105. Latha at |

    My Facebook ID is xxx, and my twitter is xxx

  106. Head2Heels at |

    Done and been following you guys for a while now..

    The reason I must have this saree is for my mum.. Frankly we never wear Indian clothes that much, but we do have a few weddings coming up.. My mum has been saving a lot of pictures of Sabya’s sarees from the runway to Vidya Balan and Rani!.. She has a huge folder on the desktop too..

    This could be the best gift for her!!

  107. SxD at |

    Why must I have this saree – who wouldn’t want a Sabya saree???
    twitter xxx

  108. Amritha xxx at |

    I love sabyasachi and his work…I think I should have the saree because it will mean a lot to me to own a piece of art from sabya, the man who represents the culture and richness of our country in every creation of his.

  109. Mugdha xxx at |

    My mom looks worth a thousand splendid sunsl in yellow. I want her to have this gorgeous piece of work because nothing says ” A Regal Woman” more than a sabyasachi saree…..Especially in her favourite color….As a student(not yet working) in the USA, I MUST win this! For her!! :D

    My FB : xxx
    My twitter : xxx

  110. DewDrops at |

    It’s my mothers favorite color combination and I instantly thought of her when I saw this saree. So I must must have this saree to gift it to my Mom and make her day and well then I can get to wear it too. One more reason for giving it to my Mom is, that my mother never bought sarees for herself when we were growing up,(for reasons of limited finances) she would often by our clothes and things for us but never a saree for hersel but I totally knew about her love for sarees and when I grew up to earn my own money,the one thing I desired most was always to buy sarees for my mother coz I know she loves them but never had many..

    After my 1st job, I happened to travel to Calcutta, India and bought her 2 lovely bright red and yellow sarees with my first salary :)

    Yeah, so if i get this one- it would be for my beautiful Mother.

    1. DewDrops at |

      Forgot to mention my twitter and facebook handle- Its by the name of xxx on twitter and xxx on facebook
      my email id for both is xxx

  111. NR at |

    Only I can do justice to this beautiful Sari. And since I love Sabya’s work, I must have this piece of his art.

    FB id: xxx
    Twitter: xxx

  112. Rinky xxx at |

    Woman you are loved,
    You are cherished,
    You are worthy of true elegance,
    You deserve to be adorned by..
    Him, who understands you truly,
    Who can create perfection,
    For he is a master ……..
    He is Sabyasachi….

  113. Ken at |

    FB Username: xxx
    Twitter: xxx

    Why I want this sari?

    Oh well, how can any desi not want to go ,” Got Sabya? ” ;-)

  114. urmila at |


    I would like to have this saree as I am getting married on 1st November 2011 and this would be the perfect YELLOW saree for my Haldi ceremony. wow..!! hope I get lucky. fingers crossed. :-)

  115. Jaya Shah/xxx at |

    Dear P&P,

    The husband and I finally get to go back to Mumbai to celebrate Diwali and our wedding anniversary for the first time since our wedding. A cheery yellow Sabyasachi would brighten our festival of lights in India experience some more!



  116. Eva at |

    I MUST have this sari because it covets me!!!

    fb: xxx

  117. Lavanya xxx at |

    Oh! I just love sarees and a connoisseur of it. Just cannot let go of a beautiful color cmbo/work/fabric. So, how can I miss this one?

    Twitter: xxx
    FB: xxx :)

  118. shyba at |

    First time feeling Sad for not being in US…

  119. Simran at |

    Dear Payal & Priyanka,

    I can’t believe you guys are doing a sabyasachi contest in the US. You guys have picked a great color contest to give away.
    I am a die hard fan of Sabyasachi’s work but I don’t think I would ever be able to afford any of his sari’s or outfits. I would love to own one of his pieces and would wear it to every occasion. I would be so honored and thankful if I won the contest. Thanks for the opportunity to take part in this competition.

    Twitter Name: xxx
    Facebook Name: xxx

    Simran xxx

  120. Khushboo xxx at |

    I thought a lot about why I want this sari and all the reasons came down to the fact that I just simply love this Sabyasachi saree!

    My facebook id is xxx and my twitter handle is xxx.

  121. ruchika at |

    love this fabulous yellow saree with the red blouse,would love to wear this amazing creation by sabyasachi for karwachauth.

  122. Tenzin Bhuthi xxx at |

    1. Twitter Handle : xxx
    2. Facebook Handle: xxx

    I was born into a Tibetan family in the foothills of Darjeeling but everyone around me has said that I am more of a Bengali.
    Alta, Adda, Pujo, Batik, Illish Macher Pathuri, Sandesh, Kallol Dutta , Sabyasachi are my weaknesses.
    Here’s why I should be given this sari.
    a)Yellow and red happen to be 2 of my favourite colours and I look really good in them
    b) On a serious note, I don’t think anyone will appreciate it as much as me because Sabya appeals to the big bindi wearing, non-conformist in me, the woman who knows embellishments and pastels are not what defines “beautiful”, the woman who aspires to make a “simple but profound statement” when she enters the room wearning this sari.

