1. She has done her poofed up hairdo to death, and everyone on this blog has been screaming for a change. Looks like she heard us. This is such a nice departure from her usual hairstyles. The dress is still very much in Dee’s comfort zone, but who cares when she looks so amazing. Oh, and you get this kind of dress at H&M for as low as $10 :)

    • +1. I cant believe this dress is ~5000 usd. Wow. I would have expected DP or anyone else to look a lot more amazing with that much money on them.

      • :O really??? i have seen dresses similar to this in a small Asian shop near my place and it sells for $15.

        I think they updated the model’s pic. I like this dress better than the one before where the model wore a longer version. Actually personally i like this over what Deepika is wearing. Anyway she has a fantastic body and the dress suits her.

  2. I like the dress Deepika is wearing but her make up is bit loud for the dress. She should have gone with color pallet the model is wearing on her face.

  3. I like the shorter version of this dress!!! as usual DP looks good and yes special points for changing hair this time around

  4. finally she heard us! she is looking so gorgeous..i like the nude pink pumps..however her dress is ordinary but she makes it work..like the lip color too.suits her..

  5. Here’s more proof to the Sonam v/s DP debate …
    DP has no idea what make-up or shoes would go with that dress… she’s stuck on that Red lip color for I don’t know how how long now!
    To someone above who said ..” you are my new Sonam “.. No ! just No!

    Off-topic, I know!
    And BTW, I think she is hotness personified. .. just in case someone feels the need to attack me!

  6. She looks FAB! Minor gripe with the choice of shoes, something eclectic would’ve been good here. But she rocks it nonetheless!


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