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  1. :) at | | Reply

    SO HOT! I espcially love the cut-out at the back.

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  3. Rash at | | Reply

    The cut out is the only thing which kept me interested ! The make up , sandals pink nail paint and that hair is ruining the look ! Even her expressions are not doing any justice to this sexy dress !

  4. Puja at | | Reply

    nt liking it at all..
    Seems too tight.. frm whn on she need to dress up in one size oo small to look hot.. she has got great bod already.. :O
    n the dress itself frm bk upper part look strange.. keeping in mind the sleek stylish feminine over all design the bk upper portion look like a tank (Ganji) to b precise..

    1. diptiN at | | Reply

      She is beautiful and has a great body, but I agree with Puja. IMO this dress is too short, (read tacky)

      1. Anu C at | | Reply

        Totally agree. I am all for tight dresses on a great body, but if the dress is as tight as this one, it needs a few inches in length to remain in tasteful category.

        1. bozo at | | Reply

          I’m glad SOME people seem to be making sense instead of going ga-ga like everyone else over yet another body con dress that lacks personality.
          It’s definitely too tight, it makes me uncomfortable to look at it.

          1. belle at |

            Oh I so agree!!!

            I’m glad I found this comment! LoL


          2. GG at |

            Agreed with all comments in this comment thread.
            Btw i saw few pics of this event where John was lifting and twirling Deepika. she literally had her hand covering her crotch where the dress ended to avoid from being over exposed ..if you know what I mean.
            why wear something you can be so uncomfortable in?

          3. Asha at |

            Completely agree! Tacky looking material and dress is waayy too short… although I like the back view of the dress. Also liking her hair color and softer makeup.

    2. kasthuri at | | Reply

      I agree its a size too small but she has a fab figure.

    3. leonine lion at | | Reply

      agree.. tacky!!

      1. SULPHUR at | | Reply

        Totally totally agree ! Tacky … too tight and too short.

    4. Kay at | | Reply

      Umm…is anyone seeing her chest pushed up to form two very odd looking orbs? This dress is way…WAY…too tight…

  5. Zaza at | | Reply

    Not a fan of the dress, but WOW she wears it well! Her body is amaaazing! It’s funny how people are always talking about Hollywood celebs and their bodies etc etc and there’s so much scrutiny about all their bodies and body types and weight gain and this and that, and on this side of the world our Indian actresses have great bodies! Not too ‘thin’ but toned and lovely! Not sure what my point was, maybe that Hollywood should take a cue from Bollywood in that department!

    Anyway, she looks sinful!

    1. kasthuri at | | Reply

      Thats true. Indian actresses were than skinny thin to begin with and thank God for that. I like they are toned and fit now a day and this pic shows it.

  6. RoRo at | | Reply

    I complete;y agree with zaza regarding with the lack of scrutiny about indian actresses bodies.I for one would actually love to see all their diet and workout secrets published all the time.would probably be good motivation lol.
    N when you have a body like THAT you can make anything look good!

    1. zeeniebb at | | Reply

      I am glad that Indian actresses do not have to go through the scrutiny seen in Hollywood. All that scrutiny makes young girls and women feel like they need to have a perfect body like the actresses. Since not everybody can follow the diet and exercise routine of Deepika or Bipasha, it will only lead to eating disorders and low self esteem among women.

      1. bozo at | | Reply

        I completely agree, zeeniebb. It also takes away from the work they’re supposed to be known for doing, ie. acting.

  7. monika at | | Reply

    oh what a bod!!!

  8. sancho at | | Reply

    ohhhh…..just one word…WOW!

  9. dailydiva at | | Reply

    that dress is super tacky.

  10. Srilalitha at | | Reply

    Delish! that minimalistic look cuts across so well……..

  11. rohit at | | Reply

    holy hotness!!

