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  1. Swati at | | Reply

    I love the dyed ends of her hair! She should have stuck with a more minimalistic outfit to show that off!

  2. Nitisha Dhawan at | | Reply

    Love the hair too! outfit is a bit OTT, but she looks so pretty!

  3. Chrome at | | Reply

    What’s with those coloured hair-ends? It makes it look like her hair’s on fire in the last pic.

  4. RDM at | | Reply

    Agreed – too stiff .. The colors of the outfit are nice though

  5. Mel at | | Reply

    Can’t look away from her hair long enough to focus on her outfit. The grandma in me can’t stand the dyed ends- tacky.

  6. LCoodly at | | Reply

    The outfit has a nice silhouette. The execution is messy. If only the color scheme, dupatta and embellishments were coordinated better, this would have become one classy outfit.

  7. prep-y at | | Reply

    I like this Anarkali suit except the hemline. I wish the pictures were more clear. The color is beautiful.

  8. celina at | | Reply

    She looks absolutely amazing and hot! Love her outfit! BTW its Mrs.!! unfortunately she’s married :(

  9. Steve at | | Reply

    The blue contacts are very dated now. She refuses to go without them!!

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