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    love! this girl’s someone to watch out for.

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    complete fashion home run! can’t believe I used a baseball analogy here, still vibing off the Giants win!!!

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    She’s gorgeous

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    Love this look. And “Numbai” is right–it has most of us numb at some point. ;) Don’t change that!

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      Lol. Sorry, had to! :)

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        i can still see a mistake ;)

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    oooo..she is so gorgeous and yet hot in not such a cheap way. perfect combo of sexy and class.

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    Wow! Stunning

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    Oh wow. She looks perfect from head to toe.
    There hasn’t been a look in recent times from this girl that I haven’t loved.
    And damn, that body.

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    She’s a pretty girl

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    Wow!!! She does look good. Donn think anyone could have worked those stripes that well

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE! I am in love with this new guy in town. Love the brand name too….dont know how to pronounce it though!

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    First thought – She looks effing amazing. Biggest girl crush on her after DP.

    Second thought – I could cut my vegetables on her collarbone it’s that effing sharp. That’s kind of gross.

    Third thought – as someone who knows quite a bit about makeup, she’s been made up to look like a Caucasian vs an Indian and she would look amazing if they worked with her natural beauty. It’s a shame that they’re not.

    Fourth thought – I like her outfit

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    va va voom!

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