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  1. kasthuri at | | Reply

    The second look, i can agree looks very similar with the red shoes and all. But in the first one, she is just wearing the same pants. Thats not all that uncommon with people who wear big brands, is it ?
    But kudos for spotting this nevertheless.

  2. Nav at | | Reply

    Wow people wearing international brands matched twice it must be magic…NEVER seen that happen before EVER…SOOO uncanny…not!
    This blog is not the same anymore.

  3. fashion at | | Reply

    I DOUBT COINCIDENCE IT HAS TO B HER stylist taking inspiration frm here ..:P

    1. fashion at | | Reply

      lol jst kidding

  4. Shalini at | | Reply

    Things that make you go Hmm..

  5. Nav at | | Reply

    Woah! Wonder whats the story here… Hollywood taking style notes from Bollywood? Well why the hell not??

  6. Nisha B at | | Reply

    Hayden comes off as very relaxed..I’ve never been a fan of PC’s style, this one too.

  7. karishma at | | Reply

    priyanka looks better in both outfits.

  8. fashionista at | | Reply

    Ha ha clearly PC has a Hollywood fan, must say look 2(dress) is tooo similar!

  9. Adara at | | Reply

    PC is working it better than Hayden! And whoa, how small is PCs waist (second pic).

    1. Bored at | | Reply

      I know. Made me drop my plans of a nice big Saturday morning breakfast in a flash!

  10. wannabe at | | Reply

    Two similar maybe, but not too similar. Especially the first one. I’m not surprised Priyanka’s stylist is looking to Hollywood for pointers but its odd she found her inspiration in Hayden who is not a great dresser herself

    1. DiptiN at | | Reply

      PC wore both outfits before Hayden, so if anyone is taking pointers it is Hayden and not PC’s stylist. I think it is a mere coincidence

      1. wannabe at | | Reply

        Whoops! Sorry about that. Guess that explains why Hayden is not a style icon ;)

  11. PrincessRuchi at | | Reply

    Who copied whom? Or I beleive these ladies’ stylists have just been lifting outfits off of fashion mags…

  12. Avantika Singh at | | Reply

    May b Ami patel styled her too.. who knows.. and these days she’s pretty much into # itscooltorepeat thing.. so may b she thought of trying this on another celebrity altogether..WHO KNOWS??

  13. Rash at | | Reply

    just one question : Why does our indian celeb pics come out so poorly! the quality is just horrible.

  14. Phoenix at | | Reply

    If it was just the first pic I’d be like meh but the fact is she wore TWO looks of PC’s in the SAME day. I think that’s what makes this go from a mere meh to “uncanny” as they put it. So many haters on this blog wow! I would say def Hayden’s stylist (or herself) copied PC. Just like Bollywood copies Hollywood styles hoping no one will notice I’m sure Hayden’s team did the same thing! Not like anyone else is gonna know (other than ppl on this site!) (Have yall noticed how much of Deepika’s looks are copied from Kim Kardashian?)

    1. Nav at | | Reply

      No one’s hating but in life people match…even in Hollywood celebs end up at the same party or the event day after with similar outfits…clothes are available for everyone to buy :)

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