And the winners are….

Shrinidhi, USA
Bottega Venetta Knot clutch
Chole Gemma


shefali shah
lust list
1) judith leiber ganesh
2)Hermes Ostrich Birkin Violine
3)Gucci-Medium shoulder bag in dark green python with glossy crest details.

Please send us an email at with your postal address. Congratulations!

A big thank you to Karishma for sponsoring the giveaway. Don’t forget to check out her site Here for more on her bags.

It’s been a while since we had our last giveaway and now thanks to the lovely Karishma Shahani, the name behind ‘Princesse K‘ line of bags… here’s another!!

Here’s your chance to win either of these Ikat clutches from her ‘Indian Monsoon’ collection and to do so, all you’ve got to do is leave your name, country of residence and the names (names only and NO external links) of three bags that are part of your own lust list in the comments section and by a lucky draw we’ll pick out two winners… one from India and one from the U.S.

Last day to submit your entry- 31st Oct.

So what are you waiting for… get cracking, leave your own lust list in the comment section and hope to win! ;)

Go Here for more on her bags.

(P.S: Just to clarify, contest is open only to residents of India and the U.S)

(P.P.S: Each winner will get one of these two bags and which exactly is up to our discretion.)


261 Responses

  1. Sej at |

    Sejal P.-U.S.A.

    In order of most wanted…

    -B.V. Knot Clutch-Black

    -Gucci Boston Bag

    -B.V. Tote

    1. Sushma Raju at |

      Miami , FL, USA.
      pick me………………………..

  2. pdaervo at |

    Awww, man- they’re leather aren’t they :(
    Well, if they aren’t: Chathurika Dassanayake
    United States
    Chanel 2.55 (vintage, my compromise)
    Marc Jacobs Stam (vintage again)
    Hermes Kelly (vintage :) )

  3. Nidhi at |

    1] Any of the gorgeous Ikat bags from PrincessK
    2] Lady Dior
    3] Chloe Gemma in beige
    -Nidhi, India

  4. priyanka at |

    Priyanka perera

    Country of residence- US

    Lust list-
    Bottega Veneta knot clutch
    Judith Leiber strawberry cupcake.

  5. pallavi at |

    Hi. My name is pallavi and I live in the US.
    The three bags that I like are:
    1. Lace tote in gold and white.
    2.Tie and dye tote bag in aqua and white.
    3.Tie and dye hobo in olivegreen and sea green.

  6. Ksmommy at |

    -Khaadi hobo with patent stripes
    -Silk Ikkat wristlet pouch – pastel peach
    -Rosette bag

    1. Ksmommy at |

      The above are from the Monsoon collection. Here are my other choices-
      Lust list-
      Bottega Veneta knot clutch
      Judith Leiber Ganesh.
      Country of residence- US

  7. Rupa at |

    Rupa Gadiraju , India
    My list:
    1) Bottega Venetta Knot clutch
    2) Ikat clutches from karishma (not coz they are giveaways, but I genuinely love Ikat and have been lusting these since you featured them on your blog)
    3) Hermes Birkin.

  8. Balaji Vijayakumar at |

    Balaji, Bangalore, India. I hope to win this, my wife will really love it.

    Her list, (i think, from what i have heard her say)

    1] lady dior
    3]chloe gemma

    1. KS at |

      Your wife is one lucky women! May be in next ‘janam’ (or marriage) I can make my husband write on HHC asking for a designer bag!
      Super J!

      1. Sharin at |

        I agree Balaji good job you’re so awesome for posting this for your wife!

  9. Kanika Mehta at |

    Kanika Mehta, New Delhi, India

    My Lust List:

    1. Judith Leiber Elephant Minaudiere (Fall 09)

    2. Hermes Silver Himalayan (Drrroool)

    3. Gucci Classic Pelham medium hobo with horsebit detail and studs

  10. Swathi Reddy at |

    Leiber Precious Rose
    Hermès Matte Crocodile Birkin
    The Chanel “Diamond Forever” Classic Bag

  11. Akriti S., USA at |

    Fave bags:

    Fendi studded clutch
    Balenciaga Work Bag

  12. k at |


    Chloe bow embellished clutch
    Oscar de la Renta Darjeeling Minaudiere
    Ferragamo Pitone Specchio Clutch

  13. punya at |

    1. Grace/Gigio – Antepreima
    2.Corduroy hobo – Agnes B
    3. Gancino Closure clutch – Salvatore Ferragamo ( I want it! I want it! I want it!!!)

    I live in India.

  14. Radhika Mitra at |

    Marc Jacobs Stam
    Jimmy Choo Ramona
    Hermès Kelly

  15. Sharin at |


  16. archana at |

    Archana V. Bangalore, India

    My List

    1. Valentino Lacca Nuage Hobo

    2. Jimmy Choo Embossed Rikki Shoulder Bag

    3. Salvatore Ferragamo Vitello Safari Shoulder Bag

  17. Radhika Mitra, USA at |

    Marc Jacobs Stam
    Jimmy Choo Ramona
    Hermès Kelly

  18. Radhika Mitra, USA at |

    Oops–forgot to add “USA” to my post above.

  19. Shweta Saraogi at |

    Fav Bags:
    Louis Vuitton
    Silk Ikkat wristlet pouch – pastel peach
    The Chanel “Diamond Forever” Classic Bag

  20. Chica at |

    My lust list:
    Judith Leiber – The Rounded Rectangle (Its awesome)
    Louis Vuitton – Mahina L in Cognac

    Im Shikha from India.
    I really hope I win !!!!

  21. Shyba Nisar at |

    Country of Residence-India

    1.Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch
    2.Balenciaga Work Bag
    3. B Romanek clutch

  22. Hotmama at |

    Shelly Bajaj
    Country of residence ~~ United States.

    My all time Lust list ~~
    A classic Chanel tote (cud be any, depending on my mood and moolah)
    Bottega Venetta Knot clutch
    Hermes Birkin

  23. bharti s at |

    Country of residence – India

    Lust list:
    1. bv tote
    2. princess k tie and die tote
    3. lady dior cannage bag

  24. Sonal at |

    Sonal Dogra

    Chanel 2.55
    Hermes Kelly
    Botegga veneta Knot

  25. Vennela at |

    USA. Probably India by when you decide
    Hermes Kelly
    Tod’s G tote and
    BV capri intrecciato tote

  26. sharoen george at |

    Sharoen george, Kerala, INDIA

    my lust list………………….

