In Tarun Tahiliani


A moment of excitement quickly turned to horror on seeing Ms. Mallis pair her Tarun Tahiliani kurta top with those leggings. Calling all figure-skaters, if you’re missing a pair, we’ve found it! :P


Fern Mallis at Fashion Group International’s 26th Annual Night of Stars Event

Photo Credit: Wireimage


  1. A beautiful kurta wasted with that look.Why would anyone do that?I mean there’s a thin line between an edgy look and looking funny..what say

  2. And this woman is one of the power figures in the country’s fashion industry? *sigh* Call me a fashion-ignoramus but I don’t understand how people like Fern Mallis and Suzy Menkes can dress the way they do, since they obviously know the ins and outs of the style biz.
    The tunic though, I heart, love the rich vibrancy of the color and the fun digital print.
    Totally wrong for her body type, pathetic fit and don;t even get me STARTED on those leggings!

  3. Tarun get a grip – the same kurtas for 20 years, a designer is meant to be creative, not re create re create and re create!! No one says anything to these so called Indian designers but places them on a high horse- you ll are all mostly clueless/ only copying and crap!!

    • I agree, plagiarizing is disgraceful and unacceptable. But don’t taint all Indian designers with that brush.
      Can you say racist generalizing? How do you even know this is from Tarun’s current collection? And even if he does recreate and get it wrong some times, he is definitely very creative and has designed some amazing clothes without losing out on his Indianness, so he’s not all ‘clueless copying and crap’.
      The fashion industry in the country is still in its basic developmental stage, give them a break, you cant except them to get everything right at this stage. Besides, Indian designers are not priced nearly half as high as their international counterparts and the customer base in the country is miniscule and much less style conscious and naturally fashionable compared to western countries
      . I think there are some amazing designers, collections and talent in this country and it’s quite pathetic how we are always so negative about ourselves as a race, even as the rest of the world is (gradually) waking up to Indian silhouettes and designers.

  4. Man couldn’t she have lent those leggings to Ms. Mahtani instead (a la the red kurti)-sure it wouldn’t have matched but it would’ve prevented this disaster. No part of it works for me.

  5. She wore the same thing when she was a judge on Project Runway. Those 80s aerobics class leggings are so inappropriate. Cringe! Heidi Klum should have said “Aufwiedersehen” to Fern that episode, rather than to any of the designers.

  6. The legging is wrong in this case Yes but Fern dresses as per her body type and is graceful and classy. Her most dresses are kurta churidaar inspired and she wears them with ease.

  7. OMG!!!! For the first time i dont agree with anyone on this comment board! huuurrrrrrreeeeyyyyyyyyyy!!!!!
    I_LOVE_THIS_LOOK ON_FERN……!!!!!!!!!!! :))))))
    i like the way she blends indian elements in her wardrobe!


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