Shradha Agarwal

Girl Talk: #SariNotSorry

Welcome to Girl Talk! Every few weeks, Priyanka, Payal and I will get together to chat on this platform. We dedicate the first edition of this series to one of our fave fashion things — the sari. Happy reading! (Feel free to share your sari stories)  

Do you know how to wear a sari?
Priyanka: Yes, but my draping skills need work. I still need help with my pleats and can’t get them to crisply fall in line as they do with my mom. Thank God for the new age designers who are making casual drapes okay again…!

Shradha: Yes! Saris are my jam and as a life hack expert, I have found ways to wear a sari in under a minute, without a mirror and with zero safety pins!  

Payal: For the most part, but pleats can still be a struggle sometimes. I still envy my mother’s ability to get it right in just 5 minutes.

When was the last time you wore one?
Priyanka: A couple of weeks ago. I couldn’t wait for an occasion to break out my new Rimzim chord sari so went ahead and wore it at home. It pairs well with a glass of full-bodied red. :)

Shradha: Last month at a friend’s 40th. The dresscode was Indian but I’m pretty sure I would have worn one even without the nudge. It was a black Sabyasachi from back in 2006 and I tripped on the dance floor only once!   

Payal: Last Sunday. Paired a Raw Mango blouse with my Fatherland sari and draped it the Bengali way.

What kind of saris do you find hard to resist?
Priyanka: Old school kanjeevarams in new colorways. (Am scouting for a gorgeous anthracite grey if anyone has leads!)

Shradha: Jewel tone kanjeevarams but sometimes I have this sudden urge to hoard chiffons. (Schizophrenic, I know.)

Payal: Having lived outside of India for the most part of my life, I didn’t really wear saris a lot. It didn’t help that was a huge tomboy growing up. I am making a conscious effort though to wear more now.  I am drawn to soft cottons as they are easy to wear but you can’t go wrong with a traditional silk. It just makes you feel regal! I will always be a sucker for Orissa Handlooms but currently am on the hunt for a good vibrant Patan Patola!

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