    1) Birkin
    2) Lady Dior
    3) Hermes Kelly

  27. Swathi Reddy at |

    Swathi Reddy
    Chicago, US

    Leiber Precious Rose
    Hermès Matte Crocodile Birkin
    The Chanel “Diamond Forever” Classic Ba

  28. Shrinidhi, USA at |

    Bottega Venetta Knot clutch
    Chole Gemma

  29. BOO you at |

    Spardha Malik, India

    1 Balenciaga Motorcyle bag
    2 Bottega Veneta San Marco Karung leather bag
    3 Hermes Kelly Bag

  30. tulip g at |

    Tulip Gupta

    Lust list
    1. Bottega Venetta Knot clutch
    2. Birkin
    3. Salvatore Ferragamo Vitello Safari Shoulder Bag

  31. Amina at |

    Sarwat Amina – US

    1. BV Tote
    2. Hermes Birkin
    3. Balenciaga Giant Work Bag

  32. Heraa at |

    California, USA

    1. Birkin
    2.Classic Chanel Clutch
    3. Balenciaga Bag

    :) i’d love to win!

  33. PennyLane at |


    Betsey Johnson Dottie Girl Coin Purse
    Marc Jacobs Blake Satchel in dark plum
    Louis Vuitton l’Absolu in dark red

  34. Saumya at |


    Lust List
    1. Bottega Veneta – Mineral Parure Ostrich Glace Clutch
    2. Vintage Chanel Gold Bar Clutch
    3. Valentino Glamorous Tote

  35. Shagun Dayal (India) at |

    1.) Bottega Veneta knot clutch
    2.) louis vuitton (Monogram multicolore/ monogram motard)
    3.) Birkin

  36. Shuchi at |

    Country: India

    Bottega Veneta Woven Hobo
    Jil Sander Polished Leather Clutch
    Bottega Veneta Metallic Mineral Liseret Knot

  37. Lyandra at |


    1) Oscar de la Renta- Darjeeling Minaudiere
    2) Bottega Veneta Stretch Knot
    3) Stella McCartney Velvet Clutch

  38. Pooja at |

    1. Hermès Birkin
    2. Chanel 2.55
    3. Chloe Gemma

    Pooja (Mumbai, India)

  39. pinka at |


    LIST in order of LUST:-

    1)Birkin -orange
    2)Bottega Veneta Knot clutch- Green
    3)Oscar de la Renta Darjeeling Minaudiere

  40. Sangeetha at |

    Alexander Wang Studded Leather Bag
    YSL Le Sixieme
    Chanel Timeless Clutch

  41. Shubs at |


    My Lust list *****

    * Bottega Veneta Woven Hobo
    * Miu Miu Soft Leather Shoulder Bag
    * Chloe Heloise Hobo

  42. dinks at |

    country : India

    -Bottega Veneta knot clutch
    -Hermes Kelly
    -Louis Vuitton Alma MM in pomme d’amour

    giveaways excite me!! LOL

    thanks priyanka & priya

  43. reshma at |

    any 1 from princesse K indian monsoon range
    lady dior
    marc jacobs :)

  44. Roxana at |

    Roxana, India.

    My Fave list:

    • Oscar de la Renta Darjeeling Minaudiere in taupe
    • Hermes Birkin
    • Bottega Veneta Tote

  45. Aditi at |

    Aditi Shukla Fozdar

    A tan Birkin
    Chanel flap bag in black
    Bottega Veneta Cabat in dark brown

  46. Aiswarya at |

    Aiswarya, India

    Bottega Veneta knot clutch
    Zagliani Python clutch
    Tod’s Flex Clutch (turquoise)

  47. sarita at |

    Sarita, Pondicherry, Erode

    Lust list

    1. Birkin.
    2. Gucci clutch.
    3. Jimmy Choo handbag

    1. sarita at |

      Sarita, Pondicherry, India

  48. swati rao at |

    country :India

    my lust list:
    jimmy choo eva python clutch
    jimmy choo ramona pyramid gold studded bag
    VBH python clutch with crystal details

  49. Rashmi at |

    Country: India

    Salvatore Ferragamo G Mediterraneo Soft Clutch
    Hermes Kelly
    Bottega Veneta Stretch Knot (Orange)

  50. Jaya at |


    1) Bottega Venetta Knot Clutch(in a yummy color)
    2)Chanel Bag
    3) Fendi Studded Clutch

  51. Aditi at |

    Country: India

    1. Valentino Histoire Patent
    2. Oscar de la Renta Darjeeling Minaudiere
    3. Chloe Gemma Shoulder Bag

  52. priya at |

    Hi. I am Priyanka and I live in the US. my fav bags are:

    1. Gucci Pelham Large Leather Shoulder Tote.
    2. Valentino Couture Braided Tote
    3. Pauric Sweeney Python Bag

    Thanks! :)

  53. Aathira at |

    Name: Aathira Nair
    Location: Bangalore, India

    My Lust list:

    Hermes Kelly

    Bottega Veneta Stretch Knot

    Dior Le Trente Bag

  54. Shilpa R at |

    Shilpa R (India)

    My pick!
    Bottega Veneta Campana (in lilac)
    Vintage Chanel Gold Bar Clutch
    Michael Kors Runway Clutch

  55. Sneha at |

    Sneha, India
    I would love to have one of these:

    1. Oscar de la Renta Darjeeling Minaudiere
    2. Proenza Schouler Medium Suede
    3. Tod’s D-Bag Media Tote

  56. Stuti at |

    Stuti Govil, India.
    My own lust list for bags

    1) Hermes Kelly, vintage.
    2) Darjeeling Minaudiere, Oscar de la Renta
    3)Tod’s Provence Sacca Media BAg.
    4) Marc Jacobs Stam, in blue. :)

  57. pooja jaisinghani at |

    my name is pooja
    country of residence U.S.A.

