On An Aside: Cosmopolitan India Jan 2009


The January 2009 issue of Cosmpolitan India is out and has a feature on the top 20 stylish women with Sushmita in the numero uno spot.

Our only gripe though is how come Sush don’t look like this in real life! Maybe then, she would feature in our best dressed list too! ;)

You can read the online version here.


Sushmita Sen in Cosmopolitan India Jan 2009



  1. I agree 2! Sush has always had the guts to speak her mind, in a world of saccharine sweet fakeness! She may not have the Filmfare awards or big banners to her name, but then v know that getting these has little to do with style / talent!

  2. Are they blind? What style? Sushmita has looked terrible recently especially on that TV show. This must be an old picture or photoshopped to the max because she is not thin at all.

  3. Are they crazy?? Sush has hardly been a fashion icon. Yes, she is a wonderful woman with confidence and grace, but recently her fashion sense has been awful.
    If this was a personality countdown then she deserves to be up there, but it isn’t.

  4. i love sush for the simple reason.. she is a lady of substance.. style isnt what she follows but she has a charm and grace which a lot of females lack.. she clearly is a winner in every sense…

  5. She does have style but that is not how she looks now. That is 99% photoshop. I have seen recent pics of her and she looks wayyyy older!

  6. i love sush’s personality.. but i certainly don’t agree with this number 1 title.. especially for being so shabby dressed last year..
    and soha ali is on the list too.. lol..
    totally off COSMO

  7. Just checked the online version…they even have Soha and Mallika Sherawat on the list. So well…what else can we expect from them..disappointing :(

  8. wat a load of bullS#***…just because someone was a beauty queen and that too donkey ears ago…doesnt mean that she automatically reigns …recently she looked ghaslty dressed and having no style at all. Style is a personality and one doesnt become stylish just because someone thinks so……….

  9. Looks like slightly preggi belly to me…LOL. Also the way her arms are covering it. I like her a lot but she is not a style icon..atleast not for her recent mishaps.

  10. I love Sush. The warmth of her personality just shines out but I doubt her style sense. Some of the clothes she wore on that recent Dance show on TV were unflattering

  11. “fun fearless female” is a cosmo commandment
    and sush deserves the number 1 spot for the same
    only they called it “style”
    I mean, dont be ridiculous, can cosmo call their list as best personalities of 2008??? *rolls eyes*

    but no way does mallika deserve to be on that list.
    priyanka- okay.. maybe to some she is, as a lot of mags have credited her for her “style”– the same ones we rip her apart in… i read them and go… whaaaaa??

  12. Everything comes down to money; magazines need to make money and stars sell. Their fans will buy with their guest appearances in the magazines whether they have a sense of style or not, and besides no designers will lend their garments to be thrown on to some random ordinary people.


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