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  1. NFashionB at | | Reply

    I like the colors in dress and giving wonderful effct on her face.
    But i wont wear/buythis dress.She pulled it off well.
    Dress itself isnt that attractve.

  2. samantha at | | Reply

    a knee-length or mini version would have been more appropriate and might have save the dress from looking too mexican type!

    1. preetidutta at | | Reply

      i bought a similar one …above knee length dress …i bought it 2 sizes bigger and pair it with black transparent stockings and yellow flat pumps ….with a spegetti to take care of neck line ..and it works fine on a evening with gal pals or shopping….why are women with money so clueless

      1. chocolate martini at | | Reply

        sheer black stockings with a birght, cheery, casual dress like that? TWO sizes too big without a waist cinching belt? (and almost knee length at that)

        Funny how we all automatically assume that we are so much more clued in/ stylish than most of these women. Wonder how badly all of our outfits would fare if they were posted on this site…

  3. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Nice and fun… she makes it work.. do not know about the appropriatenss to the occassion though

  4. nikki at | | Reply

    LOL!! yes it does!! her maxi does look like a mexican poncho… :-)

    1. koel at | | Reply

      It reminds me of the decorations on a Mexican chain like Taco Bell ! I remember seeing the exact same rug on that chain , just can’t remember the name of the chain though!

  5. Saya at | | Reply

    I like it. Cheerful!

  6. lurverlurver at | | Reply

    very cheery dress…i expect the mariachi band to come out soon… =P

  7. Fashionluvver at | | Reply

    Fun and bright! I’m so bored looking at the silky gowns.. SUCH a welcome change!

  8. chocolate martini at | | Reply

    I do love the stripes: cheery and fun. That said, I have to agree with PnP: it does look like she purchased this from a tourist trap souvenier booth in Mexico.

    A mid-thigh length version of this dress minus the ridiculously tacky tie-up worn with strappy tan heels (preferably multi-strap platform sandals in a luxe shade of tan) would have been the way to work these stripes.

  9. Dits at | | Reply

    Really like this one!

  10. mj15 at | | Reply

    this is what ugly betty would buy if she had to do a more updated version of her guadalajara poncho ;-)

  11. anon at | | Reply


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