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  1. Sindhu at | | Reply

    Is the 2nd image L to R, tittle correct? I thought RRoyals are the extreme left and not middle?

  2. cyrimar at | | Reply

    aaaaaawwwwww….How cute are these!! Makes me wanna visit Kirthi in London even more ;)

  3. eclat at | | Reply

    Want one of each- Mini size of course! Nilesh Mistry’s are just too beautiful…

  4. Simnat at | | Reply

    Live in london and they are so cute dotted around!!

  5. Jay at | | Reply

    yaay! I walk past the Punjab XI one everyday… and there are a couple in St James Park… but no, way to tired to trek around the city to see them all. Thanks P & P for putting other designs up!

  6. Tavishi Gogia at | | Reply

    are they available here in India ?

  7. Addicted at | | Reply

    Lovely!!! I wish I could collect all of them!

  8. April at | | Reply

    I am in love with Mayur Gajendra.How beautiful is that?I want that Ganapathi bappa on my desk,pls…….

  9. girlie girl at | | Reply

    Is there a website that will sell a mini version of these?? My bf is obsessed with Elephants so i think it would be a cute gift for his upcoming bday! Please, PLEASE let me know! :D

  10. Rashi at | | Reply

    Some one I know is going to London in a couple of days. Any idea what a mini version of these costs and exactly where they are sold in London?

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