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  1. Dipti at | | Reply

    LOVE RAAGESHWARI ‘s HAIR and entire look !!!!! love etro dresses. so chic and elegant !

  2. ajeeta at | | Reply

    Completely Agree. Raageshwari gets it bang on.

  3. Kara at | | Reply

    Raageshwari is such a LADY in capital letters.

  4. nee at | | Reply

    does anyone remember ‘duniya’? as a young girl i cudn’t get enough of that song…..how fresh was raageshwari in that!!….i loved her clothes then….and i love how she dresses now

    1. Dipti at | | Reply

      yes Nee i will always remember ‘Duniya’. she was so fresh and she is so fresh even now. i am such a big fan of hers for the person she is. she has helped my daughter Ria recover from paralysis as she had also been through it. more than love i respect her.

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