    Lust List
    1. Bottega Veneta – Mineral Parure Ostrich Glace Clutch
    2. Vintage Chanel Gold Bar Clutch
    3. Valentino Glamorous Tote
    4.Silk Ikkat wristlet pouch


    1. pooja jaisinghani at |

      i love high heel confidential. hope i am the lucky one

      1. pooja jaisinghani at |

        thank u

  58. Nidhi at |


    1. Hermes Silver Himalayan
    2. Bottega Venetta Knot clutch
    3. Balenciaga Giant Work Bag

  59. Genie at |

    Genie- India :)

    Its hard to pick just 3…..anyway with a stone on my heart I have picked these three…
    Louis Vuitton
    Bottega Veneta knot clutch
    lady dior
    Jimmy Choo Rikki Shoulder Bag

    sorry couldn’t resist :-p

  60. Ira at |

    Ruchira ,

    1) Black classic Chanel quilted

    2) tods Bag ( any )

    3) Hermes Birkin ( orange)

  61. Pri at |

    Priyanka – USA

    1) VBH Python Clutch with Crystal Details
    2) Birkin
    3) Paige Gamble Ostrich Folio with Tulip Tattoo

  62. mauli shah at |


    1.bottega veneta tote
    2.chole paraty satchel
    3.LV african queen clutch

  63. Aarthi at |

    Country: India

    I love clutches more than any handbag(except for Bottega Veneta), so my lust list is –

    Any Bottega Veneta Knot clutch

    Hermes Kelly Long Wallet/Money Holder in orange

    Adriana Castro’s Vibora/Modish Clutch

  64. Soma at |

    Soma – USA

    1) any of the clutches from the Marchesa Spring 2010 line. *drool*
    2) Valentino 360 in Black Sequins
    3) Chanel Pleated Lambskin Flap

  65. Amber at |

    Hermes So kelly Bag
    Darjeeling minaudiere
    Bottega veneta knot clutch

    From India

    1. Nida at |



      Louis Vuitton

      Classic Chanel Clutch

      Bottega Veneta knot dutch

  66. Shivani Mahajan at |

    Vintage Chanel Gold Bar Clutch
    Balenciaga Giant Work Bag
    Lace tote

    Shivani Mahajan

  67. Shivani Mahajan at |

    sorry for spelling above India

  68. akaa at |

    Hi P&P,

    This is akaa (Akanksha Sharma).
    My bag lust list includes
    1.Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch
    2.Balenciaga Work Bag
    3. Hermes Birkin

    1. akaa at |

      Oops.. forgot to add I’m from Mumbai,India

  69. malaikah at |


    LV Azur

  70. Heinz at |

    thats discrimination, i also live in Canada :(

  71. KK at |

    Kejal – USA

    1. Bottega Veneta Hobo
    2. Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch
    3. Louis Vuitton Minaudiere

  72. Asha J at |

    Asha J


    1. Burberry Packable Leather Tote
    2. Salvatore Ferragamo
    G Mediterraneo Leather Shoulder Bag
    Pelham Shoulder Bag

  73. Dipali Joshi at |

    Dipali J

    the list is….
    1. Hermes orange Kelly bag
    2. Chole handbags
    3. Louis Vuitton Alma MM handbag

  74. Sweta Shah at |

    1) BV Knot clutch
    2) Ikat clutch
    3) Shanti Minaudiere

    1. Sweta at |

      Oops,, Forgot to mention.. am from USA..

  75. Visakha at |

    Hermès So Kelly Bag, Fall 2008
    Michael Kors Zip Patent Clutch
    Bottega Veneta Vernis Envelope Clutch

  76. Nidhi Shah at |

    Nidhi Shah
    Country – United States.
    Lust list –

    1.Rosette bag
    2.Lace tote

  77. hhc-fan at |


    Country: USA

    Bags lust list

    – Bottega Veneta Nero Galuchat Knot
    – Le Sixième printed stingray bag – YVES SAINT LAURENT
    – 25cm Kelly Orange


  78. Preeti at |

    country : USA

    Christian Dior Karenina handbag
    Burberry Large Degrade Mega Check Tote Bag
    Botkier Rio Satchel

  79. aparna at |

    Name: Aparna B
    country of residence: USA

    1. Marc Jacobs Quilted Stam Satchel
    2. Hermès So Kelly Bag
    3. Dior Le Trente Bag

  80. Prathyusha Reddy at |

    Pick me.. pick me ..pick me.. lol
    Name : Prathyusha
    Country : USA

  81. Jigisha Chaudhari at |

    Resident of USA

    My very own lust list:

    1) Bottega Venetta Knot clutch
    2) Hermes Birkin
    3) Oscar de la Renta Darjeeling Minaudiere

    Good Luck to all participants…….

  82. Neha at |

    question – before I participate :

    Does the lust list have to belong to Princess K’s collection or in general a lust list?


  83. Divya the wannabe fashionista at |

    are you guys kidding me??? It’s like asking which child of mine is my favourite? Actually come to think of it….choosing between my future progeny might be easier than handbags.

  84. Sindhu at |

    Name: Sindhu Gururaj
    Country Of Residence – India
    My lust list:
    1 – Hermes Birkin In Yummy Colors, Orange specifically… Would die n be in heaven if I ever in life get to own this…
    2 – Oscar De La Renta – Darjeeling minaudiere – Amazing combo of the golden birdies on maroon background also named after indian cities and my homeland:)
    3 – Bottega Veneta Tote – Icon Handbags

  85. sandhya at |

    Sandhya Raju

    My lust list….
    Hermes Birkin
    Channel 2.55
    Bottega Veneta Woven Hobo

  86. Pareena at |

    Pareena K
    Mumbai, India

    Lust List:

    1) Louis Vuitton
    2) Louis Vuitton
    3) Louis Vuitton

  87. hana at |


    Balenciaga Mortorcycle Bag (White/Grey/Teal)
    Chanel Classic Bag
    Prada Fairy Bag/Wallet

    I hope I’m winning this time:))

  88. Divya S. (USA) at |

    Classic Chanel Clutch
    Marc Jacobs
    Lady Dior

  89. sakina at |


    fav bags—

    1– Bottega Venetta Knot clutch
    2– Rossette bag
    3– Bandhini hobo [purple]

  90. Prathyusha Reddy(USA) at |

    Prathyusha, U.S.A.
    THE List
    LV Spring 2009 with tassels
    Leiber Ganesha Clutch
    Dior Le Trente Shopping Bag

  91. Nishita at |

    I lust after the following:

    * Jimmy Choo Saba bag
    * Louis Vuitton Gobe clutch
    * Tod’s G tote

  92. Sumair at |


    Chanel Classic Flap Bag
    Hermes Kelly bag
    Balenciaga Bag

  93. prakritiN at |

    Hi guys, you made my day! How drool-worthy are those Princesse K bags!
    Anyhoo, I am Prakriti Narayanan from Memphis, U.S. My lust list (for a very long time and still is just that..a lust list!:( )has been:
    Fendi studded clutch..Oohlala!!
    Dior Cannage..YUMM!
    CHANEL Tote 2008 collection (its just sooo classic!)
    Karishma you make India proud…you GO GIRL! N P&P thanks for featuring so many fresh designers in your blog..Great job!

