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  1. jujunye at | | Reply

    i m sorry but both are looking like circus jokers ! have never seen seperate red colors…was a shock truly ! n dun understand the folded formal pant with white side strips LOL

  2. Saya at | | Reply

    Who are these 2 clowns? And why is this not tagged a WTHey?

    1. KK at | | Reply

      HAHAHAHA.. Babbar circus!

  3. Enrapture at | | Reply

    I used to fantasize about prateek..its stop here. right here, right now.

  4. Kiwi at | | Reply

    Ha! Ha!Arya looks like a modern gabbar singh. Prateik is wearing the Jockey pyjamas that sometimes my hubby wears for a run . He tied atie on his waist :) :) Some posts are so funny ….. But the white button takes the cake . Am still Laughing. I wonder what would they be doing.. going to an upmarket(?) shop/designer and saying.. I want to look like a waiter/tramp/daaku etc????

  5. bollywoodmoviefashion at | | Reply

    Noooo Prateik, i love this guy so much, hire me as your stylist. He looked amazing last year at the awards so i can only guess he was just being nonchalant this time

  6. Mayuri at | | Reply

    Pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee tell me this is a WTHeyyy! IT IS!

  7. karishma at | | Reply

    arya looks like a tapori with that moustache

  8. aishwarya at | | Reply

    only 1 word fr bth of dem

  9. z at | | Reply

    whose the lady in black behind prateik,like her outfit!

    1. Anubha at | | Reply

      What a great eyesight!!! Nice catch

  10. sonal at | | Reply

    Oh my!! This is TERRIBLE with caps lock! But Pratiks quite a cutey! Wish somebody would style him properly!

  11. pinkk at | | Reply

    OH MY GOODNESS. what is with aarya? hahah modern gabbar singh is right! and seriously im in love with prateek and think he should hire ME as his stykist! whats with the tie hanging in that inapprpriate place!EEEWWWW!

  12. kk at | | Reply

    what the!! this is shocking i was obsessed with prateek, but no no no! not anymore! why would somebody dress like that!! aaahhh!!! he should take some tips from his multipe young bollywood girlfriends asap!

  13. shriya at | | Reply

    ooooh pratiek is such a cutie. can’t think why he’s dressed so bizzarely. both brothers look goofy, clownish, surreal and almost scary.

  14. SS at | | Reply

    Lol they look like actors from the 80s and 90s who dint have a sense of style and just picked up ‘filmy’ looking clothes…hahah…terrible!

  15. lush green pastures at | | Reply

    hey cut them some slack..they’re just being themselves..k I confess, I’m more than a lil’ biased towards PB ;-)

  16. Poo at | | Reply

    jokers trying to be macho!

  17. jiji at | | Reply

    Prateik is gorgeous! he could wear a bin-bag and i’d still find him hot…. as for arya – he’s just trying to get attention so that directors can see him ‘in character’ and cast him as the looney villain! lol

  18. Rezia at | | Reply

    OMG What is with the dude on the left? He looks like one of those old-fashioned circus ringmasters with that mustache. Or an old-timey hindi film villain or something. Why would any man do this to himself??

  19. Hema at | | Reply

    Who are these? The Arya guy looks like a bit player from some third rate Mexican movie.

  20. meh at | | Reply

    i think a lot of posters are missing the point or rather miss the point in here..i don’t know these guys but judging at the body language/dress sense i seriously i doubt either of these really dressed like this to show how “stylish” or “well dressed” they are.. if they did they would go for the usual safe choices.. a tailored tux or some yupgear..

    anyway by dressing like this and in the process making bunch of people (who are the ones who rave about the usual predictible safe people) laugh/giggle/whatever, they get major kudos from me..

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