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  1. Nisha B at | | Reply

    Love both the covers!!indeed a cover war..wow ninja singh??the person who named her must be a fan of ninja..so unique!

  2. domnic at | | Reply

    WOW………loved totally …….finally FASHION MAGAZINES HAVE SHIFTED FOCUS FROM sick Bollywood actress……….. models getting there due!!!!! ninja is gorgeous!!!!!

  3. Arnaud Hoarau at | | Reply

    I love the style of Ninja Singh!! It’s really trendy and retro ;) I wondered if there was the Vogue Men in India, could you answer me about that?

  4. Midnightrose7 at | | Reply

    Both are good, but I prefer the Elle cover.

  5. FPolice at | | Reply

    Can you pls Id the pants on monica?…love them!!

  6. mans at | | Reply


  7. shb at | | Reply

    As a magazine cover, the ELLE cover wins hands down for me, however, in terms of styling and clothes I would wear – then its Monica on Grazia. In some ways, that reflects the magazines themselves…

  8. Aparna at | | Reply

    What are you saying !! Aiyooo… that girl Ninja singh true to her name killed the cover.. it is ELLE.. Balle Balle !!

  9. karishma at | | Reply

    i love monica’s cover. she’s looking awesome.

  10. hmm at | | Reply

    i voted for ninja!

    because that name is all sort of awesome!

  11. HHCFan at | | Reply

    Ninja it is for me. Killing it

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