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  1. zeeniebb at | | Reply

    I love the look waist up but cannot get behind the wearing of leggings/tights as pants.

  2. Monalisa at | | Reply

    leggings really? why? I wonder wat she must b lukin lyk frm behind :-P (do excuse my bad taste in jokes)

  3. rt at | | Reply

    Bipasha’s new stylist deserves an award!!! Bips has never looked this stylish…srsly….

    given how far she has come from the I-wanna-look-like-a-12-yr-old dresses…the leggings should be forgiven please….

    1. Natasha at | | Reply

      Bang on !! :) !!

    2. Meena at | | Reply


    3. Monalisa at | | Reply

      Ok. I give in.

  4. fashionfever at | | Reply

    Honestly i dint like this look.Puffy trench on big shoulders with leggings making ger look even more top heavy.
    Ofcourse her face is gorgeous and jacket too.

  5. Vaishnavi at | | Reply

    I loved her hair & look

  6. rina at | | Reply

    Not liking this look. Leggings? Yuck. Love the skirt on the model!

  7. Food poisoned attorney at | | Reply

    Bipasha looks great but I dont like the idea of leggings…they r not pants. Period.

  8. mesta at | | Reply

    Who the hell needs to wear a trench coat indoors in Mumbai!!!!

    1. Sev at | | Reply

      My thoughts exactly…

  9. shriya at | | Reply

    good for bips for hiring a stylist. she’s looking great.

  10. debs at | | Reply

    But leggings are not pants!!!

  11. Arna at | | Reply

    The Dior trench jacket is lovely with the lace mini skirt. BB simple leggings looks cheap!

  12. shilpi at | | Reply

    PnP , can u put a filter by stylists , love to see how each of their client look

  13. gauri at | | Reply

    Hate leggings on a short top/jacket no matter how skinny or fit u are, unless ur at the gym! Period! No explanation will be ever entertained!

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