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    Ah! After the flamingos, here come the intestines/digestive organs/female reproductive organs as the next new motif. Very nattily colored in pinks and greens for your viewing pleasure!

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      Omg…still rofl…

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      Bahaha! This looks is absurd. Trying. Hard. Kaur!

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    They are ‘busy’ pieces but she wears it well…her personality shows through!

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      ITA! I love this! She is Kiran Rao’s long lost big sis! :-)

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    Hi. This is just to let you know that my collection was an oversized look with loose fits and dropped shoulders. There is nothing wrong with the fit of the outfit Hard Kaur is wearing. Pl clarify in future if you need any specifics.

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      Is this ken ferns seriously??

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    Love her shoes, but I’m not too sure if they are peep-toes ?

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    Too busy and badly fitted.

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    She looks bizarre. The whole outfit in theory should work but does not work on her. I think the fit it wierd. Why wear something that makes you look bigger?

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    its different from the usual fare and I like it! So colourful and funky!

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    “Skort” ???? Snigger! At least get Ur proof reading right

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      I don’t understand the snigger. It actually is a skort, no? (the weird shorts/skirt combo thing)

      and I hate to be grammar police but it’s rather ironic that you point out someone else’s writing when you can’t be bothered adding two additional letter to spell ‘your’

      sorry I just couldn’t resist.

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      Before you snigger, please note that skorts are a pair of shorts that resemble a skirt :)

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