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  1. charan at | | Reply

    Trashy look

  2. Rupali at | | Reply

    A lighter shade of lipstick would have nailed the look…. she NEVER looks good with darker shade of lipsticks….. about time she realizes this…..

    1. SG at | | Reply

      I KNOW!! If I were Deepika Padukone’s friend I would confiscate all of her brown lipsticks. And she should fire her make up artist who does nothing to enhance this young beautiful girl’s face.

  3. Dina at | | Reply

    I find this look very bland and mediocre. I don’t not like it nor hate it. It’s just blah. I wish she would do something with the hair or thatlipstick. The lipstick especially, it’s awful!

  4. quirky at | | Reply

    I saw her on TV and she was looking radiant…i dont dig such draping too…but is it me or does she doesn’t look cheap still….may be its just me….i just love this girl :)

    1. swati at | | Reply

      i’ll agree … this bright overdone look comes off real bad in pictures but on tv it looks marvelous …. on tv, she was looking absolutely fab ….

      Some people will look cheap no matter how demurely they dress and some look are just the opposite … Deepika never looks vulgar … She might wear a dress that makes me go WTH! but she never looks cheap.

  5. Nick at | | Reply

    why can’t people wear a sari like the way it is meant to be

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      exactly…this is looking so cheap.. Even chameli style wld be better. But there is not double boob show, but also cleavage and waist show… reminds me of mallika sherwat in a milkshake shop opening in the US..

    2. bongbabe at | | Reply

      so true. it really pisses me off when “celebs” cant drape a SARI. its one of the most common things an indian woman wears.

  6. kumar at | | Reply

    She looks like a joke. and deepika kitni baar kaha hai ki woh shade walla lipstick mat lagaa..u look super cheap,sunti kaha hai?

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      mujhe tumhari comment se bas bahut hassi ah rahi hai..made my day =)

      1. Royal Mahek at | | Reply

        hahha sach mein Mahek ko bhi hasee aarahi hai….yeh comment parke….kumar jee jaise keh rahe ho ke woh Deepika ke woh ho :P hehe

  7. Ratna at | | Reply

    The sari is OK. But the dark lips in combination with those harsh eyebrows make her look “witchy”.

  8. Nisha at | | Reply

    Neck below is lovely..I ((LOVE)) the sari..only wish the pallu was a normal length.. GOD she is SUPER Thin. :(

  9. tina at | | Reply

    I can’t stand Deepika’s eyebrows. They’re so pointy and overdone looking.

    Hideous sari and make-up too. What was she thinking. Gosh

  10. herdisnot at | | Reply

    There are creative ways to wear a saree, but this is tackiness exemplified. Deepika needs to be shaken out of her vapidity. She has so much going for her. I really wish she would experiment with loose, big curls, easy clothing, and free, unselfconscious movements. She really did a great job in OSM, and after that she has become overly conscious and does not let go. Take a creative risk, Deepika. You have the stuff.

  11. ariel001 at | | Reply

    The sari isn’t that bad. The way she draped it is not good. I hate the sleeves on the blouse. & what’s with that shade of lipstick she always puts on when doing traditional looks?

  12. HHC Fan at | | Reply

    I think she has dark lips so she tends to use that brown lipstick.

  13. dn at | | Reply

    She should have taken tips from her mom, who is dressed so neatly for the premiere. Prakash Padukone looks resplendent.

    The pallu is really bothering me. Otherwise she would have looked really good, even with the bright red.
    I still must give a 10/10 to the back view. The pearls in the hair look beautiful along with the sexy back.

  14. shyba at | | Reply

    I hate people wearing sari like this,the color is good on her…but i hate the style….

  15. Bloo at | | Reply

    I get it! She has a toned body but come one! give us a longer blouse sometime. I used to think it was because she has a long torso..perhaps the pallu or whatever that is called could have covered her assets a little broadly?

    1. Bloo at | | Reply

      come on! *

    2. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I sooooo AGREE with you !

  16. Shriya at | | Reply

    Saree, make up, hair, drape – all bad. She really needs to learn how to wear a saree appropriately. Her posture is also super wrong.

  17. Mash at | | Reply


  18. Lalitha at | | Reply

    I like the red but maybe a contrast blouse in the purple would have been better. And I wish she had covered up her boobs. Agree with you on the pally length. Makup is too harsh. This could have been better than it actually turned out!

  19. diptiN at | | Reply

    she has a flawless face, the most beautiful/expressive eyes I have ever seen. Love the sari inspite the short pallu.