  94. Monika S at |

    Monika Sajnani

    1. Oscar de la Renta Darjeeling Minaudiere
    2. Leiber Budha Clutch
    3. Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch

  95. Nishita at |

    I lust after the following:

    * Jimmy Choo Saba bag
    * Louis Vuitton Gobe clutch
    * Tod’s G tote

    I live in India and my name is Nishita Kumar

  96. Sumair at |

    juicy couture daydreamer bag
    Chanel Bag
    Prada Fairy Bag

  97. Moona at |


    juicy couture daydreamer bag
    Chanel Bag
    Prada Fairy Bag

  98. Humera at |


    Balenciaga Bag (white/grey/teal)
    Chanel Classic
    Prada Fairy Wallet

  99. sana at |



    I’m in luv with this bag!

  100. Roopa at |

    Roopa Atluri
    California, USA

    Lust list:
    1. Bottega Veneta Lilac Intrecciato Nappa Medium Campana
    2. Judith Leiber Elephant Minaudiere
    3. Gucci “interlocking” medium Boston bag

  101. Sabrina Siddiqui at |

    Country: U.S.

    -Anything from Bottega Veneta’s intrecciato line, particular tornabuoni hobo
    -Lanvin pop woven clutch
    -Alexander McQueen houndstooth tote

    Now all I need is a job that pays in millions. :P

  102. hana at |


    Chanel Bag

  103. anupriya at |


    1. Lady Dior
    2. Bottega Veneta Knot clutch
    3. Hermes Kelly

  104. Addicted at |

    Deepa M – USA

    1. Oscar de la Renta Darjeeling Minaudiere in poppy
    2. Bottega Veneta Multicolor Coassiale Knot
    3. Bottega Veneta Moro Intrecciato Nappa Umbria Roma Bag

  105. Silpa at |

    SILPA – US


  106. pritha at |


    My lust list icludes….
    i chanel 2.55 an absolute classic
    ii BV knot clutch
    iii Hermes Birkin …which girl wdnt want one :D

  107. Manpreet at |

    Country; USA

    Chanel 2.55
    Hermes Kelly
    Botegga veneta Knot

  108. MANGOgrl at |

    eewwww i dnt want these, they’re ugly.. sorry to say :S

  109. Bharati at |

    V.Bharati, USA

    Thanks for the giveaway, my list

    1) Bottega Veneta woven hobo

    2) Mulberry Bayswater or Tods D-bag

    3) one of the Balenciaga bags

  110. Hitasha at |

    Hitasha Devnani
    Country- US

    Bottega Veneta Knot
    Dior Le Trente Medium Shopping
    Yves Saint Laurent Large Leather Clutch

  111. arunima at |

    country: india

    1)Hermes Gris Elephant Matte Crocodile(absolutely to die for..unusual colour ….a timeless must have)
    2) Bottega Veneta antique silver knot clutch (only a few peices were ever made)
    3) Alexander Mcqueen quilted skull clutch(rocker chic!!!)

  112. anahita at |

    Anahita, India:
    Jimmy Choo Ramona
    Bottega Venetta Knot clutch
    Oscar de la Renta Darjeeling Minaudiere

  113. Anu at |

    Anu M
    Los Angeles

    BV all the way….
    1) BV Knot clutch
    2) BV Intrec Veneta Hobo
    3) BV Tornabuoni woven leather bag

  114. Maithili Kulkarni (US) at |

    Houston – Texas :

    My preferred list:
    1. Bottega Venetta Knot clutch
    2. Birkin
    3. Salvatore Ferragamo Vitello Safari Shoulder Bag

  115. Nandini at |

    Nandini V

    love the:

    Tod’s Flex Clutch
    Tod’s Natty Sacca Media Bag
    Dior Cannage Drawstring Bag

  116. Megha at |

    1. Hermes Birkin
    2. LV Monogram Vernis
    3. Christian Louboutin Sandale Clutch

    1. Megha at |

      Sorry Country US

  117. Anika - US at |

    Anika – US

    1. Bottega Veneta – Tornabuoni Maxi Veneta
    2. Birkin
    3.Bottega Veneta – Black Knot Clutch

  118. Rajani K at |


    1) Louis Vuitton

  119. Annie at |

    Annie from the USA

    1. Chanel 2.55 all the way
    2. Birkin in orange
    3. Ferragamo Scuderia Lacon Shoulder Bag
    I wish I could add more

  120. ARTShenoy at |

    Country: US

    Valentino Glamorous Tote
    Hermes Birkin
    Bottega Veneta knot clutch

  121. Surbhi at |

    HI THERE>>>>>


    1. BIRKIN


  122. Joyeeta at |

    Seattle, USA

    My lust list..

    (1) Ellipse Louis Vuitton
    (2) Elephant Minaudiere Judith Leiber
    (3) Poppy Coach

    :) Fingers crossed!

  123. Stuti at |

    Stuti Govil, India.
    My own lust list for bags

    1) Hermes Kelly, vintage.
    2) Darjeeling Minaudiere, Oscar de la Renta
    3)Tod’s Provence Sacca Media Bag.

