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  1. angl at | | Reply

    She is the HOTTEST girl to arrive in b-town in a long time. I bet the other girls must be givin her the evil eye the whole night. lol

  2. aaroohii at | | Reply

    P&P dress is not the only factor in how a person looks, did u even look past the dress towards her face.. doesn’t something look different?

  3. kashish at | | Reply

    She looks so wasted … but on a fashion note, wow … she sure can carry that with that hor bod!

  4. kashish at | | Reply

    oh dear .. I meant hot*

  5. MJ at | | Reply

    Gorjuz! But w hat’s up with her upper lips/ mouth? Weird.

  6. sheena at | | Reply

    She’s really the most stylish and elegant celebrity today… Her hair makeup outfit is always appropriate!! Yes after seeing all the others I bet she was the showstopper at kjo’s party!!!!!

  7. Ritika at | | Reply

    This looks like the same gown Jennifer Lawrence wore to the premiere of Hunger Games. Fabulous.

  8. Soumya at | | Reply

    Her face looks strangely dried up…. is it just the light??

  9. Swetha at | | Reply

    OMG! This is very similar to the dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence to one of “The Hunger Games” premiere. I guess it’s the same one too.But I don’t know, the hair style and makeup didn’t work for me. Love,XOXOXO

  10. Surabhi at | | Reply

    You know I had seen this photo when prabal gurung posted it on instagram. And I had been waiting for you to post full lengths of Deepika! :) Hope you find some soon!

  11. ZouBisou at | | Reply

    Her face looks really odd here. But her bod is fabulous and sadly we can’t see much of it in this photo.

  12. pipita at | | Reply

    Deepika and Prabal BOTH look hot! :)

  13. MiMi at | | Reply

    That face looks so weird that i had to look at the pic for a long time to even like it. she looks absolutely weird in this pic.

  14. Varsha at | | Reply

    You know, Jennifer Lawrence wore the same gown to the Hunger Games premiere!

  15. mayura at | | Reply

    She looks amazing!!!! same dress worn by Jennifer Lawrence

  16. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    So HAWTTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. mini at | | Reply

    this lady could wear a sack yet look drop dead gorgeous !

  18. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    Wow…she is working that dress!!!

  19. Sara at | | Reply

    She is looking soooooooo Good just Fab!!!

  20. Seeta at | | Reply

    She does look devastatingly good, and that is a gorgeous dress, But ‘bet all the other ladies were supah envious’ really? Not all women are insecure idiots who envy other women who look hotter than them.

    1. RoRo at | | Reply

      This is a bollywood party we’re talking about where people make a living based on how they look..so I beg to differ.

      1. tina at | | Reply

        Deepika has a great body but so do most of the young actresses. What’s there to be envious about?

        1. kasthuri at | | Reply

          I agree.. I dont think she has the best body in town or atleast she is not the only one.
          Anyways, the dress does look a lot like the Ralph Lauren Jennifer Lawrence wore.

  21. Sabita at | | Reply

    She has the best bod in B-town hands down

  22. Priti at | | Reply

    What has happened to her face??? Looks terrible
    But really hot body……

  23. bongbabe at | | Reply

    she looks like an extra in a bad 70’s science fiction movie. sorry.

  24. Honey at | | Reply

    I can’t look past that face. Something disturbing about it. Maybe it’s just the lighting, or something.

  25. fashionAce at | | Reply

    stunning styling, stunning girl.

  26. saira at | | Reply

    That dress just look like tin foil spray painted gold and two bits cut out at the side…sorry but me no likey!!
    However, deepika is gorgeous and after ash I think she has the best looks in Bollywood. (im sure there are many who would disagree)

  27. futterfly at | | Reply

    Her face probably looks like that because its a mobile phone camera, with bad party lighting, with instagram effects. Not the regular red carpet fare.

    Give her a break.

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