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  1. kishmish at | | Reply

    What I don’t understand is that in pretty much all of the looks from IIJW in this post and the ones before it, the jewellery just seems to be lost. These are all typical celebrity appearance looks. None of them are really showcasing the jewellery which is a shame!

  2. shahh at | | Reply

    Sri still is the best. How utterly charming.

  3. Adara at | | Reply

    Sridevi looks good. I like the dress on Sonam but just not on her. She does not have the right body type for it. She could have opted for a full length gown instead of this. Yami is more like a bad wedding cake topper barbie. And well, Parineeti is always a lost cause.

  4. Ss at | | Reply

    That weird stiff cardboard-like shield on Sonam’s chest is awful.

  5. Fi at | | Reply

    Sonam and Sridevi look nice … Yami’s hair is a downer..Parineeti’s necklace doesn’t go with the dress

  6. SJ at | | Reply

    Sonam’s dress oddly reminds me of a wedding cake with folds of frosting. Yami’s dress looks like a Vegas wedding gown :(

    The jewelry is definitely lost in the outfits.

    1. Neharika at | | Reply

      Lol.. Why don’t these celebs understand that less is more sometimes. Especially sonam. When you are showcasing jewelry why can’t they go the minimalist route . All of them disappoint especially sonam who was hAving a good run in those elli Saab gowns.

  7. ramya at | | Reply

    WHat I am struggling to find is jewellery on Sonam!She is supposed to be the brand ambassador and what does the end effect turn out to be?
    A mere fancy label dress!
    Disappointing .Our previous actual MODELS were always much better prioritizing the actual showcase !

  8. fashionpolice at | | Reply

    Ugly one, ugly all.

  9. Can at | | Reply

    Sonam disappointing me with this one.

  10. Crazy girl at | | Reply

    Parineeti has lost so much weight! She looks good!

  11. Hsap at | | Reply

    One word, Gawdy

  12. Melange at | | Reply

    They all look so great! (Except for Gautam’s dress maybe).
    But if I were I jewellery designer, I’d prefer my models in unremarkable, plain black tailored clothes. The jewellery does get overshadowed otherwise.

  13. Prep-y at | | Reply

    I like Parineeti here

  14. Sheels at | | Reply

    Nothing spectacular!
    Sonam looks not so good, a bit disappointing…especially her legs look so out of shape for the kind of dress she is wearing. She looks better with long flowing gowns etc…

  15. ak at | | Reply

    Agree with kishmish – the jewelry is completely lost. NO clue why there is the compulsion to have the showstoppers dress in such elaborate outfits. Sonam, the ambassador, is barely wearing any jewelry, and the earrings are struggling to be seen against the high neck of the dress, and the rings are completely lost in the embroidery (I had to look very closely to even find them). The others fare no better, and some (Yaami, unless there are jewels on that ghastly dress) worse. Frankly, I think these jewelry houses need an independent stylist who will not feel the need to resort to any specific designer (or a designer at all) for the clothes, so that the clothes are chosen to complement, rather than compete with, the jewelry.

  16. Lovely at | | Reply

    All -> Bad !! Order: 1) Sonam 2) Sridevi 3) Yami 4) Parineeti .

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