  124. anoo at |

    anu, USA

    chanel iridescent calf-skin bag form fall 09-10 collection
    alexander wang coco studded bag
    3.1 phillip lim studded bow bag

  125. Preeti at |

    Manpreet Virk
    Country – U.S.A

    And my lust list…

    Hermes Birkin
    Bottega Veneta

  126. Arti at |

    Arti from the US

    Dior 61 Medium Tote
    Chloé Heloise Large Hobo
    Salvatore Ferragamo Gathered Leather Hobo

  127. Subarna Sadhukhan at |

    USA (New York)

    Lust list:

    Salvatore Ferragamo Gancio Vitello Shoulder Bag
    mary norton jones clutch
    Bottega Veneta Nero Galuchat Knot

  128. Inexplicably ! at |

    Gurpreet Wasi, India

    1. Orange colored Birkin
    2. Burberry Prorsum checked tote
    3. Coach textured metal Alexa

    Now let me go looking for the clover leaf :)))

  129. nefertiti at |

    Nefertiti, USA

    1) Burberry Corded Check Suede Tote
    2) Hermes Vespa Shoulder Bag
    3) Christian Louboutin “Viola” in Gunmetal

  130. Archana at |


    Gucci Jackie Shoulder Bag
    Oscar de la Renta Simla Basket Hobo
    Dior – Le Trente

  131. charan at |

    Are they made out of leather??

    Charanya, US

    Lust List –
    I dont have one, do i even qualify?

  132. Srishti Singh at |


    My lust list for bags is toooooooo long…Mainly

    1) BV Knot Clutch
    2) Hermes Birkin
    3) Lady Dior

  133. bhumi303 at |

    Bhumika Patel (USA)
    1) Chanel 2.55
    2) BV Intrecciato Nappa Bond bag
    3) Chloe Python Paraty bag

  134. Ridhima at |

    Name: Ridhima
    Country: USA

    Lust List:
    1)Hermès Birkin
    2)Bottega Veneta Tote
    3)Bottega Veneta knot clutch

  135. Ravali at |

    Hyderabad, India

    My Lust List:

    1) Bottega Veneta Karung Knot Clutch
    2) Hermès So Kelly
    3) Valentino Couture Braided Tote

  136. Neha C, USA at |

    Hermes Birkin (orange)
    BV Knot clutch (gold/silver)
    Chanel classic 2.55 (black)

  137. Priyanka C, at |

    Priyanka C – India

    If wishes did come true ..

    1. Oscar De La Renta Darjeeling Miniaudiere
    2. Hermes HAC … Birkin ka Baap :-)
    3. Sabyasachi ‘Jholas’ ( Custom-made, and few and far between)

  138. Rinku at |

    Location – USA

    Lust List

    (1) Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch (Brown)
    (2) Red Hermes Birkin (11.7*8.7*6 inch)
    (3) Tod’s Natty Sacca Bag

  139. Manasa at |

    Malini Srinivasan

    1. Chanel Classical Alligator Bag
    2. Valentino Striped Bow Clutch
    3. Oscar de la Renta Phoenix Print Mumbai

  140. ReshmaSanjeev at |

    Reshma Rangapura

    My lust list:
    1. Jil Sander Polished Leather Clutch
    2. Lohla Patent Hobo, Medium
    3. Salvatore Ferragamo G Mediterraneo Leather Shoulder Bag

  141. ann at |

    Anisha H
    My lust list-
    1. Bottega Veneta Boudoir Intrecciato Knot Clutch
    2. 30 cm Togo Blue Jean Hermes Birkin
    3.Jimmy Choo Chandra Metallic Clutch

  142. Madhurima Chatterjee at |

    Hi, I am an ikat fanatic :)

    Name: Madhurima Chatterjee
    Country: USA
    Lust List: 1.Silk Ikkat wristlet pouch (any color combo.. they are all awesome)
    2. Khaadi hobo with patent stripes
    3. Ikat envelope clutch.

  143. Arati at |

    Thanks P&P and Karishma Shahani for this! :)

    Arati from USA

    My lust list:

    1. Gucci Web Guccisima Hobo
    2. Princesse K Silk Ikkat Wristlet Pouch
    3. Bottega Veneta Mineral Intrecciato Silk Knot

  144. shefali at |

    shefali shah
    lust list
    1) judith leiber ganesh
    2)Hermes Ostrich Birkin Violine
    3)Gucci-Medium shoulder bag in dark green python with glossy crest details.

  145. annie at |

    pick me pleasee

    1. chanel classic lambskin flap
    2..Marc Jacobs Stam Hobo
    2. Tie and Dye tote bag by Princess K

  146. Aditi Pendse at |

    Aditi Pendse, USA

    I am feeling lusty today :)

    1. Darjeeling Minaudiere, Oscar de la Renta
    2. Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch
    3. Hermes Birkin

    Love Love LOVE your website..continue the good work!

  147. Nikki at |

    Harveen K (More details on the name later! :)

    Country: USA

    My lust list.. oh where to begin:

    – Gucci ‘icon bit’ medium tote in off-white leather
    – Louis Vuitton Sunset Blvd in Amarante (cute purse for night on the town)
    And of course the Hermes Birkin (gotta go with black as I would never want any color to stain this beautiful piece of art!)

  148. Anupama Das Vadakkel at |

    Anupama – USA

    And my lust list consists of:
    1. Gucci, New Jackie large shoulder bag in ebony
    2. Marc Jacobs, Nickey
    3. Cole Haan, Whitney belted tote

  149. Nita at |

    Nita, US

    1. Balenciaga Work Bag
    2. Ferragamo Vitello Safari shoulder bag
    3. Birkin

    1. akaa at |

      hey Nita.. is that you ..Nivedita from Seattle???

  150. sony at |

    name: Sony Mansoori
    country of residence : United States of America

    my own lust list:

    Hermes Birkin
    Jimmy Choo Ramona
    Valentino Histoire Patent Tote

  151. Roadside Romeo at |

    Country: USA

    Chanel 2.55
    Hermes Kelly
    BV Knot Clutch

  152. Kanika Srivastava at |

    Kanika Srivastava, USA

    Lust List:

    1. Hermes Birkin
    2. Bottega Veneta knot clutch
    3. Chanel 2.55

  153. Madhuri at |

    Country : US

    I lust after,
    1) The Classic Hermes Kelly
    2) Hermes Birkin (in sunshine orange or green)
    2) Marc Jacobs Classic Quilted Stam (in black)

    And then some more..
    1) Dior Stone Mosaic Clutch (in blue)
    2) Jimmy Choo Kase Oval Clutch (gold and purple..)
    3) Bottega Veneta Lizard Clutch

  154. Upma at |

    Upma, USA

    Here are my top three choices from my lust list of bags:

