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  1. aaroohii at | | Reply

    When are you announcing winners for those massage candle giveaway?

  2. KJ at | | Reply

    Oh the confusion! Do you look at the pretty blouse or the bright pants? DP got it right as she made sure all attention was on the blouse, right where it should be.

  3. kasthuri at | | Reply

    Yuvika look white washed as opposed to Deepika who looks lovely in her dusky skin.

  4. amrita at | | Reply

    she looks rather awkward in this..

  5. debbie at | | Reply

    Yuvika looks neck-less. Sorry, she cannot hold a candle to Deepika.

  6. priyanka at | | Reply

    yuvika’s blouse is tacky!!!!!!!!! DP looks amazing

  7. kara at | | Reply

    They both look good, but nothing out of the ordinary. Next!

  8. Flier at | | Reply

    Well if you put anyone next to deepika, who’s to be blamed

  9. bertie at | | Reply

    no she doesn’t carry it off at all!! the ruffles centered around her neck make it look like a bib!

    Deepika with her height can carry off puffy sleeves…not everybody can do that

  10. T at | | Reply

    Yuvika looks ok. Deepi all the way!

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