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    A little too good :D She might have put the stage on fire with her sheer hotness..What a beauty :D

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    finally a look where she looks ‘just ok’ compared to her own standards.

    disclaimer: still drop dead gorgeous versus others’ :O

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    Neck up she’s looking gorgeous. Either go for plugging neckline or thigh high slit, not both at the same time.

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    The dress is okay.. But make up and hair is just perfect.

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    Totally owned it! Super love!

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    oh man. she’s such a diva

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    Good lord, she looks absolutely gorgeous and hot. The gown is so different, as well. The red lips would not have worked in theory matched with this gown, but Deepika makes it look good!

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    Deepika looks fabulous! One small gripe…the strappy metallic shoes similar to the model would’ve be great!

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    and her hotness continuess…

    PnP, wish there were betterrr pix of DP.. :(

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    just look at her!! THE BOMBSHELL!! nobody could’ve pulled that gown better. super Bond gal!

    to me Dee’s heat quotient is like that of Rosie huntington-whiteley, Irina shayk along with her own classic looks and much more… her dimples etc. etc.. ala Miranda Kerr

    even Christopher Bailey of Burberry said she reminded her of rosie.

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    She looks gorgeous!!!

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    she looked amazing. love it that she did not wear usual colours like white or black. yellow and pinks suit her a lott

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    Just about ok..She has done much better!!

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    wish she had worn metallic strappy sandals… but man she be so gorgeous!

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    she looks like Sushmita Sen here.

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    The gown is stunning! But red lips and nude peep toes are not for it. She could have gone for metallic footwear and a pinkish nude lipcolor. Perhaps statement earrings in a matching color.

    But this is Deepika Padukone and she looks magnificent regardless.

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    I love this! That colour and the work on the gown looks great on her.

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    I liked the silhouette and the cut of the gown. Nobody can pull off this gown with such a panache as she did.

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