    1. Bottega Veneta knot clutch
    2. Birkin
    3. Chanel Quilted clutch

  155. Saira at |

    What about people from the UK?!?! :|

  156. Pradnya, USA at |


    I like the foll. bags:
    1. silk ikkat wristlet pouch – pastel peach
    2. tie and dye tote bag – fuschia and white
    3. tie and dye hobo – sea green and white
    4. bandhini hobo – purple

    Pradnya N

  157. P at |

    Hi P and P, I am Padma and I stay in the US. Here are the bags on my lust list:
    Chanel 2.55
    Bottega Veneta Knot
    Prada sequin degrade clutch
    Some more..
    Fendi studded clutch
    Chanel timeless clutch
    Marc Jacobs Stam( black)
    Louis Vuitton Minaudiere in black

  158. Savi Sanup at |

    My lust list:
    1. Bottega Veneta San Marco Karung in lilac
    2. Nancy Gonzalez Matte Crocodile Exotic in green
    3. Valentino Histoire in brown patent

    Here’s hoping I score a ‘Princesse K‘ cutie

    ~ from USA

  159. Taruna at |

    Hey! Here’s my lust list ……
    1. Mahala, Jimmy Choo (Muaaah!)
    2.Picotin Lock bag, Hermes (Muaaah!)
    3.Riley, Jimmy Choo (Muaaah!)

  160. Saneeya at |

    Thanks for the giveaway.
    – Saneeya, USA

    My favorites in no particular order:

    VBH Python Clutch with Crystal Details – perfect for the festive and all the holiday parties.

    Yves Saint Laurent Le Sixieme printed stingray bag – timeless classic and

    GRYSON Painted Violet – Stylish work/play option..

    Now.. if I only could afford them…

  161. Taruna at |

    Hey! My name is Taruna. I live in the U.S. Here’s my lust list ……
    1. Mahala, Jimmy Choo (Muaaah!)
    2.Picotin Lock bag, Hermes (Muaaah!)
    3.Riley, Jimmy Choo (Muaaah!)

  162. KG at |

    me me me!!

    The bag on my Lust List is the Burberry Boston and the Fendi Spy!!

  163. KG at |

    Oh and I live in the US.

  164. KG at |

    I have a baby.. and what I would do for the Prada Diaper Messenger bag!!!

  165. sheetal at |

    Sheetal from USA

    lust list :
    1)marc jacob stam
    2)hermes birkin
    3)burberry tote :D

  166. Malavika at |

    Malavika Mallya
    United States

    Lust List:

    Darjeeling Minaudiere
    Hermes Birkin
    Bottega Veneta

  167. josie at |

    hi my name is elsa varghese and i m from unisted states.
    my lust list;
    kate spade totes(love them)

  168. S at |

    Sucharita Ray
    United States

    Chanel classic quilted clutch bag
    BV multicolor knot
    Hermes Kelly

  169. G at |


    I live in US. My fav would be

    1) White Chanel bag (anything you give i can take it)
    2) BV Knot clutch
    3) LV tote

  170. vishali at |

    Vishali Aparna,United States

    Lust List:
    1. Dior Granville Handstitched Medium Tote
    2. Sotto Chiave Python Shoulder Bag
    3. Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch

    Thanks for the giveaway:)

  171. Vandana at |

    Vandana, US

    Lust List:

    1. Birkin
    2. Valentino Histoire Patent Tote
    3. Chanel Classical Alligator Bag

    Thanks for the giveaway, P&P, and Karishma, ofcourse!

  172. Neha at |

    Name : Neha Gandhi
    Country of Residence : USA

    Bags part of my lust list :

    Louis Vuitton – Alma MM
    Bottega Veneta – Lilac Intrecciato Nappa
    Chanel – Vintage Quilted

  173. Arati Menon at |

    Arati Menon. India.
    Lust list:
    1. Marc Jacobs Faridah leather hobo bag
    2. Anya Hindmarch Lautner patent shoulder bag
    3. Alexander McQueen Knuckle Duster clutch

  174. Amritha Surath at |

    1. Red ornate skull clutch- Alexander Mcqueen

    2.Nero galuchat knot clutch- Bottega veneta

    3.TUBE leopard printed clutch-Jimmy choo

    What can i say…I am a CLUTCH GIRL!

    1. Amritha Surath at |


      1. Saya at |

        ditto@clutch girl. Yay to us! ;)

  175. Anuja at |

    Country : USA

    Mylist :

    Bottega Veneta knot clutch – black

    Louis Vuitton

  176. Neha at |

    Name : Neha Chauhani
    Country of Residence : India
    Since you have ask for bags and not for clutches here are my must haves:
    1.30inch birkin in yellow or orange (that twinkle and anu have).
    2. Balenciaga Work Bag.
    3. Bottega Veneta Tote in black.

    1. Neha at |

      its Neha Chauhan

  177. Divya at |

    Counrty of residence: CT, USA

  178. Anisha at |

    Anisha Maknojia
    My lust list….

    Hermes Birkin
    Channel 2.55
    Bottega Veneta Woven Hobo

    Fingres crossed!

  179. Nandita at |

    Nandita, Mumbai, India

    Ikat clutch from Madeline Weinrib
    Darjeeling Minaudiere – Oscar de la Renta
    Hermes Garden Party Tote

    Love Ikat on everything, so its quite an irresistible giveaway!

  180. Pallavi Reddy at |

    Name : Pallavi Reddy.

    Country of Residence: U.S.A

    Where are three bags? I see only two of them and in the princessek website, I find so many bags. Anyway, Priyanka and Priya, Thanks for the offer.

    Out of the two bags I am seeing, my order is
    1. Black and white clutch
    2. White and light green striped bag.

  181. Snehak at |

    Sneha K, India.

    The bags tht I lust for..The list is too long..but for now, following I guess..


    Princesse K

    Marc Jacobs Stam(Vintage)

  182. Tanisha Patel at |


    1) Chanel
    2) Dior
    3) Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch

  183. Diana at |

    Diana, India
    Bags on my lust list

    1.Celestina- Nora Aunor clutch
    2.Marc Jacobs- Elsa woven leather bag
    3.Chloé- Milton large shoulder bag

  184. Rajeswari at |

    This is rajeswari, I stay in India

    Jimmy Choo(TUBE in silver) – simply love it
    Coach Madison Leather Audrey
    White Chanel bag

  185. Mallika at |

    Hey, I’m Mallika Shanbhag from Mumbai, India
    These r the top 3 on my lust list!
    * BIRKIN (in a yummy orange or tan)
    * Bottega Veneta Stretch Knot (can’t pick a fav col…I want them all!)
    * Leiber minaudieres (LOVVE the elephant & the peacock-Shanti one!)
    Thanx P&P & Karishma!:)
    U guys r doin a gr8 job!! M totally addicted to ur blog! My day is incomplete without it!

