1. i love the dress itself but yes the bag and shoes is overkill. i thought that even with the white dress that her bag and shoes were too matchy. but going back to that dress : perfect this fall!!!

  2. Freida is cute despite much match! What’s with the nude(?) strap around the middle of the sandals? If they don’t stay on the feet well, it is just bad design from the shoe company. It looks like a funky add-on.

  3. I’m not finding it offensive to the eyes — at all — due to her owning the outfit. Totally loving the shade of blue, and the dress, too.

  4. This match – match outfit is surprisingly good!
    I want to see a picture with her in the cardigan too, cuz I can imagine how cute it would look, all blue but with a hint of black and white!

    Come on people, we used to match all our stuff some years ago, now it is considered a faux pas, but I think she pulls it off.


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