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  1. lolita at |

    Pray tell me why is Hrithik pouting AGAIN!!!
    This guy needs to loosen up and stop taking himself so seriously….
    Othet than than…..I actually like the casual formal look and they are looking smashing!

  2. suchi at |

    hate the shoes, is that suzannes natural hair color? it looks pretty awful.hrithik can look sooo much better

  3. saba at |

    @ lolita…..lol! i hate that look my self, but how fab is suzzanes bag, chanel! sigh!

  4. PeachBellini at |

    a) it’s not her natural hair color, and yes it does look awful
    b) i feel like that might just be hrithik’s expression, her does indeed need to loosen up
    c) shoes are ugly
    d) i think it’s uber cheesy that they chose to match to that degree, so not cute.
    e) judging from the way suzanne does her hair and makeup, it only follows that her sense of dress is awful too. i just feel bad for those people who pay her to design their homes.
    f) this post may sound vicious, but it’s just my opinion.


  5. Sonu at |

    The only thing I like about the either of them is the bag! CHANEL…sigh!!! It definitely tops my wishlist..

  6. Sonu at |

    Oh, I’m really not fond of couples playing matchy-matchy….it’s just plain tacky!

  7. Ngm82 at |

    love that bag! :) and yes those chunky shoes r really bad! he looks good..! as always!

  8. pill at |

    sounds like ur jealous of suzzanne lol

  9. Carol at |

    LOL – his shirt shows more chest cleavage than hers and he has got to stop pouting.

  10. tina at |

    lol, Hrithik reminds me of Zoolander. Always posing and pouting and trying to show off.

  11. pdaervo at |

    he IS pounting, AGAIN!
    love the shoes and the CHANEL
    that is all

  12. anoo at |

    why do we have to talk bout these two? there were others who dressed better at the SM premiere…..genelia was cute, sonam is ok nd even vidya balan looked gr8!! where r posts bout twinkle nd akshay at the fhm event? I thought she looked better thn deepika padukone(ugh)!!!

  13. KK at |

    Suzzanne’s hair color is TERRIBLE! It’s orangy reddish… And I absolutely love Hrithik Roshan in general, but I’m not liking this look. :( He’s too pretty to look bad .. but i don’t like the red shirt and too formal blazer!

  14. Sonia99 at |

    Suzanne’s hair is just atrocious. Why would anyone want orange colored hair?? I also don’t like the fit of her jacket. The sleeves are too long and loose.
    Hrithik looks kind of robotic in the first pic.

  15. chuck bass is hot at |


  16. Megha at |

    lol i was gng to comment about the hair but i guess enough has been said already

    hrithik can pull off most things but i dont like that red…eek!

  17. mj at |

    sooo man ythings wrong with this picture:
    1. why do indians feel the need to collor their hair blond/ flamign orange/ red/ auburn…doesn’t go with the complexion no matter how fair you might be
    2. Boooooooring
    3. tell hrithik to wipe that smirk off his face. waiting for the day stars wear normal expressions on their faces
    4. red shirt…really?? is he comign from the audition for the mask of zorro?
    5. chanel bag- either sling it over your shoulder the way it is meant to or put the chain in the bag…holding the bag with the chain hanging is so not cool

  18. K at |

    @ PeachBellini – I echo the same thoughts!

    Can’t believe I’m saying this but Duggu looks BAD here… am I the only one who feels he’s “changed” since Dhoom 2? He looks a little arrogant now.

  19. Flower Power at |

    i think individually both suzanne and hrithik look fine… passable, but not great. together, they’re match-much… but there’s nothing wrong with a red shirt, imho

  20. jazz at |

    Okay, the shoes look amazing in the picture, but when worn, they look sorta blah, but may be they can look better on a dress and not a denim?? Why is Hritik trying to be a “babe” ? :P

  21. Joy at |

    Suzzane’s jacket sleeve has the worst fit i have seen in recent times…as for hrithik, the top half is not bad at all..what i cannot fathom is the vent in the inseam of his denim trousers..

  22. Sharin at |

    Oh god…@ K.. I really REALLY hope Hrithik hasn’t “changed”! He’s such a sweetheart! He’s the kind of guy that:

    You would know and could bring to an event like this.. and he’d be super excited/nervous about going and he’d make all these silly poses and faces to try to be cool… and then when you go home with him and see the pictures you’re like WHAT WERE YOU THINKING and he’s like crap I thought I was being cool…. but he’s still really sweet and innocent at heart and isn’t cocky at all.

    I hope. I’m totally blabbing today if you guys didn’t understand my analogy that is a-ok. Just ignore it lol.

  23. himanshi at |

    Why are ppl being so harsh on sussanne ?? ok she’s not dressed to her best but she’s looking fine ..hrithik looks hot in any colour-be it red or green and only he can carry it off ….they look adorable as a couple ..

  24. Nams at |

    ughhhh.. suzanne qualifies for a wtheyy if u ask me… with that carroty hair.. ill fitting jacket with those velvet strips.. and black nailpolish.. yeww !

  25. Preeti at |

    Suzanne has what I call pumpkin colored hair. I’ve seen many Indian ladies fall into the trap of dyeing their hair this shade (or some variation of it). Totally agree with mj that it’s not flattering on us Indians. Just imagine how pretty she could look if her hair was a deep chocolate brown or at least something darker than pumpkin.

    The bag is beautiful as are some of the others in the Fall 2008/2009 collection.

  26. Aarthi at |

    I hate suzanne’s hair color too…granted that she is porcelain pale…but to be a REDHEAD?? redheads are usually the palest, fairest, freckle-prone folks even in the west…but for an Indian to attempt that color is just madness….I think she would look gorgeous with a different hair color…
    I think they look fine here….nothing great…passable? sure…!

  27. Hinna at |

    Absolutely Appalling. The less said the better.

  28. hana at |

    hritik’s wife need to change her hair color, its so flashyy.. I don’t like her denim or blazer..

  29. cracker at |

    wow….this is one badly dressed goodlooking guy with an equally poorly dressed wife who looks like a plain jane!

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