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  1. quirky at | | Reply

    is this really isha? she does not look anything like her ! :S

  2. PIYALI at | | Reply

    But she looks no less amazing in this too!! Gorgeous she looks….

  3. Shallu at | | Reply

    Are you sure this is Isha Koppikar, to me she looks someone else.

  4. diptiN at | | Reply

    bad shoes.

  5. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    that’s not isha!

  6. shina at | | Reply

    I agree , that’s not Isha.

  7. rina at | | Reply

    This is a classic case of someone looking much better in Indian wear than western. Even when she is doing the western look somehow it looks very desi and tacky. Also length of dress not helping at all> neither is bust area

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