  186. ngm82 at |

    Neha, Chennai

    Lust list:

    1. 2.55
    2. Lady Dior in Black
    3. Bottega Veneta knot clutch in orange!

  187. Rajeswari at |


    I am Rajeswari from India
    My favs
    Coach Madison Leather Audrey
    White Chanel bag
    Jimmy Choo(TUBE in silver pls)

  188. Rashmi at |

    Hi..I am Rashmi from India.

    Here are the bags on my lust list:

    Judith Leiber Diamond Box Minaudiere
    Salvatore Ferragamo Sotto Chiave Python Shoulder Bag
    MARC JACOBS ‘Stam’ Snakeskin Embossed Satchel (in yellow :))

  189. Shikha Rk at |

    Shikha R, Bangalore, India


    1. Bottega Veneta Knot
    2. The Chanel “Diamond Forever” Classic Bag
    3. Oscar de la Renta Simla Basket Hobo

  190. Aakriti at |

    Aakriti, New Delhi, India

    1. Chanel Classic Black
    2. Lady Dior Lambskin Black
    3. Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis (burgundy or white)

  191. Arthi at |


    Name: Arthi
    Country: India

    I’m a huge fan of Chanel! – So my first choice is the Chanel Classic Tote
    Hermes Birkin
    Yves Saint Laurent Leather Flap Shoulder Bag

  192. Neha Sharma at |

    My Lust List :-

    1. Bottega Veneta Minaudiere in Orange (to go with Jimmy Choo Loop Patent Leather Sandals in black and orange)

    2. Bottega Veneta Tote in Black – to go with everything :)

    3. Judth Leiber novelty minaudieres – the peacock – for my indian dresses! :)

    let me have them or kill me now :)

  193. Shivani Kapoor at |

    oh to live in Australia!

    Please include the downunder babes next time!

  194. Helna George at |


    my lust list



    3)Hermes kelly

  195. Rupa at |

    Name: Rupa
    Country: USA
    Huge Fan of Chanel and Louis Vuitton
    1.Chanel Large Tote
    2. Louis Vuitton Totally Monogram MM Tote and maybe
    3. Chloe ‘Ascot’ Large Tote

  196. Veens at |

    Veena – India

    Would love to have –
    1. Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch
    2. Bottega Veneta Karung knot clutch
    3. And of course Anu Deewan’s enviable Birkin collection. Seriously i love the colors you featured here!

    Thank u for this wonderful giveaway and i would love to add that i really LOVE to read your blog :)
    Look forward to it everyday!
    Keep Rocking
    and a very Belated Happy Diwali Girls. Congrats on featuring on Verve Oct 09! Loved to know about how HHC was born :)

  197. Pragya at |

    Name: Pragya
    Country: India

    Big fan of Jimmy Choo , Birkin , Bottega Veneta<Dior..

    My Lust List

    1. Hermes Birkin in Orange

    2. Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis (burgundy or RED)

    3.Chanel Black, patent leather Large Tote bag

    Pleaseeeeeeee pick me…

  198. Saya at |

    Sayantra, USA

    Alexander McQueen Skull clutch(Black)
    BV ( lilac) knot clutch
    Judith Leiber Precious Rose

  199. Ayesha at |

    Anything Bottega Veneta
    Jimmy Choo Ciggy Evening Clutch
    Judith Leiber Minaudieres!

    Ayesha, Bombay, India

  200. aysha at |


  201. Jasmine, India at |

    Bags I’d like to own –

    > Bottega Veneta Soft Croc Clutch.
    > Black Lady Dior bag
    > Coach Legacy Allegator Bag.
    > Novak (Brown) Alexander Mc Queen

    *Fingers crossed*

  202. Varsha Babel, India at |

    Gucci – New Jackie large shoulder bag(red color)
    Jimmy Choo – Odette/L (Tube in black)

  203. Megha at |

    Megha, USA

    Judith Leiber Strawberry Cupcake
    Bottega Veneta Knot
    Jimmy Choo Sky/L

    Thanks for the draw P&P xo :)

  204. Nirukta at |

    Bottega Veneta knot clutch
    Tods – totes
    Marc Jacobs
    …and more

    Nirukta – NY, USA

  205. Sinky at |




    and de lust list :D

    Chanel Classical Alligator Bag
    Lady Dior Lambskin Black
    Picotin Lock bag, Hermes

  206. Meenakshi Malik at |

    1. Oscar de la Renta Darjeeling Minaudiere

    2. Bottega Veneta Black patent Tote

    3. Hermes Kelly

  207. Eva at |


    1. Tod’s New D-Bag Picola
    2. Hermes Bearn Wallet
    3. L.A.M.B. ‘Darjeeling’ Shoulder Satchel

    Love your blog!

  208. Hima Sathasivam at |

    1. Tods – totes
    2. Marc Jacobs
    3. Fab India – Casuals.

    Chennai, India.

  209. Bhavna at |

    Name: Bhavna
    Country: USA

    1. Bottega Veneta knot clutch (black)
    2. metallic Chanel flap bag
    3. Salvatore Ferragamo Patent Bow Clutch

  210. Mahi Varma (USA) at |

    My top three at the moment lust:
    1. YSL Y clutch – ever since I saw it, i fell in love, the color, the texture, no overbearing logos/symbols….just pure artistry

    2. Kooba Jagger Tote – just the perfect red and great carry for everyday…love the size, the hardware, and the very easygoing for any girl.

    3. Chloe Gemma Handbag – love the versatility, the big size and the structure! i love it

    1. Usha at |

      Kooba Jagger Tote! Loooooooooorve it!

  211. ash at |


    List :)
    Bottega veneta knot cliutch

  212. Vandana Arora at |

    Vandana Arora
    Kolkata India.
    1.Hermes Birkin color Blue Jean.
    2.Bottega Veneta Boudoir Intrecciato Knot Clutch .
    3.Hermes Kelly color Orange Swift .

