Giselli on Marie Claire: (Un)Covered


From Sonam’s extreme black, we move on to the other end of the color spectrum with Giselli wearing a white Vuitton jacket and shorts ensemble paired with a yellow Hemant & Nandita belt.

I quite like the contrast between the cheery white/yellow vibe and the cold stare of Ms. Monteiro.


Louis Vuitton, Resort 2010

Photo Credit: Viral Bhayani


  1. Nice!! But I don’t know why all the covers these days cover up the hair (the forehead too in this case) with the lettering.
    Giselli looks beautiful. Love the styling.

  2. Okay is it just me, or does that jacket look like a bath robe? (in the cover photo)

    But I lOVE LOVE LOVE the yellow belt & the gold bangles!!! And ofcourse, Giselli – stunning as usual.

  3. one of the best covers i’ve seen on an indian magazine
    i dont like the jacket by itself or on the model but the way it has been accessorized and the giselli’s face are stunning

  4. Amazing cover. I love the styling, and I agree with you Payal, I really like the freshness of the look in contrast with Giselli’s stare. Gorgeous.. it’s a cover that actually looks international for some reason.

  5. Giselli Miller on the cover of marie claire beauty Graduates Top Model and a Great Actress parabenz the Indian people to have discovered that Great World Celebridade.O this to your most beautiful

  6. It all looks great. Interesting belt and jewelry. But I’m fantasizing more about the model’s bag and sandals. They are so enticing!


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