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  1. zombieink. at | | Reply

    Its high time mandira bedi starts dressing her age. obnoxious! none of the appearance stands out for me.

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  2. Lady gaga at | | Reply

    Good body does not mean short tight dresses.. Mandira should experiment with different silhouettes. There are bunch of young edgy designers out there.. She should take a tip or two from Sameera, Sonam, Kangna, neha.

  3. DiptiN at | | Reply

    I do not like these tight short dresses on anyone. But I especially dislike her hair, it is horrible.

  4. Pooja at | | Reply

    Eugh. She looks so manly in these dresses. The hair style just doesn’t suit her. About time to really try something feminine and graceful.

  5. Ash at | | Reply

    Such great disservice to that body. Does this lady not age at all?

  6. neha at | | Reply

    horrible……………she is a total wannabe

  7. P at | | Reply

    Bad choices! Clearly looks like a mom who borrowed her teenage daughters dresses..
    The helmet head hair is not helping ..
    Usually she does a lot better..

  8. A littleGirlinTheCrazyWorld. at | | Reply

    Am I the only one who thinks women should have long hair or at least woman-ly hair?
    Bob haircuts look trashy to me.

  9. fashionista at | | Reply

    Twinkle Khanna has sported that ombre dress at some earlier event if im not mistaken! and she looked super gorgeous in it!

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