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What’s worse than a bandage dress? A bandage dress in satin. Case in point, the fit Bipasha in her purple number and yet looking like she’s got bulges just because the camera flashes bounce off all the wrong areas.

Bipasha Basu at Kolestint Event

Photo Credit: Prokerala


  1. the armpit bulge isn’t very flattering either but her makeup looks great. she needs to changeup her’s getting old now

  2. I agree… She looks like her fitness video is a complete sham ;-). The dress not just added bulges on the tummy and near her arm pits making her look like her chest is suffocated in that dress but it also made her hips look thinner thus completely changing her chest to waist to hip ratio! The sexy figure just changed to a satin wrapped mummy :( … Why Bips why!!!! God has been so kind to u he gave u a good figure and athletic body frame. Please appreciate it and trash that dress!

  3. hey PnP, i saw photos of aishwariya and family out for a movie screening (kung fu panda 2). looking forward to you featuring that appearance :)

  4. Oh the tricky purple satin dress…
    what have you against female form??
    if you can do this to perfect 10 bikini ready bipasha…wonder what u’ll do to lesser mortals like us…
    so in the intrest of my family, well wishers and general public i forbid myself and every self concious female to buy it


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