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  1. Chevalier at | | Reply

    y’know P&P, I love this blog today more than I ever have. Thank you for your posts today – a breath of fresh air – when there’s nothing but the US elections everywhere else!

  2. prisha at | | Reply

    barkhas hair and make up is very refreshing..

  3. arbitary at | | Reply

    @Chevalier – I agree! Thank God for PnP and this site.

    What was Krutika thinking? She looks terrible! I can’t understand what is wrong with dressing your age. Middle-aged women don’t have to dress like crazy teenagers to look sexy!

  4. water girl at | | Reply

    Love love love Barkha in this pic.. i mean i dont even know who she is but look at how well she wears her dress, the make up and that smile!

  5. Indian Girl at | | Reply

    Simple looks very well done by Barkha and the yellow foral dress lady. I would change the shoes the floral dress lady has on…they r weird to me. Kruthika looks terrible in those awful clothes and the stick thin legs

  6. pdaervo at | | Reply

    hahahaha well I LOVE US ELECTIONS (especially now) and I have to say that Barkha’s hair and makeup is fab-they do an injstice to her on that TV show my mom loves and I hate
    but the dress is really just ok, as is the necklace and such
    the floral dress fits to a T!

  7. Surbhi at | | Reply

    wearing pearlies with blue dress is sooo old.. she does look good, coz she is pretty good looking..:)
    the floral dress lady is bang on.. that dress fits her like a glove..
    and Kruttika?! what was she trying to achieve? or is it middle age crisis?

  8. xoxo at | | Reply

    love barkha in this pic.. looks refreshing!

  9. Adit at | | Reply

    hate all three shoes worn by the lady, white one is yucky, the first two pics are nice….but Krutika wore a belly dancers wedding cushion cover as her top…:)

  10. Bloo at | | Reply

    hmm.. burkha looks nice minus the pearl necklace.. How old is ktutika can anyone tell.. I am very curious. However awful she looks in this picture.. she looks almost the same since my childhood…

  11. Nadia at | | Reply

    Barkha Bisht is a gorgeous woman. She manages to look beautiful even in the TV avatars so one can only imagine how lovely she will look in casual wear.

  12. debs at | | Reply

    @ surbhi…totally agree with u.
    barkha looks good simply because she is a very good looking woman. if priyanka chopra woulds have worn a tight blue dress with white pearls, we would have called her bbooorrriiinnnggg!!!!

  13. SB at | | Reply

    Barkha looks stunning…… a simple dress on a killer body

  14. Maria at | | Reply

    The girl in yellow is Ridheema Tiwari

  15. manisha at | | Reply

    um ridheema’s footwear killed it for me. the dress fits so well but why oh why did she have to wear those hideous sandals

  16. Laila at | | Reply

    I’ve recently become a fan of Barkha and I’m happy to see she fared well on here! She’s a beautiful woman with a fantastic figure.

    Uhh… Krutika seems to be in denial about her age. I’ve seen her pull this crap a lot. Gag.

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