  123. Farheen at |

    I have always wanted to own a Sabya sari/anarkali. This would be my first one!

    (Twitter: xxx, Fb: xxx)

  124. navjot at |

    twitter- xxx
    facebook- xxx

  125. aijoni at |

    I am working on my bridal trousseau, and amidst all the pale pastel shades of Mekhela Chadors (I am an assamese marrying a punjabi), I want want want a Sabyasachi saree. And that particular shade of yellow is so my colour.

  126. aijoni at |

    I am working on my bridal trousseau, and amidst all the pale pastel shades of Mekhela Chadors (I am an assamese marrying a punjabi), I want want want a Sabyasachi saree. And that particular shade of yellow is so my colour.

    Twitter Handle : xxx
    p.s. : have ‘liked’ it on FB.

  127. Vasumathi xxx at |

    I live in New York and I am getting married in India and what other occasion is worthy of this sari???!!!

    Facebook: xxx
    Twitter: xxx

    Hope to get my hands on this sari….

  128. Faiza xxx at |

    I would like to have this saree to wear it for my mehendi in October..i so so so want this!!! #fb

  129. Faiza xxx at |

    I would like to have this saree to wear it for my mehendi in October..i so so so want this!!!

    I dunno what is facebook twitter handle..but i liked Pia with my Facebook id xxx and Followed you with my twitter id xxx.

  130. Gemini at |

    I must have this saree for a first time meet and greet session with my future in-laws which is just around the corner. The color and the work looks perfect for the occasion and I think I’d look amazing in it!! :)

    Twitter and Facebook: xxx

  131. john xxx at |

    Sabya’s sense of fashion resonates with the basic indian clothing. Being a folk artist myself i do believe that as an indian designer Nobody has researched or understood india textile so well, as he did. Commercially too, he knows how to cover the wide range of buyers from upper middle class to elite. Every piece of art needs its real admirer, and in this case that would me:)

  132. sheetal at |

    i would love to win this for 1 single reason that its sooooooooooo beautiful, I am a working girl and will be flying back to india very soon to attend my brothers wedding if i win this it will be a boon in disguise.
    My twitter account is xxx
    my face book account is xxx

  133. Keya at |

    xxx – fb
    xxx- twitter

    I must must must have this sari for my mom…her 50th birthday is in a month(2nd oct) n this would be a perfect gift. She looks gorgeous in a sari n would do full justice to this beautiful sari. Fingers crossed.

  134. Savitha xxx at |

    I hope I win this one!
    And yes I liked PIA on FB and am following you on Twitter (xxx).

  135. Monica xxx at |

    I think I must have this saree because I love Sabyasachi a lot and my cousin’s getting married soon and I’d love to wear this saree to the event.

    My facebook: xxx
    My twitter: xxx

    Thanks for hosting this giveaway:)

  136. Swapnil at |

    I deserve this sari cos I’m getting married this december!!! :D
    My twitter name is xxx and I’m following you guys! love you guys!

  137. njoie_esoteric at |

    Even though I’m a Bengali, I never really liked Sarees…that is until I saw Sabya’s collections. He has redefined the garment while maintaining the classic appeal.

    1. njoie_esoteric at |

      Sorry forgot to add that my twitter id is ‘xxx’ and on FB, I use my real name, xxx.

  138. priya at |

    Hiya! My twitter handle is xxx and Facebook name is xxx.

    I must have this saree because i think i would not be able to afford a sabyasachi otherwise and being an avid fashionista i should have this lovely piece in my wardrobe. No waxing eloquent here… just speaking from my heart!

  139. priyanka at |

    Hey. I already follow u guys..and now “like” pia as well…

    Sari is awesome …i shud have it..since i look best in sari…and yellow is my fav color….

  140. Sucharita xxx at |

    I must, must, must have that yellow and red saree because Sabya does Indian like nobody else quite can, and with the festival season upon us, what better time than to go and dazzle in Indian wear?

  141. Namrata xxx at |

    Yellow is my fav color
    And this Sabya is all splendor.
    It needs the right look, the eyes, the hair
    To reflect the sari’s global flair.
    I am that package, that Sabya is me!
    Question is, will HHCGuiltFree agree?

    FB profile: xxx
    Twitter: xxx

  142. Nithya xxx at |

    Hii PnP,

    This is such an awesome giveaway! I would love to have this saree for my birthday that falls on the 23rd of sept.

    Also my daughter had her first ever birthday on sept 3rd. It would be a great memento of her birthday and I could even leave this saree as a legacy to her.

    xxx – Twitter
    xxx- Facebook

    Thanks a million,

  143. Jasmine at |

    Hi Girls!
    I’d love this Saybasachi for many reasons! First, I am a HUGE fan of his work. That said, buying designer sarees here in Los Angeles can get pretty pricey! And for a college girl like myself, that means nearly impossible to get my hands on. With a great many indian events coming up, a gorgeous saree such as this one would make such a statement without being OTT and that is the vibe I’m trying to achieve! I hope I win!

    fb: xxx
    twitter: xxx

  144. Laura at |

    You can never have too many pearls! Or Sabyasachi saris, for that matter. Love!

