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    Amy looks really good. She is a really pretty girl and i quite like the red pumps

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    amy is soo beautiful. the dress looks great on her!

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    H&H, Y U No put a poll so I can just click n letchu know that Amy looked better! :P

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        High & Heel :)

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          Aaaah. That’s a first! :)

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    Amy! Any day. She looks gorgeous. loving the color on her.

  6. Aditi at | | Reply

    Can someone pls ID the dress?

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    amy!! just see what a contrast the right pose ,better makeup and more relaxed styling creates….poor zoa’s been caught in an awkward moment…

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    Amy looks better. But it’s an ugly dress, no doubt about it. I’m guessing it’s from ASOS, and if so, one of their uglier offerings.

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    Ekk Deewana Tha meet I think :)

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    both are looking elegant. Amy’s outfit is almost out of Moonstruck

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    Hey Priyanka and payal and readers,

    I know its been long time that you guys are comparing girls with each other… i don’t know if that’s ok…but personally i don’t like being compared with a close friend of mine…or i really don’t care how much more beautiful im than her…or more ugly than her…or who has got more moolaah..or style…i just want to enjoy wat i am or wat I wear..and my resolution this year is…just be ME!! I Love you girls and want to encourage the fact that every girl needs to find a fashionista in them…and if they need help…we HHC girls are alyways with them…

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    I like Amy’s style better. In fact, I want to copy it. Can anyone ID the dress? ;-) THANKS

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    Zoa looks much better. And I love her footwear too.

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    Does anyone know which store this dress is from?

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    I’ve seen a similar dress at Zara. Maybe this is the one. Its very pretty!

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    Amy.. LOoooooe the shoes. Can u pl ask/ID?

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    Love the way Amy’s styled the dress..its a Zara..

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