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  1. Karina at | | Reply

    Got to disagree!I fink kangana rocks n looks so fresh n happy..lol easy breezy beautiful comes to mind..
    As for dia..as much as I like her..I fink she looks the same ol the time n would like to see her change it up sometimes.
    However I don’t fink kangana’s bag suits her dress.

    1. Froggie at | | Reply

      I agree about Kangana but I wish she was carrying a more casual bag though

  2. Girly at | | Reply

    Does Dia ever get a tan?

    1. Blackeyedpanda at | | Reply

      Seriously. Or i donno, have a bad day, or generally look unpretty. She is not the sort of beauty i gush over but she is so unpretentious and effortless tht its difficult to not adore her. Also, how does she still look the same??? I mean she was Miss India YEARS back and she looks not a day older.

      p:s: What is the bag she is carrying? I have a feeling it will steal my heart if I see it up front, and then no doubt break it into little pieces with its price-tag

      1. shireen at | | Reply

        lmao…how to-the-point!! im so jealous of dia

  3. lady gaga at | | Reply

    i seem to disagree too..feel kangana looks so mmuch like a breath of fresh air..so girly so summery..dia looks fine too but i dont like the red skirt ..if it wer a dress all over with the floral print she’d b 10/10 but breakn it up doesnt seem to do the trick

  4. Anushka at | | Reply

    *LOVE* Dia’s dress!! So girly and pretty.. Omg I need to go get myself some floral dresses.

  5. Fashionmeal at | | Reply

    I’m so bored of these floral dresses. I swear if I see another one of those, I’ll personally go pluck each and every flower out of their dresses.
    There’s so many other clothes out there with other prints on it! Use a bird print you have to!
    My, look at me getting so angry. :\

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      chill…floral prints are every girl’s birth right =)

  6. bongbabe at | | Reply

    dia is just perfect looking. anywhere.

    1. Sabrina at | | Reply

      yes yes yes yes. probably the only natural beauty in bollywood.

  7. Surekha at | | Reply

    Though Dia looks gorgeous in the first picture I think Kangana looks way better and fresh and flirty. Love her look.

  8. Neela at | | Reply

    isn’t Dia wearing Gucci shoes???

  9. Sadia at | | Reply

    I think Kangana looks fresh and youthful. idk, something about smiling rather than having her usual Zoolander pout.

  10. shimsham at | | Reply

    I like dia’s outfit simply because it is so wearable. I could be inspired by her and put together an outfit like this for much less ofcourse and even carry it off, unlike kangana ,s outfit nothing wrong with it and she looks fab ( minus the bag),

  11. arpitha at | | Reply

    nobody seeems to mind kangana’s slippers ?
    a different bag, sandals/pumps and may be a pony would have made this look better.

    dia looks nice and simple.

  12. vixen at | | Reply

    Oh My!!! Kangana’s smile is so gorgeous.
    As for their outfits, Dia’s looks like it was picked up at some flea market.

  13. Pooja at | | Reply

    I love kangana’s outfit, it’s perfect for the heat, she looks relaxed and natural

  14. Stephen Lotha at | | Reply

    Team Kangana on this one but Dia is just a whisker away, they both look fabulous, and Dia can carry florals like its no one’s business but Kangana can even make that simple looking dress a little quirky, which i love! but honey LOSE THAT BIRKIN mini or regular. I swear if i see another Birkin on anyone i will scream!

  15. Divya at | | Reply

    I guess its unfair to compare both as the difference lies in the background light. If Kangana was wearing the same in daylight, it would have looked more likable and radiant.

  16. dinks at | | Reply

    love dias outfit!! i would love to own one.

  17. FashionVictim at | | Reply

    How fabulous does Dia look??!! That is an example of floral done right…fun, sophisticated and age appropriate! I was getting so sick of seeing grown women wearing tweensy floral frocks!!

    There’s nothing wrong with Kangana’s frock…it’s very 50’s retro…except I hate that bag – a regular hobo or satchel would have worked fine and I wish she hadn’t pulled down the shoulders/sleeves…now all I can see are her “girls” sticking out – very distracting!!!

  18. Adara at | | Reply

    Oh Dia! Can u ever go wrong? :) Love the dress on her.

  19. leonine lion at | | Reply

    love both their looks.. kangna’s minus her birkin

  20. rina at | | Reply

    Dia looks nice but personally i love Kangana here. Fun, flirty, summery. I would have picked different sandals but otherwise she fab!

  21. ritu at | | Reply

    i wonder how dia can manage to look so lovely in a not so great outfit….. she’s looking sooooo charming in this.,….kangana too looks decent to me but i hate the pulled down sleeves!

  22. Sharon at | | Reply

    Can anyone help tell me who Dia is wearing?

  23. Ramya at | | Reply

    How gorgeous does Dia look!! Fresh, and pretty and summery and all things flowery and girly and nice. I love that outfit – personally, its totally something I would wear and could pull off, so loving it even more.

    I think Kangana looks very nice here…but the length of the dress isnt workign for me.

  24. aparna at | | Reply

    love the dress on dia!….its casual, breezy n just plain lovely
    kangana though….ew looks ghastly!

  25. shireen at | | Reply

    kangy should lose the bag n pull her hair and her sleeves up. birkins are Ugly and Expensive!! whats the obsession?

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