  12. PP at | | Reply

    need to paste this pic on my wall for some inspiration :)

  13. karishma at | | Reply

    now this is just not fair. how did she get so hot? i’m going to print out this pic and carry it with me and look at it everytime i feel the urge for a cupcake or another glass of red wine.

  14. shradha at | | Reply

    How do you walk and sit in a dress that tight and short????

    1. Sheikha at | | Reply

      my thoughts exactly

      1. Tia at | | Reply

        When you wear a dress like this, its others who sit and take notice ;)

  15. Deepa at | | Reply

    Like that dress already had her name on it! Fantabulous!

  16. nycfashionista at | | Reply

    Why is an A-list actress wearing a downmarket line like Bebe? If she wanted a bodycon dress with serious fashion cred, surely she can rock Herve Leger.

    1. green chilli at | | Reply

      Not everyone has that attitude towards clothes, which is a good thing. If you like something, I say get it. Quality is another issue, but not everyone cares about that. Getting caught up in labels and brands is sort of an elitist attitude imo. We all like to have designer pieces here and there, but nothing wrong with high street stuff either.

    2. oshoriri666 at | | Reply

      such a photo-shopped body (sigh)

  17. zeeniebb at | | Reply

    Even though Deepika carries it well, that dress needs to be one size bigger. This too tight dress is squishing together her breasts and giving the uniboob look.

  18. trying too hard at | | Reply

    10! – am willing to do a 100 set of abs !!!

  19. Puja. S at | | Reply

    Sigh…..i would kill for a bod like that…anyway…i think she looks really fab….color, cut and all…

  20. aliea at | | Reply

    I just want to know what does one wear under something so tight?? i mean seriously no lines seen when i try to wear something so tight underwire for my bra flashes through :|.. no lines anywhere..
    ladies help??

    1. zeeniebb at | | Reply

      You probably need to wear some kind of full body shapewear like spanx or a boned corset.

    2. Hema at | | Reply

      yeah, wondering about the same thing? Maybe it’s lined and doesn’t need undergarments? Anyway, she looks fantastic although I don’t know if it’s possible to sit in that dress. Situps, here I come!

  21. slc at | | Reply

    Not to fond of bandage type dresses but gotta admit, Deepika has a fantastic body and rocks that dress.

  22. SS at | | Reply

    ehhh..too tacky for me… short..tight…and lower back cut out…AND the shiny purple…. who is she..malaika arora??

    1. green chilli at | | Reply

      made me LOL. good one

  23. Cotton at | | Reply

    I think I’m the only one here who thinks she is wearing one size small for her frame… .. proper fit would have shown the curve of her waist which is lost in this and her ‘assets’ looks to squeezed…..

  24. Jen at | | Reply

    This dress is amazing… and so positively retro!

  25. dee at | | Reply

    not digging this look at all.
    the dress is too tight
    what awful hair colouring has she got done?
    make up is so ashy, her face looks different from the rest of her and something’s wrong with those eyebrows as well..
    what happened to that chic trench coated aviators rocking DP?
    Leave this look to the Malaikas & Malikkas please

    1. shradha at | | Reply

      bang on

  26. DewDrops at | | Reply

    She looks great even though the dress is little bit too tight. She is pulling it off well. But unlike others, I think the cut at the back is tacky, It makes the upper part of the dress look like a sports bra. I am not digging that cut..

  27. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    I dont like it. Just the cut at the back looks interesting. But everything is off. The dress seems like she is bursting out of it…and I donn like the hair or the make-up.

  28. nawar at | | Reply

    works well on her toned body :) accentuates her assets as well

  29. PG at | | Reply

    typical deepika, the shorter the better. why do actresses think the shorter the dress they wear, the hotter they will look. so vulgar….

  30. Rushil at | | Reply

    this girl surely knows how to flaunt her sexy bod in style!
    though a Hervé Léger would have looked much better!

  31. kiran at | | Reply

    loosing her impression day by day… keep ur standards match u dear deep

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