  20. Anu C at | | Reply

    Trashy look indeed. Short pallu is just one of the problems – too much midriff, aging make-up and that god awful lipstick!

  21. Sneha at | | Reply

    She is on her best weird look. Deepika sucks………..

  22. twinkle at | | Reply


  23. devika at | | Reply

    ppl still wear neeta lulla after what she sis to sridevi!!!!

  24. viz at | | Reply

    i have a theory..deepika went for this BRIGHT bright red sari to ensure that Aishwarya doesn’t outdo her like she did at the music launch when Deepika came in character and Ash absolutely stole the show with the golden bengali look. So this time she ensured she GETS noticed. And she sure does! but not in a good way. Don’t care much for that sari and her hair and makeup are the same everytime! I am bored! She looks the same..in all her movies, all her appearances..i am waiting for the day that she does something different for a change. maybe she shud speak to kangana about taking some risks

    1. devika at | | Reply

      love the must outdo ash before she outdoes me comment!

    2. Moh at | | Reply

      LOL…..i totally agree

  25. kara at | | Reply

    I need sunglasses to look at her. So… shiny!

  26. priya at | | Reply

    why is she dressed like a bride?!?! and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE, she needs to wear blouses that are a little longer in the front. she has a long torso and that much midriff really looks tacky, as does the draping of the sari. i wish Bolly actresses would wear the sari like it’s supposed to be worn.

  27. ash at | | Reply

    I cant STAND the way Deepika wears her sarees, just like Shilpa Shetty it seems the only reason these two bother with wearing them is to show off how toned and tiny their waists are! We know they’ve got fabulous figures but wearing the saree like this just makes them look cheap.

    1. RS at | | Reply

      agree agree!

  28. purple at | | Reply

    I think she should wear slightly longer saree blouses since her torso is so long. It makes her look a bit disproportionate.

  29. miray at | | Reply

    why do I think of ketchup when I see this picture?

  30. Sonia at | | Reply

    what is she wearing?!?! aaah… it reminds me of the look kareena kapoor had in chameli… and that is NOT a compliment! The draping, the red, the lipstick… its all so wrong. She could do so much better!

  31. candice at | | Reply

    You people seriously need to stop being so judgmental. She looks different and good. Love the look on her, her body is to die for and her lipstick goes well with the look. :]

  32. tania at | | Reply

    she looks very…er…festive? it’s not so much the color as much as the short pallu and the tight fold made to expose her midriff that bothers me. it looks kind of cheap.

  33. Natasha at | | Reply

    I don’t know..there is something so off about Deepika..Especially when she dresses like this..Does she have a long torso or something or is it her reeeeelllyy shore (weird) bloused that she wears..anyhoooo…Not liking it one bit :-|

  34. npm at | | Reply

    lose the drape, sis.

  35. uma at | | Reply

    Now that’s hot and pretty. she’s the only girl who can manage to look sexy and cute at the same time. :) love it.

  36. arpitha at | | Reply

    why to wear sari like this and look bad. if u have to wear sari plz wear the palu properly if not go for someother dress.she would have easily looked nice if she had worn the palu properly, and ofcouse lighter lip color.
    (I agree with the comment on her pointed eyebrows , they look like high hills but not bad.)

  37. bhavana at | | Reply

    please fire your stylist and find a new one..whoever convinced her to wear sari like this really does not have a basic sense of taste…i have seen deepika wear saris that do show a little bit of the waist and her curves and I never thought that I would ever say this about this beautiful women..but she looks trashy!!! It makes me sad to see such a beautiful women go to waste on the red carpet…please find a new stylist!!!

  38. Lia at | | Reply

    She has curves and she’s showing it and to be honest I don’t see the harm in it, If you guys call her sense of dressing cheap here, then you guys don’t know what your talking about, cause honestly she’s the only one who knows how to dress up elegantly and she carry’s it off just right with her awesome charm and she’s glowing all the time. so hats off to deeepika, stunning!!!

  39. Moh at | | Reply

    Why is she is obsessed with waring a Saree like this?
    she looks like a chammak – challo here? if she was a little subtle here she would look classy & sexy.

  40. Nikita at | | Reply

    She looks like such a … bai .. or something..
    The bindi isnt helping at all. Why does she do this to sarees???

  41. Mikaela at | | Reply

    Lulla’s sari is ott, Dee almost pulls this off, looks ‘rediant’

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