  213. tresliso at |

    Lisa, in India.

    The bags on my lust list are:

    1. The Chanel Classic Quilted Handbag
    2. Bottega Veneta Tornabuoni Maxi Veneta
    3. Prada Fringe Bag


    *crosses fingers*

  214. Renuka at |

    Pink Ostrich Birkin
    White Kelly with Orange piping
    Judith Leiber Peacock Miniaudiere

    Renuka (USA)

  215. Nida at |

    Name – Nida
    Country – India

    1. Bottega Veneta Knot Dutch

    2. Chanel

    3. Gucci

  216. Dalia at |

    1) BV knot clutch
    2) Burberry Degrade Shoulder bag
    3) Judith Leiber Maharaja Elephant Minaudier


  217. SMM at |

    SMM frm India

    My lust list includes –

    1) Judith Leiber’s Shanti Miniaudiere (shaped like a peacock)
    2) Louis Vitton black Miniaudiere
    3) A Birkin in grey

  218. Archana Vijay at |

    Name: Archana Vijay
    Place: India

    1. BV Parure Karung bag in Truffle
    2.Leiber New Bean evening bag
    3.Chanel Lambskin tote

  219. Ankita at |

    Name: Ankita

    My lust list:

    1: BV knot clutch

    2:Judith Leiber Gray tone rounded rectangle floral pattern clutch.

    3:Herems Kelly in Orange swift.

  220. Usha at |

    Usha , India

    Bottega Veneta Woven Hobo in Orange

    Kooba Jagger Tote

    Salvatore Ferragamo in Rust

  221. Juhi at |

    Juhi Bhargav

    1. Dior Stone Mosaic Clutch
    2. Bottega Veneta Tote (green)
    3. Hermès So Kelly Bag

  222. Jia at |

    Classic Chanel black
    Bottega Veneta Knot in a brown of grey color
    Gucci Pelham Large Leather Shoulder Tote

  223. Isha Somani at |

    Isha Somani
    Location: Chicago

    2. Salvatore Ferragamo Clutch: Lacon Nappa Clutch
    3. MaxMara: One handled, patent leather trapezoid purse in mustard yellow

  224. Archana Krishnamurthy at |

    Name : Archana K

    Place : India

    Lust List :

    1.This Leather clutch which caught my eye – Proenza Schouler

    2.Chritian Louboutin’s – MISS loubi patent clutch

    3.Any of MArc JAcob’s Tote’s

  225. mary at |


    my lust list!

    Hermes birkin

  226. sharoen george at |


    my lust list!!
    Lady Dior
    Louis Vuitton

  227. Devna at |

    1. Bottega Veneta Metallic Mineral Liseret Knot
    2. Burberry Women’s studded plate leather clutch
    3. Balenciaga Motorcycle (orange)

    – Devna, USA

  228. anjugandhi India at |

    1.Judith Leiber Ganesh


    3.Bottega Veneta Knot Clutch

  229. sireesha at |

    Bangalore, India

    My lust list would include any bag/clutch from these guys:
    Loius Vuitton

  230. Divya at |

    1) Bottega Veneta Stretch Knot Clutch
    2) Hermes Kelly
    3) Balenciaga Work Bag

    Divya from Delhi, India

  231. lavanya at |

    India (Kerala)

    1. Birkin
    2. Check Hobo- burberry
    3. Leather hobo – YSL

  232. ipshi at |

    oooohhh can i pick 4? (there’s always a wisegal eh?)

    1 – Hermes Kelly
    2 – Lady Dior
    3 – Woven leather Bottega Hobo in chocolate
    4 – YSL Mombasa hobo ( i love me some sequins)

  233. ipshi at |

    o btw… im from bombay

  234. Minal at |

    My personal bag lust list:
    Prada Multistriped Pouchette
    Chanel Classic 2.55 Transparent Ice Cube Handbag
    Versace Medium Patent Leather Satchel Handbag
    Devi Kroell Large Wooden Clutch (I or II)
    Cartier Brocade Vintage Pouchette

    Minal, USA

  235. Deepti at |

    For work-Proenza Schouler PS1 Crocodile Satchel
    For a day bag-Balenciaga Arena Classic Day in Raisin or Pommier
    For some bling at night-Bottega Metallic Mineral Liseret Knot
    For a brunch with the girls-Burberru Prorsum cos i love me some oombre
    For a bag to wear till it falls to pieces-Grape Intrecciato Tornabuoni Medium Veneta

  236. Jeanine at |

    Fave bags”
    Any Louis Vuitton bag
    Fendi clutch
    Gucci hobo


  237. Kitty at |

    Kitty Kanwar, Chicago (USA).
    My present Lust List: (2009)

    1: Breakfast with Mom: Zagliani Metallic Python Puffy Bag
    2: Lunch with Girlfriends: Valentino Silk Rosette Shopper in Black
    3: Diner with “the” boyfriend: Bottega Veneta Nero Galuchat Knot in Mineral

    PS: (I heart Chanel/Hermes and though not mentioned above, they continue to reside in my Forver Lust list.. Also the Parda Fairy bag was a fav this yr solely due to my immense fascination for James Jean but I heard it bleeds so for now it’s out:)

  238. Sangeeta L at |

    Central Coast, California USA

    HMMMMMM too many on my list.

    Bottega Veneta
    LV: Red Bellevue
    Chanel: Classic leather black

  239. Aakriti at |

    New Delhi, India

    1. Chanel Classic Black
    2. Lady Dior Lambskin Black
    3. Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis (burgundy or white)

  240. Swetha at |

    1. Bottega Veneta knot clutch
    2. Small Size Birkin
    3.Judth Leiber minaudieres (peacock version)

  241. Simran at |


    1. Prada BN1181
    2. Gucci Jungle Large Tote
    3. Givenchy Elene Eel Clutch

  242. Sowmya at |

    Sowmya – India

    Lust list
    Ikkat clutch from the Indian Monsoon collection
    Bottega Veneta knot clutch
    Kooba Jagger Tote

    Oh and I am in love with this site…keep up the great work girls! Did anything happen with Zee TV?

  243. Maya at |

    1. BV Knot Clutch
    2. Chanel Classic Clutch bag
    3. Salvatore Ferragamo Lacon Nappa Clutch

    ~Maya (USA)

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