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  1. Rushil at | | Reply

    She is subtly striking. Something about her.

  2. Nisha B at | | Reply

    she looks like nargis fakhri here..

  3. fishheady2k3 at | | Reply

    Her body looks weird in the cover, esp her waist. Not really feeling it :(

  4. Paroma at | | Reply

    Great cover. Totally agree about the jewellery.

  5. POP at | | Reply

    Eeks! Photoshop fail on the left arm.
    I didn’t like the dress on the runway, dislike it even more on the cover.

    1. Srilalitha at | | Reply

      agree on that left arm….looks so weird…. otherwise liking her…..

  6. tosh at | | Reply

    wut the?? doesnt even look like her

  7. Sruthi at | | Reply

    Wayyyy too photoshopped. She doesn’t even look like herself here :( Cover is designed well, though.

  8. Pooja at | | Reply

    Is she really that skinny?! Her face and her hair seem larger than the rest of her body! :-S all photoshop ke side effects??
    i like the color of the dress though.

    1. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

      Actually she really is that skinny but can still see some photoshopping.

  9. Sara at | | Reply

    I dont think her mom would even recognize her. Photo shopped to a point where nobody would believe it is Ileana

  10. chicagomom at | | Reply

    She really is very skinny in real life.. but the Photoshop job looks weird.Right boob bigger than the left.

  11. VanillaVibes at | | Reply

    Pretty yes…but the open mouth is giving out the dimwit vibe..lol

  12. rings at | | Reply

    I thght it was Shruti Hassan ..WTH

  13. s at | | Reply

    She looks pretty in a 90’s heroine sort of way, but she looks nothing like herself and its an awkward pose.

  14. Aparna at | | Reply

    Her right bodice is jutting out..she is standing like sometihng is pocking her from rear.. and what is with all the photoshop..if you did not id her as Ilena i would have thought its Nargis. really bad cover.

  15. Ritik at | | Reply

    I actually like the overall look of the cover…they got the season’s colors right and the whole image doesn’t look too OTT despite the jewelry. Ileana’s face though…especially the pout!

  16. Varun at | | Reply

    Hahahaha…love how everyone’s suddenly a photoshop expert. Magazines photoshop pictures because if they didn’t, people like us would again poke our ‘critique’ at every ‘human’ imperfection. Let’s learn to live with is and enjoy a fashion magazine for what it is.

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