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  1. Rana at | | Reply

    “Her success Bash!!” really?

    1. nisha at | | Reply

      whats wrong with that? she is successful plus she knows the act unlike katrina.

  2. sree at | | Reply

    She looks good but I don’t love it for some reason! Something seems to be missing..
    Maybe I like more dramatic makeup on her and I’m not crazyy about the dress, it’s strictly just OK.

  3. kayennat at | | Reply

    She looks gorgeous!

  4. neha at | | Reply

    OMG…..this is one terrible dress…….which even Deepika padukone cannot salvage………neck up though she looks great

  5. neha at | | Reply

    she looks like the westernised version of rekha

    1. Fergie at | | Reply

      You are so right!

  6. Shalima at | | Reply

    She has a figure to kill for…why would she drape a ‘posh’ kaftan ?? That is what is missing in this outfit, her statuesque figure.

  7. Sha at | | Reply

    She is so damn beautiful! Honestly she would look good even with a paper-bag on

  8. Adara at | | Reply

    I don’t think there is anything wrong to celebrate one’s sucess. It is all about glitz, glamor and marketing yourself in the industry. So why not? That said, the dress is an eye sore. Deepika still manages to look somewhat good.

  9. Envy at | | Reply

    Something is wrong with the whole…I think it’s hair…..

    1. Envy at | | Reply

      *whole look

  10. Slc at | | Reply

    This dress is certainly screaming the 1970’s but somehow it’s not quite working for Deepika. I like the make-up and the hair though.

    1. reah at | | Reply


  11. anon at | | Reply

    the hair was awesomeeee. keep the hair down like this deepika

  12. Éclat at | | Reply

    Throwing a party is great, but calling it a “success bash”? So gauche. Also, I really hope she isn’t tempting fate.
    Anywayyyy, she looks great, and only she’d carry off this 70s Disco Queen Farrah Fawcett so well.

    1. reah at | | Reply

      Did the invite read that i doubt it. I think it is more of her birthday (Jan 5) and year end celebration (of course she had a great year) together.

    2. kasthuri at | | Reply

      +1. Doesnt sound very modest.

  13. seema at | | Reply

    i love it. she looks amazing. love the hair.

  14. Sagar at | | Reply

    While deepika is beautiful and pulls off most looks, was wishing for something more riveting for her own bash. I think the issue is the dress and in the process the hair and makeup got sacrificed to salvage it. But this is minor, given she is sporting the best accessory possible, her success!!

  15. OFF/THE/RECORD at | | Reply

    It looks more like an ABBA inspired bathrobe or more closer like Parveen Babi from Shaan. Pick up your mike and start grooving !

  16. and at | | Reply

    Wow, people don’t like this..This how you host a party va va voom!

  17. fashionfanista at | | Reply

    im not a great fan of the dress but deepika does carry it off… though having seen other pix of this event i have a problem with the shoes she picked, (i) nude (ii) chunky (iii) ugly. They totally kill the outfit, also considering she is the one throwing the bash why is she not following the dress code of BLLACK and gold, why just gold, some great black stilletoes woulda uplifted this look and mayb if she threw in black accessories it would really look good!

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