    (xxx on Twitter, xxx on Facebook)

  145. DewDrops at |

    Hope this remains confidential. Would not want personal details to be published on the site. Thanks

  146. Shradha at |

    I love this cheery yellow sabyasachi sari. I wore a sabyasachi yellow lengha for my wedding a year ago and would love to follow up with a yellow sari one year later.

    facebook: xxx
    twitter: xxx

  147. Jaya xxx at |

    I have been reading your blog for several months and am loving it. I would love to receive your Sabyasachi saree because the work, the design, and the material on the saree trully mesmerizes me. It is just very beautiful.

  148. sheena at |

    Because it’s to die for!
    Twitter handle: xxx
    Facebook: xxx

  149. Jigisha xxx at |

    I’ve promised myself that the first sari I would own would have to be a Sabyasachi sari. Figured I would have to save up a bunch to make this come true but I would be delighted to see the dream come to fruition sooner rather than later!
    Fingers crossed!

    Facebook: xxx
    Twitter: xxx

  150. Shivani xxx at |

    Facebook: xxx
    Twitter: xxx

    The sari is contemporary, vibrant, with a lot of Indian soul and a stunner; an absolute extension of my own self. After all, that is how the couture that adorns your body should be.

  151. Rusha xxx at |

    My maa is the last child of august and like every birthday over the past years, this year apart from promising her not to be naughty (steal jam, accept chocolates from strangers etc) with uncanny bravado I announced “I’ll fetch you a Sabya Saree by the end of this year.” As I was about to cross the threshold of that phase in a mother –daughter relationship where I transform into the modest self sacrificing (yet less regal looking of course :P) provider while she alternates as the demanding little one, it only seemed fit that “our virtues lie in the interpretation of the time.” My mother excited to bits over this has been waiting in keen anticipation, ever since. I am still a student, being able to afford one other than through wonderful means like this is like holding a chorus of “bonnie, bonnie banks O’ Loch Lomond” on the Nile cruise. For me a Sabyasachi Saree wraps in its kincob folds anecdotes as deliciously scandalous as one’s past, the cacophony of one’s present and the story of one’s future as timeless as my promise to maa, which I am hoping to keep :) Hence, I must have this Saree! Oh please!

  152. Neha xxx at |

    I absolutely need to have this sari… because 1…its Sabyasachi… 2…i absolutely love this combination…3… i would love to win something at one of the giveaways from this website i have been following for so long !!!

    Facebook : xxx

    Twitter : xxx

  153. Natasha xxx at |

    I saw this sari and fell in love with it. It would look beautiful for my wedding! I know I can’t wear anything other than my second love, Sabyasachi (my first love, of course, being my to-be husband).

  154. Neha at |

    I must have this oh-so-pretty Sabyasachi Sari becuase for once, actually I don’t want it for myself but for my friend Shikha, who is getting married in November this year. She has introduced me and a couple of other friends to the great wonders of ‘High Heels Confidential’ and if I win the Sari, I want to gift it to her as a wedding gift and a ‘thank you’ gift for hooking me on to HHC. She says we could rotate the sari between us as the ‘sisterhood of the traveling Sari’ if I win but psst…its a surprise and she can have it all for herself. Hard to be magnanimous with this lustworthy piece but I will try ;). So pretty please – Make me Win. Its for a greater cause :D LOL!

    My Twitter username is xxx and the url is xxx

    My facebook username is xxx and the url is xxx

    Thanks to you girls at the HHC!

  155. Shirali xxx at |

    Twitter: xxx
    Facebook: xxx

    I *must* have this sari because yellow happens to be my favorite color and I adore, adore, adore Sabyasachi saris! Also:
    I would love to wear this sari to the upcoming celebrations of my best friend’s wedding :)

  156. Chandra at |

    I must I must I must!
    Cause I lust, I lust, I lust!

  157. Aj at |

    FB Handle- xxx
    Twitter- xxx

    Simple reason, this is my best chance of getting a Sabyasachi without breaking the bank :D

  158. karishma at |

    My tiwtter handle is: xxx
    FB: xxx

    I love Sabyasachi and to be honest who the hell wouldnt want this gorgeous saree?? its like every girl’s dream to have one in her wardrobe!

    Pass me on that gift please!

  159. Teja xxx at |

    I must have this sari because Sabyasachi saris are some of the most beautiful saris I have ever seen that stay true to our indian roots. In a couple of months time, I plan to court marry the love of my life, who is bengali. It would be very special if I could win this sari and wear it to our very small event at the court with just the two of us and a couple of friends. It can be my way of brining in the feel of home (and some hot coture) into our very special and intimate day.

    My Facebook ID: xxx
    Twitter Username: xxx

    Dear P&P: I am typing in my reasons of why I want this sari, but pelase dont associate my name with my comment as I am sharing some personal story.

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